The Pinx (L-R): Cayce Buttrey, Chance McColl, Adam McIntyre, Charles Wiles. Photo credit: Chris McKay.
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Authenticity, Allmans-esque dueling guitar leads define “Sisters & Brothers,” third full-length by Atlanta rock n’ roll virtuosos, The Pinx.

The basic tracks for Sisters & Brothers (April 12th), the upcoming third album by the Atlanta, Georgia-based rock band, The Pinx, were recorded live in the studio, including band leader Adam McIntyre’s insistent vocals.

The dueling Allman Brothers-esque guitar leads throughout the album by McIntyre and Chance McColl happen to sound particularly majestic in this setting, especially on the album’s title track, recently premiered by Americana Highways.

Of the song, band leader, Adam McIntyre says, “‘Sisters & Brothers’ is about the need for unity as everything’s falling apart. Chance brought this music in and I asked if I could write some lyrics for it. I had a couple ideas and the first one didn’t work out. Then I let melody tell me what it wanted me to say and it came out with a state of the union address. Basically, that at two minutes ‘til midnight on the doomsday clock, shouldn’t we unite and work toward a common good?”

“I wanted the audience to enjoy a rock and roll band doing what a rock and roll band does,”McIntyre says of his intentions behind the process of recording Sisters & Brothers. Harmony vocals, guitar solos and extra “studio magic” came later courtesy of two magicians (producersBrian Carter and Joey Jones), marking a departure for McIntyre, who is used to wearing all of the hats.

“I’ve tried to be the singer, lead guitarist, frontman, songwriter, producer, engineer and mixer,” he says of his past recordings, “but Sisters & Brothers is a tale of letting two talented engineers do their work while we did ours as a band.” That said, it was still McIntyre’s idea to bring Carter andJones together.

The gamble paid off this time around as Sisters and Brothers sounds like the legit combination of the styles of the men that McIntyre placed at the helm. The songs here are undeniably melodic and hummable, but it’s as if you’re tapping along while careening towards a brick wall. Sisters and Brothers embodies elegance within chaos.

“Our previous album (2016’s Freedomwas a party record, but Sisters & Brothers is for darker times,” McIntyre explains. “That’s not a bad thing, though. Darkness is important.”

Sisters & Brothers, the third album by The Pinx, arrives on April 12th, preceded by the singles“Mercy!,” “Magic Touch,” and the title track.

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