Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian taxpayer-funded actress, who served as a Nxivm coach.

Guest View: The sanctimonious, self righteous, virtue-signalling Kristin Kreuk

By My Take Why is Kristin Kreuk a hypocrite? It’s staying with the pedophile/rapist even when she is named in the expose that named him as such in February 2012. Being named in an anti-NXIVM lawsuit as a likely defender and enabler, while claiming she never “experienced any illegal or nefarious activity”. What John Tighe, […]

By My Take

Why is Kristin Kreuk a hypocrite?

It’s staying with the pedophile/rapist even when she is named in the expose that named him as such in February 2012.

Being named in an anti-NXIVM lawsuit as a likely defender and enabler, while claiming she never “experienced any illegal or nefarious activity”.

What John Tighe, a serious player in the anti-NXIVM movement, said about the 2010 Necker Island trip about them plotting money laundering.

He named the executive board and their roles. They were all named in the lawsuit. He revealed information about others involved with crimes. They too were named in the lawsuit.

Mark Hildreth and Allison Mack were also named.

Then there is Girls By Design (GBD).

“Jane”, the DOS slave, revealed some serious allegations that GBD was Kreuk’s way of teaching young girls about a “feminist approach to BDSM”. That she was recruited into NXIVM via GBD through Kreuk and ended up a DOS slave, despite Kreuks public lie that GBD has nothing to do with NXIVM, despite the fact that it was her NXIVM business.

What an ex-GBD member said on this site about Kreuk and Kendra Voth (who Kreuk recruited into NXIVM) getting little girls to fill out questionnaires and if they said something they liked, would be contacted in private. What were those questionnaires for?

When NXIVM was exposed on this site and elsewhere for branding sex slaves, with a woman Kreuk recruited being second in command, [Allison Mack] with her initials scorched above the vaginas of women (and that of a GBD member?) and Kreuk was more silent then a mouse fart in a thunderstorm.

She was being called out on this site to help draw attention to the story. Nothing.

Frank and Catherine Oxenberg made an effort to get Mack out. What did Kreuk do? She took huge amounts of other people’s hard earned wages to portray herself as the savior of little girl victims, taking on her “straight white male” pedophile rapist criminal father.

The woman who stayed loyal to a pedophile in real life, ignoring new allegations about him because she does not want to lose her fame/financial privileges. That is serious hypocrisy.

The woman who would not utter the names Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, thinks she gets to condemn Harvey Weinstein and sign an open letter against a guy accused of inappropriate behavior towards women, like she is morally above him.

The woman who attaches herself to a documentary about an alleged Indian gang rape victim and tells stupid, gullible people to hand over their money to fund it.

The sanctimonious, self righteous virtue signalling at a time when she should of and could of shown some level of moral courage and decency to help expose NXIVM. An obligation, seeing as she helped use her fame to fight off the cult label, presumably even after that filth was exposed as a pedophile.

Having people go to the press on her behalf to lie for her. Susan Dones, a woman whose center Kreuk coached at in Tacoma, who came under serious attack from NXIVM, ignored by Kristin Kreuk, who still came forward to either lie for Kreuk by saying she left shortly after she did in 2009, or who simply misspoke. What did Kreuk do to help Susan Dones?

That weak statement she released late March 2018 when the press forced it out of her.

Not to help victims, but to help herself. No mention of being a coach and recruiter. No mention of teaching people on intensives to ignore the cult label. A deliberate lie carefully using the words “never experienced” in regards to crimes. She was on the Striped Path, having spent thousands on this bullshit and pretending she didn’t know anything. Nothing at all. No acknowledgement she recruited Allison Mack. No condemning her.

Also, her claim about joining at 23 and leaving “about five years ago”. Very vague and worded in such a manner that she doesn’t want people to know how long she was there. Careful PR. Others have claimed she was still involved with NXIVM in 2015 which would mean she lied about that too.

Basically, if you were a Taliban bomb maker, you can’t condemn a ISIS bomb maker (Sultan?) for doing the same thing.

Kreuk has no business to attach herself to women’s rights type stuff based on her behavior and deliberate silence on it. Plenty of opportunities, none taken.



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  • Kristin made her anti NXIVM statement, and the Federal case against NXIVM is the best counter attack to the cult.
    Kristin has no need to comment further while the case is just starting. To add to what she has said would not help anyone at this time.
    Even Oxenburg is now concentrated on the trial and not making a public statement every week. Face it, Kristin is not a suspect in this case as with many others who dumped the program.

  • One quick question for everyone.

    Does Kristin Kreuk look better as a brunette or a blond?

    I think I like her as a brunette better. The blonde hair does not really do anything for me.

    Sultan of Six what do you think?

  • This saga will never end….

    I have to admit, I do “take a guilty pleasure ” in reading the arguments and insults generated by both sides.

    I have no idea what either side believes they are accomplishing by arguing with one another.

    I just find you guys hilarious.


    Sultan of Six,
    The alias ‘Somebody’ , Frank Parlato and I miss you.

    Please comeback and defend Kristin Kreuk’s reputation against the cowardly jealous hater ‘My Take’.

    PS I do not speak for Frank, but I bet he secretly likes you.

  • Frank, Kristin will be making a public appearance in Orlando middle of May. You should show up there and confront her with the various accusations.

    • Anonymous,

      Frank Parlato has about as much interest in confronting Kristin Kreuk at a convention as he does sticking his dick in a light socket.

  • Barbara, what is your take on Kristin? Does this article have merit? Or is she clean? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Kreuk joined the cult in 2006 and Barbara left in 2009. What went on after then is surely unknown by anyone not still involved. Can Barbara tell us what Kristin Kreuk knew about in those first three years? Same with Allison Mack? What sort of things she did?

      Susan Dones who left in 2009 too, said Kreuk left shortly after she did. We know that’s not true.

      Allison Mack came in through Kreuk. Both Kreuk and Mack were named in the pedophile expose. Both Kreuk and Mack were named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit. Both Kreuk and Mack were on Necker Island where money laundering was said to of been discussed. Both Kreuk and Mack were deep in the cult. When did Mack find out about illegal things? She didn’t just jump on board to start scorching her initials on women and recruiting sex slaves. She had to know about other things and ignore them first.

      Kreuk was in deep in the cult, on the striped path. By 2011, Kreuk and Mack shared an equal rank of yellow sash with two stripes. Kreuk must of been exposed to these toxic and illegal things too. Did she know Mack and Nicki Clyne got “married” so that Clyne could get US citizenship? Did she get asked to do anything illegal?

      How somebody could spend years in the cult, equally on par with Ally Wack who would go on to do the things she did and not know anything dark and dirty is ridiculous.

  • My Take, Thou has besmirched the good name of the pregnant fairly young maiden Kristin Kreuk(36).

    Thou has heralded the wrath of Kristin Kreuk’s greatest super fan and champion defender the virgin Sultan of Six(48). Unleash the Sultan!

    Who is more need of a life Sultan of Six or Mytake?

  • As I read these articles on Frank Report and see the show Burden of Truth its as if Kristen is slightly telling the truth through her acting. There are some definite similarities between her art and life.

    • The story line was written before the NXIVM branding story broke, It’s called hypocrisy. Fighting a pedophile on television when her pedophile leader was exposed as a pedophile five years before in an expose that she was named in and was now known to be branding women above their axe wounds is hypocrisy. The similarities plus feigning ignorance about NXIVM is why she is a hypocrite. “Don’t mess with my girls”!

      And that was a serious misuse of the word “art”.

  • Nothing new here, but I’ll bet the Feds already know a lot about Kristin Crook that she doesn’t want to come out and Nancy Salzman will help as well. Hopefully the FBI is tracking 100 or so former NXIVM people who are trying to flee the country, especially after yesterday’s news about Salzman flipping came out.

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