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Nancy Salzman takes plea deal – will plead guilty

NXIVM President Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect is the first to take a plea deal in the case against Nxivm She is scheduled to plead guilty to an undisclosed crime or crimes tomorrow in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. Regardless of whether her plea deal includes any type of formal agreement that requires her to testify […]

NXIVM President Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect is the first to take a plea deal in the case against Nxivm

She is scheduled to plead guilty to an undisclosed crime or crimes tomorrow in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn.

Regardless of whether her plea deal includes any type of formal agreement that requires her to testify against her co-defendants – Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell – she will most definitely be called as a witness by the prosecution.

Having already pled guilty, Nancy will not be able to avoid answering questions from the prosecution. And if she tries to, she may end up like Paul Mannafort – and her plea deal revoked.

This might help explain why Nancy averted her eyes and turned her head away when Keith Raniere looked at her in court on February 28th. It may also explain why Nancy and her daughter, Lauren, avoided contact with each other outside the courtroom – and why Nancy went the opposite direction from her daughter when leaving the courthouse without even speaking to each other.

Turns out all that time that Lauren spent with Nancy over the past few months may not have tightened the mother-daughter connection after all.

Salzman, 63, will be the first person convicted in the case.

The big question – which may not be answered for some time – is whether she will get prison time.

How good was the plea deal?

Chances are she will not be sentenced until after the trial and if she cooperates with the prosecution, verifies the authenticity of evidence the feds have already gathered, turns over any other evidence she may have control of, and testifies against Raniere and her other co-defendants – which might include her daughter, Lauren – the prosecution may argue for a lighter sentence before Judge Garaufis.

That’s a powerful incentive.

And why should she not testify against her own daughter?  After all, she turned both her daughters over to Raniere when they were barely of age.

Overall, this is a terrible turn of events for Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

It was not unexpected. As far back as September, Frank Report reported that Salzman was considering a plea deal. It was back then that prosecutor Moira Penza said Nancy Salzman was “continuing to engage in plea negotiations” with the government.

Salzman’s attorney, Robert Soloway, didn’t deny Salzman was speaking with prosecutors back then but told the New York Post today that she wouldn’t necessarily be cooperating against her co-defendants as part of her plea.

“There is not a cooperation agreement on the table,” he told The Post.

This is not exactly forthright.  There may not be a written cooperation agreement, but let’s be candid – by the very nature of plea deals, it will almost certainly contain a range of sentencing and the outcome of sentencing will be impacted by whether prosecutors argue for or against leniency – based on her cooperation and admission of wrongdoing-  i.e. taking responsibility for her actions.

To fulfill the responsibility piece – which can shave off years of prison – she has to tell all she knows.

So while there may be no “cooperation agreement”,  Nancy will nonetheless testify – and, if she wants a reduced sentence, she will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Or did her attorney get a preview of the soon-to-be-issued superseding indictment – and warn her to take a deal now?

[I know of another case where attorneys told the media there is no “cooperation agreement”, which was true. Nevertheless, the man who pleaded guilty was expected to be the surprise star witness in the case against another defendant. The defense attorneys did not lie when they said there was “no cooperation agreement” because there was nothing signed. The Feds even wanted this out there so that the defendant did not know what was going to hit him. Meantime, everyone understood that the man who took the plea was going to cooperate. It was implicit in the entire plea deal.]

It’s hard to pinpoint what pushed Nancy over the edge – and convinced her to plead guilty.

What might also be influencing Salzman to take a plea deal is her precarious health.  She had breast cancer and recently underwent a radical mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

As part of her plea deal, the government might have agreed not to indict her other daughter, Michelle Salzman Myers, and her husband, Nxivm’s computer hacker, Ben Myers.

It could be the upcoming superseding indictment which might have piled more charges on her, may have triggered her decision to take a plea.

It may be possible that Nancy may have finally awakened and realized that Keith Raniere was a total fink, and criminal.

When we see what she pleads to, we will know how much cooperation to expect and how valuable the Feds think her testimony will be.

We will also know if what she pleads to carries a sentencing range whereby she is very likely, or less likely to go to prison or can expect even a suspended sentence – based on cooperation.

Don’t be fooled by Soloway saying there is no [written] cooperation agreement.

Tomorrow will tell:  The lighter the deal, the greater the cooperation – that is a safe bet on this one.

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  • Times Union and others on Twitter are reporting that she plead guilty to a single count of racketeering conspiracy, facing 33 to 41 months at a July 10th sentencing.

    As I understand it, that’s the only charge she currently faced. Is there anything about this so far that makes it certain she has cut some sort of deal to cooperate, or is it possible that she she decided just to plead guilty, take one for the team, and put this behind her rather than exhaust herself in a fight?

  • Has anyone considered that maybe she is terminally ill, and has just decided to plead guilty and try to take the fall for everyone as a loyal kamikazi?

    Maybe not likely – but it remains to be seen where this actually goes. Hopefully she has made some sort of deal, and a couple of others will now follow, perhaps her daughter Lauren who could testify to more of the details of what has gone on in DOS – the time Nancy has had with Lauren recently could have given her the opportunity to work some NLP magic and re-frame her daughter’s loyalties.

    A forthcoming superseding indictment might leverage new information provided by Nancy. And if there are new indictees, some of them might be new candidates for further plea deals.

  • Good for her. I hope she is safe between now and the trial, and that no one tries to intimidate or harm her. Two of her co-Defendants are very dangerous people, IMO.

  • Will Keith Raniere be put on suicide watch?

    Will Nancy Salzman have 24hr protection until the trial is over?

  • The house of cards which had been swaying and teetering a bit has finally started to tumble down….. it’s going to be very interesting to see where all the cards lie once the dust settles

  • Having worked in a DA’s office, I saw how plea deals worked and can almost swear Nancy will be doing a tell-all with verification of crimes she witnessed. This makes the case a slam dunk for the DOJ!

    I think Nancy’s worst punishment will be testifying against Lauren unless they offer Lauren a deal as well. A suspended sentence with a long probation may be in Nancy’s future.

    The prosecution may have more than enough from Nancy to put the rest of them away for a long long time. YES!!!

    I hope Nancy spends the rest of her life really doing something good for humanity. I also hope she has learned that money isn’t everything in life for I think it was the money that corrupted her.

  • Great news.

    But Frank is still full of shit about a few issues.

    The reason there’s no cooperation agreement isn’t because Nancy is unwilling to sign such an agreement.

    Thus, speculating about Nancy’s need to answer all questions truthfully — without a cooperation agreement — is both dumb and idiotic since her decision not to sign a cooperation agreement has nothing to do with her unwillingness to testify against Keith or Clare.

    She knows she’ll be called to testify against Keith and Clare and she knows she must answer all questions truthfully.

    The reason there’s no cooperation agreement is likely because Nancy’s credibility on the witness stand will be enhanced by the fact that there’s no “quid pro quo” written agreement compelling her to testify against Keith and Clare Bear in return for leniency at her sentencing.

    Her attorney must have told her how intensely NXIVM attorneys will cross examine her regarding any details written into a cooperation agreement. …and he’s right, since she’d leave the jury wondering if she’s beholden to dance to Penza’s tune in return for a reduced sentence.

    However, the lack of a cooperation agreement kinda blunts that whole sword a bit (not much, but a bit).

    Another thing… Nancy will NOT fucken testify against Lauren.

    Anybody suggesting otherwise is a TURD and a LIAR.

    Nope. Not in a million years.

    Frank, what the fuck are you talking about bro?

    The reason Lauren hasn’t plead guilty yet is just a strategic decision which will be changed very soon. Just watch.

    Lauren simply doesn’t wish to be the first person to show up at the party — since that’s not very fashionable.

    If Nancy is pleading guilty that means Lauren has already agreed with Mommy to do likewise.

    Lauren is just waiting for the right moment to switch over from the dark side.

    FACT: There is NO TENSION between mother and daughter and Frank Parlato is a LYING TURD for even suggesting this ‘storyline’ about a mother-daughter rift.

  • Wow! I knew someone big was going to plea guilty.

    Taking a cold plea (without a written plea agreement) doesn’t mean that the Defendant won’t testify against others. Rather, it preserves the Defendant’s right to appeal the sentence imposed.

    Obviously, if Nancy pleads guilty, she will cooperate, because that is the narrative she wants told to the Judge at sentencing. That will make a big difference. Now, Nancy can come clean and reveal the inner-workings of the group.

    This will send shockwaves through the Defense camp. First one on the bus, gets the best seat. Now, there may be another person that decides to take a plea.

    The pressure on the Defendants just increased exponentially, because the question now is — What will Nancy say about ME? What will she reveal? Will she reveal my secret about (fill-in-the-blank). I think a collective plop just dropped in the Defendants’ shorts and panties.

    Clare will go down in flames, so will Allison. So will Keith. They won’t plea out.

    The Ides of March are off to a very bad start for God King Keith Raniere.

    • Maybe you ought to consider taking a plea yourself, Dennis. That is, if you’re offered a deal. You might not be offered a deal. Oh, the irony of the circumstances facing the big-bully who a year ago was trying to intimidate potential Nxivm witnesses by phone for his client Clare Bronfman, the disgraced prosecutor Dennis K. Burke aka DeezNuts aka NoisyMouse aka Bangkok aka, aka, aka several other pseudonym accounts who frequently have conversations with themselves while intentionally trying to conceal their identities behind a VPN proxy server in the most visible online sock puppet scheme on FR.

      Of course, you’re too arrogant to ever admit you’re wrong, for example about how your ill-conceived “joint defense” agreements between Nxivm attorneys is going to prove a miserable failure like almost everything else you’ve done.

      But even though as you read this you know every single thing I’ve written here is 100% true, you’ll never admit it. You’ll never admit anything. Your ego won’t allow it. All you do is make excuses, rationalize everything, try to confuse, intimidate, obfuscate and obstruct, while blaming others. Sucks to be you right about now, doesn’t it Dennis. Time for another drunken night of drowning your sorrows?

  • Here’s an interesting question: If there’s any money left in the Legal Defense Trust Fund, will Nancy’s attorney still be paid from it?

  • Frank is 100% correct about the lack of a “cooperating agreement” meaning nothing. Nancy will be called as a witness by the prosecution – and she will answer every question she’s asked. Having already pled guilty, she’ll have no basis for not doing so.

  • Awesome!!!!! Awesome news !!!!!

    My money was on Mack flipping not Nancy Salzman after she turned her daughters over to Raniere.

    • My feelings is if she’s cold enough to give her daughters up to KR, she’s cold enough to give Lauren up for a deal.

    • The dissension begins…

      Who’s next to flip? No, silly, it’s not Flipper. Betcha a box of thin mints it’s Allison Mack.

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