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After tackling the visual art and design worlds as a sculptor, furniture builder, and museum interactives designer, Sarah Olmsted steers her talents toward dazzling dream pop.

After years spent writing and recording sparse dream pop melodies in solitude, the sonic skeletons in Sarah Olmsted’s closet grew too loud to be ignored. Ready to bring flesh to her musical fantasies, Olmsted turned to friend and collaborator Jason Gagovski (Sweet Cobra) to build the landscape that would become Rows Arc’s debut, High On The Tide. Along with releasing their first single today, the band has announced plans to release the album on March 29 via Hawthorne Street Records.

Growing up with a radio DJ father and his record collection numbering in the thousands, a foray into music would have been practically a birthright for Sarah Olmsted. But crippling stage fright and stints in other artistic disciplines (sculpture, furniture building, museum exhibit design) would quell Olmsted’s voice. Until now. Playing for the first time with a full backing band, Olmsted has breathed new life in the solitary compositions she has crafted over the course of years.

High On The Tide’s eleven tracks are not unlike a long drive down a dark road—the universe that lies ahead unwraps itself one breathless moment at a time. Commanded by Olmsted’s captivating alto, the album’s eleven tracks are pocked with Cat Power-esque pops and hisses, Laurel Canyon imagery, and Low-leaning snare fills. Recorded and mixed by Allen Epely and Eric Abert of The Life and Times, High On The Tide balances bone bearing folk melodies with the blunt sincerity of punk and hardcore.

Guitarist and bassist Neeraj Kane (Hope Conspiracy) serves as the capstone to the trio that now sums Rows Arc. They will spend the coming months touring through the United States, beginning with a show in the artist-run gallery The Pit in Los Angeles. Each show will include unique multimedia installations helmed by Olmsted. More tour dates will be announced in the near future.

High On The Tide will be released via Hawthorne Street Records on March 29. Preorders are available here. More news to come.

Rows Arc is:
Sarah Olmsted
Jason Gagovski
Neeraj Kane

Rows Arc — On Tour:
April 19 Los Angeles, CA @ The Pit

High On The Tide — Track Listing:
1. High On The Tide
2. Some Days
3. Soft And Low
4. River
5. Yeah You Got It
6. Hard Lights
7. Waiting
8. Onto Something
9. Rain
10. Problem Soldier
11. Away Away

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