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Bangkok: Keith does NOT pay inmates for ‘protection’ from the general population

By One Night in Bangkok

Newsflash: Keith does NOT pay other inmates for “protection” from the general population.

The EVIDENCE shows the opposite is true.

FACT: If Keith had paid money for ‘protection’ then HE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN ASSAULTED in the first place.

Likewise, if Keith had paid money for ‘protection’, he wouldn’t have had his glasses stolen.

If Keith had paid money for ‘protection’ he would not have been headbutted and made to cry in the fetal position on the cell floor.

Thus, if Keith can’t pay for ‘protection’ against his own small unit of sexual perverts, then HOW THE FUCK can he pay for protection against the ENTIRE general population?

Thus, Keith did NOT pay for protection.

Also, if the sexual perverts unit was released into the general population as Claviger claims, then EVERY PERSON in that unit would have needed to pay for ‘protection’ against the general population since they’re ALL at risk of being raped or killed (that’s the WHOLE reason they are separated from the general population in the first place).

Thus, they couldn’t all pay for protection against the whole general population.

That’s just a fantasy theory. The truth is that Claviger is a LYING sack of shit and they were never released into the general population.

They were probably housed in certain general population cells (while their own unit underwent repairs) BUT they were obviously given “special protection” from the guards to make sure they couldn’t be assaulted or killed. Thus, they were NOT let loose into the general population and Claviger is a LIAR and a SCUMBAG for even suggesting this.

Guess what else?

Need I remind you that Keith complained of not having enough blankets recently, which means he doesn’t even have the resources (being funneled to him inside prison) to BUY EXTRA BLANKETS FROM OTHER INMATES on the black market.

Thus, if he can’t use Clare’s money to buy even a few extra blankets from other inmates then HOW THE FUCK can he pay other inmates for ‘protection’ against the ENTIRE general population?

He can’t. Case closed. Fantasy theory ended.


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  • It could be the smartest man in the world learned to pay for protection. After all, he is a very soft man and probably wasn’t aware of jailhouse rules. We haven’t heard of physical abuse for months.

    I agree Raniere and the other pervs probably weren’t roaming free among the other inmates, but had a section assigned to them with appropriate guards assigned to protect them from the “normal” inmates.

  • Just keep him alive long enough to get convicted. They can brutalize him however it pleases the inmates anytime after that.
    He can join Whitey.

  • Paying an inmate for protection does not mean someone is insulated from mistreatment – the opposite is true. Paying for protection typically invites continual low-level battery as a reminder of the importance of continuing to pay, especially in cases where someone is physically weak or seen as inferior to other inmates.

    There’s a hierarchy to prison, piss rolls downhill. The fact Raniere is swimming in it means someone allows him to stay afloat. Maybe that’s a PO doing his duty, maybe that’s an inmate being paid to make sure he doesn’t drown, who knows. But the fact he’s not dead yet means little, someone with the initiative could be milking him every day.

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