Bangkok: Rainbow Cultural Garden no worse than any religious sect school – like Amish or wackadoodle Christian schools

By One Night in Bangkok

With all due respect, the Rainbow Cultural Garden seemed rather benign after reading this author’s account.

It was basically a center for ‘home schooling’ and ‘day care’ combined into a single package, catering primarily to kids of rich NXIVM parents.

Not sure that’s a big deal.

Sure, those kids may have wasted a lot of time learning ‘worthless bits’ from 7 languages, but that’s not exactly the worst evil I’ve heard about. Much ado about nothing, it sounds like.

There’s plenty of wackadoodle Christian/Religious sects which have their own ‘home schooling’ or ‘day care’ programs that are just as weird as this, teaching kids all kinds of wacky beliefs.

What about the Amish? Their own kids learn to live like it’s still the 3rd century BC, yet nobody has any problems with that. It’s hurting the kids yet we have no issues with it.

Same is true with NXIVM kids.

Just because this ‘author’ claims that the nannies weren’t well qualified for teaching languages, that doesn’t make them any worse than the unqualified teachers from other religious sect schools.

Until I see EVIDENCE (a real witness) who can testify that these kids at Rainbow were taught about sex, then it’s nothing more than worthless speculation. This author sounds as if they’re just regurgitating stuff they heard about Keith, but never actually witnessed.

If this author NEVER witnessed the sex teachings claimed in the final sentence, it’s just worthless speculation. They’re just giving an ‘opinion’ of something they never witnessed, thus making it worthless commentary from the Frank Report.

Anybody can offer an opinion.

This author taught at Rainbow yet she NEVER witnessed any sex teachings? Yet this same author ‘suspects’ that Rainbow was a sex teaching center to recruit kids for Keith? That’s kinda contradictory.

This author sounds like they never witnessed anything bad at Rainbow, yet they desperately want to believe that Rainbow was bad.

Sounds like a nothing burger to me, Frank.

If Rainbow was catering to the general public (non-NXIVM kids) then I’d see a real problem with it. But that’s not what they were doing. They were catering to NXIVM kids, much like Amish or Christian sects who cater to their own kids — often teaching them weird and outdated belief systems.

Not much to see here, Frank.

Please convince me that you have something more substantial, Frank.

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  • Interesting that you use the term wackafoodle for Christian yet you leave out other religious groups.
    As a Christian, I’m weary of the license you take. You won’t dare do that to some other groups for fear of retaliation but it’s okay, cause it’s safe, to bash Christians.

    I knew you were a tool before. Now, you cement my opinion of you.

    Why Frank allows you a voice eludes me.

  • Bangcock left out two important facts the school was run as a for profit school and allegedly paid no taxes and, or was allegedly laundering money from Nxivm’s wealthiest clients.

    Bang baby once again you missed the boat…..I am sorry… I thought you mentioned in your attack article on my impromptu comment/article that you were going to busy and not posting on Frankreport for sometime?

    Did your larping tournament get cancelled? Or did mom and dad decide not to suspend your internet access for not vacuuming the house; because your like over 40 + years old?

    “Stay gold”, Bangcock. You have not matured since the 80’s ..

  • Why did you post this crap Frank?
    I know you can discredit every bullshit point with your eyes closed, as can I – but he’s not worth anyones’ time.

    This is not a case of free speech, any more than yelling FIRE in a theatre.

    • I published it because it represents an alternative view and hopefully will elicit some thoughtful rebuttals.

      • Frank,

        I agree with Frank’s publishing of alternative or opposing viewpoints. Frank’s take on publishing dissenting view points is important.
        Only through debate and the questioning of perspectives and ideas can the truth be illuminated.

        Frank’s policy of publishing falls under the old school of Socratic philosophy.

        Question everything.

        As a Bonus….

        Frank is protecting the First Amendment rights of all; unlike so many social media networking websites.

        Freedom comes with a cost…. you have to put up with a ton of assholes!!!!

  • Those Amish kids get a better education than most get in public school.
    You have strong opinions about things you know nothing about

  • While it isn’t illegal to mess with kids’ brains/development like this, it is much worse than other schools that at least don’t confuse them with multiple languages and keeping their parents’ from bonding to them. If the NXIVM parents are so “all in” and decide to be gouged on prices, it’s their decision. However, the double books is where NXIVM crossed the legal line, so it is much worse than any other schools that don’t do that. A$$HOLE.

    • Confuse someone with multiple languages? The human brain has the capacity to learn multiple languages (especially in younger children). I’ve been bilingual since I was 5 and have learned an additional 2 languages. I’m currently learning a 5th. I’m not confused at all – in fact, I have greater job opportunities because I can express myself in multiple languages.

      The problem is that Rainbow had NO learning system and no qualified and trained teachers – just (unqualified and illegal) babysitters.

      I agree, though, that the double books is a fraud and cover on NXIVM’s part.

  • Does Denny Bangkok Burke’s rumored inclusion in the soon coming superseding indictment count as substantial?

  • I think it will come out that you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to what the Rainbow Cultural Centers were really about. No surprise there.

  • One thing you said is right: Everybody has an opinion. I disagree that Christian schools are harmful. BYU and Notre Dame are both religious schools that turn out some of the brightest. Rainbow taught in 7 languages and nobody knows what may have been taught in those languages. That may or may not be harmful, especially since the teachers and school were NXIUM based.

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