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YUMI Reveals Her True Colors On New Single “Camouflage”

YUMI reveals her stunning vocals and body-positive spirit on “Camouflage.” Playful drums and an inspiring chorus encourage listeners to take off their camouflage and let their true colors show.

“Camouflage” sees YUMI shift from the R&B stylings of her debut EP Ego Boost to a pop-forward sound. On the new single, she reflects on her own path toward self-love and positivity through overcoming racism, body-shaming and bullying. Emotionally charged lyrics send a powerful message about having the courage to own individuality and celebrate uniqueness. In YUMI’s own words:

Part of my childhood was spent in areas where I was the only Asian kid in school. I wasn’t proud of my heritage for the longest time and it’s something I’ve really grown into celebrate,” states YUMI. “I’ve also been taller and bigger boned my whole life and before body positivity found me, I lived inside of a stress of always trying to make myself smaller.

Camouflage is about my journey of embracing who I am and all of the things that make me me, and at some points in my life, they were everything people bullied me for and everything I wanted to change. I hope this song inspires someone to face their differences and take off their camouflage because sometimes it’s our weakness that gives us power.”

What The Press Is Saying:

“YUMI’s lyrics carry an emotional honesty that offers a refreshing sense of clarity to her listeners.”  Galore

“This girl’s got soul!”  Perez Hilton

“The world is YUMI’s oyster and we’re just fortunate enough to watch the stream of success play out.”  Milk

“The multi-hyphen artist is owning the pop genre.”  Nasty Gal

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