Dennis Burke represents Clare Bronfman and Nxivm.

Guest View: Some Free Advice for Dennis Burke

Guest View By A Friend of the Good Guys

Hey, Dennis Burke, some free advice to help you better orchestrate a sock-puppet scheme here:

To begin, it might be more believable if you mix it up a bit between your multiple accounts. When your fake accounts use the exact same style of ALL CAPS for emphasis, it makes certain logical conclusions painfully obvious to readers, such as “NoisyMouse” = “One Night in Bangkok”, despite attempts to spin some of your multiple-personality accounts as “good cop” or “bad cop.”

You’ve tried to create the appearance of several parties when, in reality, your patterns among multiple accounts are as easy to spot as Vanguard’s predictable habits at V-Week.

Speaking of bad cops, exactly when did you change sides in your work history, Mr. “ex-prosecutor?” Or were you ever “good” in the first place?

Considering the factually true reports about thousands of weapons trafficked to Mexican cartels while you were on the job as top cop in Arizona, it’s hard to know what to think about you any more, big guy. Were you working for cartels the whole time, while spewing b.s., using the “Arizona-Mexico relationship” as cover?

Talk about a “scheme.” Holy friggin’ moly. Never knew you were capable of such nightmares.

It’s so outlandish to see you spending hours out of your days and weeks like a loser, trying to influence readers of FrankReport with a sock-puppet, multiple-accounts posting scheme trying to hide behind a poorly configured first generation cheap VPN that leaks packet fragments as if it were a muffler on a Mexican taxi. Then again, you have some experience with leaks, covering your tracks with desperate measures, and topics relating to Mexico, don’t you?

Embarrassed for you, man. Big time. Honestly, watching you do all of this — including the legal representation of a Nxivm in the first place, from the start through present day with your blog posts in multiple names, knowing who you used to be and how people viewed you back then, watching your downward spiral in to the hands of prosecutors in the E.D.N.Y. is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. Believe it or not, I don’t want to see you this way — I was never the fake friend you were — but it is what it is.

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  • FR is basically the testing and proving ground for how a jury will react to this whole sordid mess and a good litmus test of how this whole trial will eventually play out. Frank’s Report, along with the comments section, is a WEALTH of information for ALL things NXIVM. I’ll bet Frank has some really interesting IP data belonging to all parties involved: the Prosecution, the Defense, the Defendants, the Victims and the lookyloos. And yes, that includes you too, Denny Burke.

  • I don’t know where to leave this comment so I’ll leave it here.

    This comment by Flowers was posted on another thread and I think it deserves some notice since it concerns everyone leaving comments on Frank Report

    The point I was making is that my name is anonymous on Frank Report, and yet someone who posts here is stalking me somehow. Why would they do that?

    Flowers is claiming that someone posting here is stalking her.

    Legal Definition of stalking
    : the act or crime of willfully and repeatedly following or harassing another person in circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to fear injury or death especially because of express or implied threats
    broadly : a crime of engaging in a course of conduct directed at a person that serves no legitimate purpose and seriously alarms, annoys, or intimidates that person

    That’s a serious claim and one that deserves more explanation. Flowers has repeatedly said she is being victimized but is now accusing someone posting here of stalking. Who is is Flowers? Let’s see the evidence. ?

    This has gone on for too long now. It’s time to bring it into the light Flowers. Stop with the accusations and insinuations and just say it.

  • I’m not BangCrook or Dennis ‘the Menace’ Burke.

    Like I said before, I seriously doubt Dennis Burke is on the comments section of the Frank Report.

    Quoting Apophis (from Stargate TV show), “Your insolence is Music to my Ears!”

    And quite funny too!

    • Sure you’re not. Just keep posting chummy, clever messages claiming you’re not Dennis Burke, while attempting to conceal your psychopathy. Don’t worry, everyone will follow your instructions and believe EXACTLY as you instruct them to. (emphasis added, in all caps.) Because that’s how you roll, right big D? You must achieve your objective of controlling everything and everyone, the whole show. Your ego wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Hi Friend,

    I’ve been debating what nickname truly best suits the character of the toxic troll currently masquerading as Bangkok. Seems you can help.

    The nominees are:

    “Bangschlock” — an homage to the FR asshole he most closely resembles to the point many conclude he may well be Scott (Tex) Johnson.

    “Bangkook” — no explanation needed.

    “Bangtot” — approximate emotional age.

    “Bangcrock” — self-explanatory.

    “Bangcocky” — attitude.

    “Bangcrook” — profession.

    I’m open to other suggestions, as well.

    • Bangcock is believed to be Scott? Very

      I did not see that possibility. The sentence structure, grammar, and use of certain expressions is quite different.

      The Scott alias seems to be a tad more masculine than the alias known as Bangcock.

      Scott from my few exchanges in the comment section seems coherent straight forward, sarcastic, negative and fairly sane.

      The Amway obsession is understandable. Scotts inability to move past it and move on with his own life is rather perplexing and depressing.

      Maybe if he channeled his negative energy into something positive like Bikram hot yoga or if he went to the local dive massage parlor?

      Maybe then he would find the manual release he so desperately needs.

      I must agree with Heidi after mulling it over. Scott could be Bangcock. Which in turn begs the following question….

      Would the man known as Scott choose as his other alias the name of one of the 80’s shittiest songs ? Something to ponder.

      I seriously need a life. 🙂

  • Nice guy fun facts and tidbits: Vanguard related !!!

    Speaking of Dennis Burke & the failed ATF fast and the furious operation…It is probably the ATF’s second biggest scandal.
    The First large tragedy scandal?

    The initial ATF raid on David Koresh’s cult compound in Waco Texas ranks as the biggest scandal and tragedy in ATF. Interestingly, Koresh had a big harem just like our beloved Vanguard.

    Yep, Keith Raniere and David Karesh had the same proclivity for other men’s wives !!!

    • It’s interesting to see “Flowers” working together, in concert, with Dennis K. Burke, which is proving to be a pattern here on the frank report website. A logical next question might be, in what other ways are they working together? And what is it they hope to accomplish? Who is “Flowers”, anyways? Considering (her, his) unwavering support of Burke, what role might “Flowers” or the person controlling the “Flowers” account play in aiding and abetting Dennis Burke’s seemingly obstructive campaign to thwart the government’s prosecution of the Nxivm enterprise? Is there a cross-border role?

      • Lol.
        I’m exactly who I say I am…a person who was harassed, on both an online forum and in person, and then tried to figure out what was behind the harassment.

        I found this forum in fall, 2017, and wondered if there could be a connection between nxivm and the people who harassed me. I’m not sure if there is, but it seems the same harassers are posting here now, so maybe I guessed right. Or maybe they just followed me here. That’s the truth, whether you chose to believe it or not.

  • Bangcock(Good guys)
    Lastly, anyone that was a peer of Dennis Burke would have comparable education and intelligence. The writer of this open letter does not. Clearly not a onetime peer of the Dennis. Most Frank Report readers easily see through you Bangcock .

  • Bangcock or use of the phrase “talk about” and other use of language are all such obvious clues that you are ‘you’ and not a former friend or colleague of Dennis Burke.

    Bangcock, you are slightly more sane than Sultan of Six.

    • Bang, you are definitely one who likes playing mind games.

      If you spent your time and efforts writing good articles for the Frank Report, instead of wasting time trolling and other stupid things “fuckery”…people would respond to you more positively. B

      Did you drive to a coffee, in a feeble attempt to fool everyone including Frank, thereby changing your IP? Maybe?

      Bangcock, you are fooling no one just yourself.

      Try and be a good person; you will be happier!!!!

      • The iPhone Dictaphone is so god awful. My apologies to anyone attempting to read or understand any of my comments.

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