Four more gems from MK10ART – with accompanying stories

MK10ART really outdid herself with these latest poignant paintings of some of the most well known NXIVM characters – some living, some deceased.

She has availed herself of some of Frank Report’s narrative to illustrate the ugly and amazing true stories of the man known as Vanguard and some of his daffy followers.

By MK10ART. Lauren Salzman and Barb Jeske

Look how she captured that schnozola of Lauren and the comely features of Barb Jeske before she took ill with cancer.The late Barbara Jeske and the late Pamela Cafritz were longtime harem members and wing women for Keith Raniere. In NXIVM, both rose in the High Rank of NXIVM – the only two members to ever wear the Purple Sash. Both contracted cancer in middle age. Both were treated by Keith Raniere. Both died of cancer and both willed their estates to Raniere or to his control.

Barbara Jeske went fast. Despite Keith Raniere diagnosing her with carpel tunnel syndrome, Barbara got increasingly worse. Finally, she went to the doctors who disagreed with Raniere’s diagnosis and said she had brain cancer.


MK10ART – Keith Raniere french kissing his chief wing woman Pam Caftritz – check out that tongue. This painting is eerily called ‘Kiss of Death.’

Before Allison Mack, it was Keith Raniere’s  long-term girlfriend,Pam Cafritz, some say she was 2nd in command as well as one of Keith’s financial supporters.  Pam received $20,000 a month allowance, most of which she spent on Keith.

Pam Cafritz procured teenagers for him to rape and drove him to motels to meet up with women (Keith couldn’t drive.)

Keith told Pam that she would become an Olympic runner one day and she believed him.

She trained hard, running 5Ks while on a 500 calorie per day diet (per Keith’s directions) and she also tried hard to recruit other women runners into the cult.

Pam is thought to be one of Keith’s harem who was last seen with Kristen Snyder before her untimely death.

She died of cancer in November 2016.

In the years that she suffered from cancer, Keith did not allow her to get treatments but chose to treat her himself.

“During her final weeks, only High Rank, and longstanding members of Keith’s harem, were allowed into the house on Oregon Trail where Pam was dying.  Even old friends and Lower Rank were not permitted to see Pam, leading to suspicion as to what was really going on.

As of today, the whereabouts of her body is unknown. At present, it is unknown if there is an official death certificate on file anywhere.  It is also not known if there was an autopsy.

Several people told Frank Report that around the time of her purported passing, Keith Raniere asked wealthy supporters to donate money in order that Pam’s body might be “preserved through cryonics.”

by MK10ART – Kathy Russell

Keith Raniere (aka Vanguard) told  60-year-old Kathy Russell  that, if she tried hard and continued to work at low wages and spend most of her annual income on taking more NXIVM classes, she could become a world class ballerina.  She believed him.

In April 2018, she was indicted along with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.  Somehow, Russell, who, according to her financial affidavit, had no savings and virtually no assets, got the money to retain a high-priced, experienced criminal defense lawyer. It is suspected that the money was provided by Clare Bronfman.

Although she freely answered many questions when she was subpoeaned to testify before a Grand Jury, Russell also asserted her 5th Amendment right in response to certain questions, including questions regarding bookkeeping, taxes, individuals of interest in the investigation such as Clare Bronfman, and DOS.

She was asked about the movement and storage of cash, and the maintenance of tax returns for companies affiliated with NXIVM.

The prosecutor also asked Russell a series of questions related to an alleged border crossing Russell made in 2004 and the email hacking of Nxivm enemies.

Over the course of her testimony, Russell invoked the 5th Amendment approximately 75 times.


By MK10ART – Keith Raniere and Nancy Adolf Salzman.

For some time, Mr. Raniere informed his followers that in addition to having Nazis [in their past lives] as his disciples, he also had a number of people who were Nazi victims – mainly Jews who were exterminated in concentration camps.

At one time, he identified Nancy Salzman and others as former Jewish victims.

But one day, The Vanguard made a stunning revelation.

Barbara Jeske asked him directly who among us is Adolf Hitler?

And Mr. Raniere revealed that it was Nancy Salzman who, in her past life, was Adolf Hitler.

Since The Vanguard teaches he is infallible, Ms. Salzman, who had been previously told she was a Jewish concentration victim, now realized how much she owed Mr. Raniere for saving her from her terrible karma and, according to sources, resolved to be forever in his debt out of the great appreciation she had for him saving her.

Nancy Salzman became deeply indebted to Mr. Raniere for his willingness to absolve her of her tremendous crimes as Hitler in her former life.

Is there another savior in history who was willing to transform the souls of the greatest sinners?




When you read these stories consecutively, it seems like this is pure madness running berserk.

A 60 year old woman told by Raniere she can be a professional ballerina. A woman with a brain tumor told by Raniere she has carpel tunnel syndrome, a DC heiress told she was destined to be an Olympic runner who spent her spare time finding Raniere women and girls to fuck – while on an 800/day calorie diet that probably shortened her life by years. And how about the second-in-command of the group who was told she was Adolf Hitler in her past life and had to atone by obeying Keith Raniere?

What else can you say but “Viva Executive Success!”

Many many thanks to MK10ART



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  • $8 million isn’t enough?

    The estate of Pam Chaffritz was big enough to pay for the funeral or even the cryogenic preservation, so why did Keith ask for donations to
    pay for it?

    Because Keith always finds a reason to rip off his disciples.

  • I had a visceral reaction to “Kiss and of Death”. I actually felt completely disgusted.
    MK10ART that is by far MK’s best scketch to date in my opinion.

    MK captured something completely macabre and eerie within the context of a kiss. Knowing the back story, it incredible creepy.

    I think 4 women that had sexual relations have died of the victims are included. At least additional 5 more I think had cancer.
    Nothing odd about that.

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