Sultan: Kristin Kreuk is NOT ‘waiting in hibernation’ to restart NXIVM!

By Sultan of Six

In response to the Guest View: Kristin Kreuk never left Nxivm by Meh — this person is clearly angered by and has a vendetta against Kristin Kreuk.

Meh wants her to suffer merely by association the same ramifications of people who were perpetrators in the cult, e.g., public shame, humiliation, loss of career status, etc. The limited motivations that human behavior is driven by in such cases suggests Meh is a rejected male (either personally or professionally) or a jealous woman. This person should clearly seek therapy for their obvious grudge rooted in what appears to be rage or envy.

Seekers of justice by those who are wronged are not afraid to publicly stand up against those who have wronged them, e.g., Toni Natalie, Catherine Oxenberg, and even Frank Parlato.

When constantly asked for evidence for its insinuations, it repeats the same claims ad nauseam, e.g., Kristin was named in articles, named in a civil lawsuit (along with over a hundred people) that only suggested they MAY have some culpability and nothing more than that, according to its language, etc., and/or tells others to “go ask such and such”, but provides no evidence whatsoever, ironically engaging in the fallacy of argument by repetition repeatedly. It is none but the claimant’s responsibility to provide such evidence and not anyone else’s job to do so.

To suggest that Kristin is still part of NXIVM and is “waiting in hibernation” to restart it after the statement that she put out and still maintains on her verified social media accounts is laughable.

NXIVM’s infinitely patently pending “technology” (laughable) is just an amalgamation of ripped off ideas from religion, philosophy, , self-help, Scientology, other human potential movements, etc. It was just a facade to feed off others to establish a covered posh and promiscuous lifestyle for its leader via an MLM pyramid scheme in the name of ethics and now that its true purpose is out in the open and well known, any attempts to restart it is doomed to failure from the restart.

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  • From the person (named Jesse) who called Kristin Kreuk’s father at work, to offer him advice about his daughter.

    From the person (named Jesse) who as a 50-year old guy would befriend 12yo girls in chatrooms to learn more about Kristin Kreuk.

    Sure Dude. Whatevs.

    • Kristin bashers don’t care about logic…they make stuff up and hope it sticks….and when the NXIVM cult leaders are dealt with in court..and this is all over, Kristin fans will continue to support her excellent career and projects.

      • You have no logic “sultan”. You are OBSESSED with this hoe. Her true role will come out eventually and people will know she’s a liar. She knew about crimes and could not give a fuck. Now go spank it to allah you cunt,

        • Blah..blah….curse blah blah….broken record… Kristin isn’t even evolved with the case.
          Typing to wrong person as always. Lol

          • The bitch you cant stop stroking it too was in a serious case with everyone involved with this case. Nothing you say can change that. And she cant lie about that.

            Why don’t you reveal yourself on youtube cunt? Show us who “SultanOfSix” is in a video. You have spunked all over the internet, so reveal yourself coward so we can see the ugly tree dweller that you are. Show Kristin Crook who you are. Show her what an ugly old cunt you are.

          • Kristin bashers are very sad and sickly folks…to keep that kind of hate energy has to seep into their personal life. I am sure the people around them are aware of their capacity of vile thoughts and verbal foul communications. Their constant use of hateful,destructive and corrosive words seem to come out of their post as natural as breathing. Maybe medications is involved or a very harsh life history of hostility is just dripping from their posts.
            You can set your watch by their cycle of cursing, violent and sadistic humor….not unlike you find in jails or mental institutions, or just by folks who are on the verge the mental break down. Or so I have read.

            Sad.. They should get some help.

            If you observe when just saying positive things about the beautiful and just downright kind
            Kristin Kreuk….they go ballistic…this may have been going on for years. Who knows?

            Btw…. I am not Sultan….but he’s cool. His Kristin defending posts are a bright spot in a sad dark place of lies and baseless attacks on one of the nicest actress in the entertainment field.

            3…2…1…… Rent free…

          • You are too much of a halal chicken shit to expose yourself aren’t you spanky? Go post a video online with that aspergers bullshit. Show the world what you are. Are you even uglier than your words are robotic? Talking to yourself online is pathetic. You are at least half a century years old you fucking loser pussy. What a worthless waste of oxygen you are. Even blowing yourself up with an IED would be a waste of explosives. Just cut your throat.

          • Jerked your tiny dinky off to a NXIVM member already today pedo-spank? You are a broken record… spank, spank, spank, two tiny drops of infertile semen. Gross.

          • Kristin basher totally oblivious to what they sound like. No control. Same sad theme…over and over. Might be projection….who knows? Seems well versed in such vile self abusive activity. Sad.

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