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Singer/songwriter Tommy Ocean Releases Strong Self Titled Debut EP To Build A Worldwide Audience And Expand His Professional Career

German singer/songwriter Tommy Ocean is proud to announce the release of his self-titled debut EP Tommy Ocean.

Tommy is a 21st Century troubadour with a distinct 1960s flavor and vibe. He mostly performs with just his fingerstyle guitar and harmonica behind his lyrics, going for a vibe that’s natural rather than elaborate. The songs on Tommy Ocean display the Zen simplicity and deep emotions of iconic songwriters like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, and Paul Simon but never sound anything less than fully original. Standout tracks include “The Present,” “Another Day, Another Time,” and “Lonely Days.”

Ocean has only been making original music seriously since 2017 but comes off as a studio veteran with excellent instincts. He loves the freedom of being a solo performer because it lets him express himself directly to his listeners and be a personal, positive influence in their lives. He puts a lot of himself into his recordings and live performances and those close to him feel that this new EP could bring him to a much larger audience.

“Tommy’s been featured several times, and there’s a reason. His closeness with his emotions is closer than most.” CHF, Comeherefloyd (Jan 01, 2019)

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