Guest View: Allison Mack’s sex practice with Raniere tied to Chloe archetype

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By Anonymous

IMO Allison Mack is responding to a form of behavioral control that used to be called sex magic, which uses the assumption of archetypes to facilitate behavior.

Once the companion/wife archetype is accepted, a woman can’t go back to being a maid; it’s the emotional equivalent to divorce.

Allison, the companion of the alpha, can only be another’s companion or mother or crone.

I notice Mr. Raniere used archetypes to control many of his females: Dagny  = companion, Legatus = protector, Proctor = controller,  etc.

Allison’s devotion is tied to the Chloe archetype: companion of the secret alpha. Too bad she doesn’t have to share the bathroom or pay his bills.

She’ll break the spell when she realizes that Mr. Raniere is no longer suitable for a relationship, because of old age, fraud, vice, distance, illness, violence, poverty or ceremony.

Personally, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and see what the court reveals. Still, there is no question in my mind she’s a victim although I doubt she realizes or understands why.

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  • These Allie Wack obsessed fanboys are totally cuckolded and their own worthless lives are forever electronically displayed here. Sad pathetic creatures who are every bit as lost as their goddess.

    • Not an Allison Mack fanboy. Never heard of her til this scandal broke. Only seen one season of Smallville which I binge watched to get the latitude of her persona.

      What I am is person with 25 plus years of attendance in a metaphysical organization, and time with many other similar organizations since. I’m profoundly interested in the methods used to inculcate and control otherwise intelligent and well-meaning people. There’s a lot to be learned.

      Don’t see her as a goddess; just a young woman who found herself in over her head because someone she gave the trust and authority of teacher, was unworthy of that trust because of personal issues.

      The foundation of all spiritual teaching, from the deepest religion to the “self-improvement” field is Be Harmless.

      Of course I understand people will view all posts through the lens of their own life.

      There’s a great deal to be learned from groups like Nxivm, if you have a strong platform from which to view the activity.

    • Quite accurate. Hopefully when Allie Wack is sentenced for a long time these soy boys can finally get a reality that is more mature than the pathetic lives they lead now. That also includes the Krsiten Kook fanboys.

    • You are so lame. I was born and raised in the US. I have no “FOB” accent whatsoever.

      Regardless, despite what some people consider a funny accent, “FOB” Indians are some of the most respectful mannered people I’ve ever met, especially when it comes to their parents. Something you ought to learn.

  • Yes, yes, yes. And don’t think KAR, like a lot of “less sensitive” men, doesn’t know and take full advantage of this.

    How do you think “Anima” aka “The Silver Plume Company” got its name? It means “inner woman” in Jungen psychology. The woman that a man responds to, projects onto or seeks for a soul mate. Unless he’s so “integrated” he only needs “fuck toys,” not a soul mate.

    In NX’s, “ESP’s,” formative years, there was much discussion of Jungen “archetype” psychology. I had a “Jungen” and “Allister Crowley” Tarot card decks based on Archetypal psychology and Gina was into it, as well. She and Kristin Keefe, and of course, Keith (in his own self-serving way) were more into Buddhist and Hindi philosophies then but all the girls always wanted Tarot card readings.

    (And, btw, I never flipped the cards over and over again until I got the “right” answer, as “Bangkok” once suggested on here, AFTER I mentioned it.)

    I don’t practice anymore, but The Tarot can reveal the subconscious mind, in particular, what archetypes are playing out at the time of the reading and where that path they’re on may lead in terms of “future predictions.”

    You may be right about Allison but she can still “disavow,” rescind her “vow” to KAR, return to her maidenly being or to the fool and take another path under a different “magician” master if she can’t master herself.

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