Report of Court Hearing today – ‘the number of attorneys for the Defense is ridiculous’

Today’s status conference lasted about 30 minutes. No oral arguments were made on any matters.
The next Status Conference is scheduled for February 28th.
Before then, the judge plans to conduct the Curcio hearings.


by John Hardy

The hearing today, Feb 6, 2019, was pretty much a waste. What should have taken 4-5 minutes was needlessly extended by defense counsel to about 35 minutes. No substantive issues were argued or decided. The Judge is keeping to the trial schedule.

These are my observations on each person:

Judge Nicholas Garaufis – very smart, near photographic memory, high IQ. This judge will interface with and ask the Defense attorneys questions, so the attorneys cannot wing it or bullshit the bench.

He is about efficiency and is compassionate towards people. Keeps everything short, sweet, and to the point. Does not engage in unnecessary fluff or feel the need to flex his muscles and yell at attorneys or Defendants.

Keith Raniere – looked ridiculous. His hair is very frizzy and puffy, almost like Bozo the Clown. Think of a bad 70s grey-white Afro on a white guy. Tan jumpsuit. Keith is chubby, not starving. Looked bloated, pasty face. He had puffy cheeks and puffy lower jawline. Almost like a chimpanzee.

Nancy Salzman – tired, harried, broken. Nancy arrived late to court. Just as the U.S. Attorney’s Office was pointing out the fact that she had not appeared, guess who steps through the door? Speak of the Devil (and right on cue). Looked all out of sorts, wrinkled, shriveled, droopy flesh. She looks bad health-wise.

Lauren Salzman – looked tired, a bit lost. Like she was about to break down and cry at any moment.

Allison Mack – appeared strangely chipper, happy. Considering the fact that she has to fly 10+ hours round trip from California for a needless 5-minute hearing. I think she is faking her confidence and over-compensating. She’s acting like everything is okay when most assuredly it is not.

Kathy Russell – looked the best out of the entire group. She re-colored her hair, so her white roots were not showing this time.

Clare Bronfman – looked very thin and pastier than usual. Did not make eye contact with anyone in the courtroom. Quick glances all over the place. She does not want to be there and appears overwhelmed.

Moira Penza – confident, sharp. Her voice belies her strength. This lady has guts and a backbone. Lion in sheep’s clothing. The Defense should not underestimate her.

Marc Angifilo – confident, good mood, joking with the judge. I think Marc is happy because he is going to get paid MILLIONS on this case. His clients don’t have a chance in hell, and he knows it. But, he will get at least $5-$7 Million for this case. He will make an okay effort, but not heroic to defend his clients. This guy is in it for the dough. I would not want him as my attorney. He is not serious, is not taking the case seriously. Not fiery, does not believe in his clients. Is just there to collect a paycheck. Doesn’t have the gravitas of a Lincoln or Atticus Finch or Perry Mason or Matt Murdoch (real and fictional attorneys). You can see when an attorney is serious about what they do – about protecting the Defendant’s rights and battling the system. Agnifilo is not. More like the Court Jester, ready to collect his pay and bolt.


The number of attorneys for the Defense is ridiculous. It looked like a convention. Jovial atmosphere between the attorneys. Lack of resolve or seriousness. They are not taking the case seriously. I think they just want to collect a paycheck, give short speeches, and bolt.

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