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Allison Mack appeared to hold back tears when leaving court

Channel 13 News in Albany shared some footage of Allison Mack leaving court today – looking haggard and as if she was holding back tears.

One observer said she had been definitely crying.

See the video:


When inside the courthouse, with all eyes upon her, she seemed chipper and jovial.

Inside the courtroom – when Judge Nicholas Garaufis was presiding- she was the picture of somber rectitude and rapt attention.

When she left the courthouse and went outside, she appeared to be fighting back the tears.

Whether she was crying or not, Mack was looking haggard.

The burden of trial and the weight of her possible 15 years or longer sentence – and how her life is in shambles – thanks to the man she followed might be wearing her down.

One wonders- what does she think of Vanguard now?

Here are a few screenshots.

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