Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian taxpayer-funded actress, who served as a Nxivm coach.

Sultan of Six lashes out at his critics – as he defends Kristin Kreuk

By Sultan of Six

[[In response to his critics – and it seems one in particular Sultan of Six – a long time and fervent defender of Kristin Kruek writes}

Go get brain or nose surgery because your sense of smell along with your intellect is utter sh_t.

Speaking of sh_t, I couldn’t give a single one for the Liberal/Conservative or Democratic/Republican false dichotomy. I don’t classify myself as either.

Also, I’ve never been pro-abortion. I think abortion is morally wrong except for rare cases that must be rationally justifiable.

Virtue signalling is a bullshyte pejorative.

  1. because it is stupid to argue that spreading virtue is wrong regardless if the one who does so believes in it or not. If what is being spread is being questioned as actually being a virtue, then that ISN’T virtue signalling.
  2. it’s also red herring which attempts to attack the sincerity and the motives of the person which makes it difficult to prove and a form of tu quoque ad hominem. Calling a father a hypocrite who smokes who tells his son not to start smoking because it is bad for him does nothing to defeat the argument against smoking.

Not only that, calls of virtue signalling are hypocritical in themselves. Why? Because by definition, to virtue signal is to show off moral superiority to a like minded audience for a limited set of ideologies without actually putting in the effort.

At the bottom, to call out virtue signalling is to do EXACTLY THE SAME THING except in the opposite manner. To show off your own moral superiority to a like minded audience for a limited set of ideologies without actually putting in the effort for the opposite.

And no I am not in my fifties and no I have no attraction to pre-teen girls. I like women who are fully developed and thus have curves.

Accusing everyone to be me who holds an opposite opinion to you, or posts something that is interpreted by you to be pro-Kristin Kreuk in some form or another WILL NEVER MAKE THEM ME NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU REPEAT IT.

Seek help for this delusion that I am the only one on Frank Report who has ever supported Kristin.


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  • Dearest Sultan of Sex virtue signaling is a used by evolutionary psychologists. It is not a pejorative. However Social Justice Warrior is a pejorative, and that is exactly what you are. I imagine you are a non-binary pansexual poly-amorous troll. The # Metoo movement must be is losing steam and you have come back to the Frankreport out of boredom?

      • “hee hee”.

        Did you learn that from Girls By Design, “Jesse” aka “sultan of six”. You sick pedophile.

        Is your paki mother dead and buried in the ground? Go cut your wrists and join the paki bitch you absolute cunt.

        • Congrats to Kristin…on the Smallville reunion. It will be great to see the Big 3 together again.
          Maybe DC can write you in their movies that would be great !!! Yay!!!

          Meanwhile Kristin basher on bash cycle mode….sad…get some rest.

          • All three of them would think you were a cunt.

            ????? + ?? + ? + ? = “SultanOfSix”, a pedophile stalker.

          • Notice now make baseless claims….blah… Constant anger seems to be pattern. Sad.

          • The autistic pedophile loser thinks he has an audience. Constant pandering to those he will never have sex with is a constant pattern. Sad.

  • Yeah, I didn’t really defend her here. I defended myself against a bigoted d-bag.

    The only thing I may have defended her against is claims of virtue signaling.

    Anyways, the defense is unneeded. It’s pretty obvious she’s innocent and improving upon her career. Anyone who truly despises cults should be glad it didn’t make her into another victim. I don’t think she had anything but the best of intentions when she was a part of it. She was fooled just like other people have been fooled in their own lives.

    • You don’t know anything. That’s why nobody listens to your ramblings. Enough is known about Kreuk in NXIVM to make her bad. Same with the others. You dont care because you wanna fuck her. You are just a stalker. Deal with it spanky.

    • SOS, agreed, Kristin’s innocence concerning the “cult” is glaring and obvious. She may be a victim of NXIVM just by having a connection
      with the name of the ex-self help program. But it looks like she will have no problem putting this whole situation behind her and moving toward the future.

      • OMG??????

        “Sultan” are you this fucking mentally ill? What the fuck is wrong with you? You are pretending to be other people to defend a NXIVM cum slut because you think in your imagination, she would actually spread her legs for you. Kill yourself you fucking waste of chutney and oxygen.

        • Anonymous: “Your are pretending to be other people”

          Ba Haa Haa….Ba Haa Haa…ha ha ha ….Oh..Breathe…breathe…….Ba Haa Haa…Haa Haa….lol

          Oh the irony… this

          Sorry Sultan.. This Kristin basher is seeing you in his or her sleep. Rent free….rent free….lol

          Que Kristin basher cycle: bash bash bash…curse curse bash bash.. Blah.

          Sad….hope thing change for the better….

          • Frank, IP check this absolute abortion of a human. Aspergers, mentally ill, chronic masturbation and a stalker. You are pathetic you elderly inferior disgusting creature.

  • Virtue signalling is a bullshyte pejorative.

    So the majority of this “article” is about virtue signalling and whether someone is a hypocrite for calling out people who virtue signal. Dear GOD, what has become of this blog? This is one of the most immature posts I have ever read.and I question what sultan’s point is. And why is “bullshyte” spelled this way? Is it old English?

    • Anything about Kristin Crook and “karl basset” comes out like the stalker he is spitting out his dummy. He is the one responsible for what becomes of the comments. An absolute fucking lunatic.

  • I agree Kristin should be defended against baseless attacks. And I support those who join the many folks who will continue to defend her
    Until this case is history. There are many Kristin supporters here.

      • Sure baseless attacks on Kristin…she is not part of the case, wake up. And wrong again…..Sultan,me and a ton of Kristin supporters are just counting how many times you are wrong on who is So sad…
        And since you are so wrong about Sultan post….it just proves you make charges without facts…on a regular basis.

        • “Sultan,me and a ton of Kristin supporters are just counting how many times you are wrong on who is Sultan”

          Just stop it “sultanofshitstain”

          She has already been named in a law case and she knows full well. Keep jacking off to her tho shit skin, maybe she STILL won’t let you insert your gross shit stained piss worm gland inside her walls.

          • Keep on typing to the wrong person… Kristin is not part the cult leaders criminal case,this is a fact. Kristin will continue her working on her successful show. Good for her!!

  • I prefer the term hypocrite to virtual signaling. Also, Kristin Crook’s hair looks like it is getting lighter in color. Is she using a yellow highlighter in sympathy to Raniere’s blue/black ink pen effort? Only her hairdresser knows for sure, right Clare-all?

  • I can’t find much to disagree with in his post.
    Only that in other comments and posts he’s all but closed to the idea she could be involved. I see little to suggest she is or isn’t. I also agree that having been peripherally involved doesn’t necessitate making a big and loud public statement. People had been trying and weren’t heard. Even now it’s not as big of a story that some seem to think it is.
    I wouldn’t take such a risk for the small percentage that would get taken by such a group. The majority of people recognized them for what they were and the ones that stayed were duly warned, offered help and isolated themselves becoming victims. And eventually perpetrators

    • In the space of one month, three pieces of damning information came out with Kreuk’s name on all three. She knew and didn’t care. She does not want to lose her fame/money privileges. Expose them all.

  • The only thing that surpasses your excellent writing skills are your skills of lying. You lie in true nxivm form. We know you have used many aliases here and have bashed folks whom even slightly leaning right. You admitted to have associated with girls on the girls by design site (pervert), admitted to following (stalking) Kruek for over a decade (pervert), and admitted to stalking fer father to contact him at work.(whacko). You are an over obsessed stalker who needs mental help. There is no doubt that KK’s security detail knows all about you and are on the lookout. I’m sure she is more afraid of you than she is the FBI.

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