Guest View: Silly, silly Sultan – his defense of Kristin Kreuk is not normal


Sultan of Six is in serious need of some vagina, anger management and other forms of therapy his local Iman cannot provide.

Sultan of Six – not a real picture of the anonymous man who posts as Sultan of Six and has been a valiant defender of the wonderful Kristin Kreuk, one of the world’s foremost virtue signalers.

His most recent post  Sultan of Six lashes out at his critics – as he defends Kristin Kreuk just reeks of low testosterone, desperation and Asperger’s.

Sultan is bad enough online, but he must be the most insufferable c-word in real life and off the fan girl forums. This is not normal.

He has an obsession with virtue-signalling because the object of his masturbation sessions is a prolific virtue-signaler and is criticized for it. He doesn’t even know what the term means. It means to show off and signal to others how virtuous you are.


Sultan writes, “I have no attraction to pre-teen girls.”

He defends pedophilia because Aisha, Mohammed’s “wife” was a child when she started getting used sexually for the pleasure of the pedophile Mohammed. He has said so himself that it is only when the girl is unable to get pregnant that it is pedophilia. Thus, “sultan/scarrom/karl basset/sosalty/jesse” believes if a twelve year old girl (like Rhiannon) can get pregnant, it’s not pedophilia for a grown adult like Keith Raniere and Mohammed to violate her. Gross.



Sultan: “I like women who are fully developed and thus have curves.”

Then why are you obsessed with Kristin Kook? She has zero boobies, ass or hips. Sure as shit, neither did Aisha. You pretended to be a little girl on the Girls By Design website under the guise of “Jesse”. Perhaps you had other aliases there too.



This is an Asperger’s meltdown. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery when you are in this state “Sultan”. Find a quiet space, turn off the lights, take a few deep breaths and ride it out. Also, your Pakistani friends on the sub-continent are everything you just described. Bigoted to those not like them and terrible to girls and women.

Silly, silly “Sultan”…


Who is that sharing a beer with Kristin Kreuk? Is it Sultan of Six?

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        • You mean SPANK SPANK SPANK. The sound of you spanking it to Kristin Kreuk’s mosquito bite tits… again. Go find a razor shit skin and cut your jugular. No shitty islam prayers either, this ain’t halal fuck face. You only got about twenty years left tops. You need disappearing now.

          • Kristin is beautiful and has a lot of fans,happy they defend her….:)

            BTW congrats to Kristin on getting a CSA best actress nomination….yay!!!

        • “Kristin is beautiful and has a lot of fans,happy they defend her….:) BTW congrats to Kristin on getting a CSA best actress nomination….yay!!!”

          Stop pretending to be someone else you fucking Jungle Book character. Will you congratulate the other nobody actresses nominated or is it only for the one you want to squirt your gross load on? Your brown mother raised a fucking retard. She must of been so very disappointed in her loser son, stroking it to an infidel in his cubicle at work… ?

          • Anonymous:”Stop pretending to be someone else”….lol

            Errr..you realize you are using anonymous as a name don’t you?
            By the fact you using a different name instead of your actual name
            you are shielding you your own ID…lol

            Your hate is overiding your brain….not healthy.
            Please don’t drive in this condition….lol Sad…

          • Sad Kristin bashers, always using vile 4 letter words to expose their tortured souls.
            A true cry for help, from themselves and their sad life.

  • I, for one, agree completely with this article. Sultan’s personality disorder(s) are categorically in line with Keith’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’m not sure which one is more frightening. But to every young female out there, they should be equally scary. But, kudos to you, Sultan, for sticking to your guns. It’s a futile and stupid endeavor, but your unfailing admiration for Kristin deserves applause. The sad thing is, she has no idea who you are. But, keep sticking up for her. Maybe in the next life she’ll realize what a fan you were and give you a heartfelt “thanks” then move on and leave you in the dust. Seriously, what do you get out of your platform? Certainly there are no accolades for your agenda. In the real world anyway. Maybe in your fantasyland, Kristin secretly adores your attention and will one day steal away from her life of not caring who you are to pay you a visit and satisfy your every sexual desire. I am sure this is what keeps you awake at night jerking off to. So, keep it up (pun intended), your “reality” is your reality.

    • –I, for one, agree completely with this article.

      Well, what else can I say except that flies like to fester around feces.

      I’m sorry that I keep bringing Kristin up. Wait. No I’m not. You know why? Because I don’t since I can’t post articles here. I’m merely reactive in the comments and not proactive.

      You and your ilk are like the schoolyard bully who picks on the defenseless kid. When someone decides to step in and help the latter and in the process kicks your weak little ass, you cry and bitch about it and persist in the same demeaning behavior that got you into trouble in the first place instead of rectifying your own sick souls.

      • You are mentally deranged “Jesse”. Kreuk is not some innocent naive little girl. She knew full well what she was a part of and she will continue to be called out on it and there is nothing you can do about it. I hope all your family and work colleagues find out how disgusting and creepy you really are. ?????+??=??

    • Sultan defends Kristin, and it drives Kristin bashers nuts. They think sex is a motivation to defend her, talk about twisted logic…lol. Defending against bullies is virtue….and Kristin bashers are blinded by their hate have no idea how they look to the general public. Their hateful posts are evidence of their hearts of stone. They are condemned to display their mental pain and senseless anger to the world. Not a good way to deal with life.

      • Fuck you paki boy. You are obsessed with this NXIVM hoe who knew about crimes and didn’t care, just like you don’t. She will be held to account and stroking your tiny slug to her won’t change that. You are disgusting. All because you want to penetrate her snatch, you make excuses for her. Jump off a cliff you fucking raghead cunt.

        And stop pretending you are someone else. Your Asperger posts have the same stink: low testosterone jizz, curry and explosives.

  • “She has zero boobies, ass or tits.”

    The opinion of anyone who female body shames in such a manner can be ignored due to the fact that they possess the emotional maturity of a tree stump, especially one who does so safely cowering behind a pulpit of anonymity where they hide their own physical features.

    • Kristin has a beautiful physique…she is considered one of the most beautiful females on the planet….sad people who bash her
      have their hate glasses on….and are probably angry she has made a successful career since her Smallville female lead role.
      Kristin bashers have no peace or real happiness……just a sad numb existence they make for themselves.

      • “Kristin has a beautiful physKristin has a beautiful physique”

        You like females without curves because you like little girls. Just like Muhammedspank liked little girls.


        “she is considered one of the most beautiful females on the planet”

        Most people have never heard of her. Just like you never heard of NXIVM until you found out the bitch you were spanking it to was a member of the sex/criminal cult.

        Sultan Of Stalk is desperate to fuck Kreuk. He pretended to be a little pre-teen girl called Jesse on her NXIVM project Girls By Design to stalk her there too. He would let her piss down his neck if she would just acknowledge his existence. Keep spanking your vile disgusting self into oblivion you sick old pervert freak.

        • Reading your sad hateful post is exhibit A of a self destructive creature…..so sad…. Full of hate and anger..and probably cries him or herself to sleep. And yeah Kristin is a incredibly beautiful actress. And we Kristin fans will defend her from your ilk. Your words and thoughts are eating you alive….that is a cruel punishment you torment yourself with. Your soul bleeds dry everytime post here….get some help.

          Plus Sultan is not posting…you now have been wrong many times…you are a expert at being wrong…so sad.

          • sultan, you are a vile, disgusting pedophile-loving cunt. Don’t you ever try to pretend others are the mentallyill ones. Go and ask those people in your office what they think of your stalker behaviour. Tell them how you pretended to be a pube-less little girl to interact with tiny little girls on Kreuk’s NXIVM website Girls By Design. Tell them what your gross “life” revolves around. You need to get the shit kicked out of you. Speaking of shit, look at your skin tone you filthy disgusting creature. You don’t get any pussy and stroking it to a flat chested assless actress nobody cares about don’t count. You are an aspergers pussy. Go drink all the chemicals under the sink you fucking muslim cunt. Fuck allah. Who is the bigger cunt, “sultan” the stalker or Muhammad? Worthless old “man”. Go back to paki land and be with your own kind.

  • Why do most criticisms of Sultan’s defense of Kreuk spend so much time mocking his religion as well? By doing that you sound like a bigot, whether you intend to or not.

  • WOW. The psychopath and his gaslighting tricks are given a soapbox.

    LOL. You people are so lame, like schoolyard bullies.

    Good luck on and with the DOJ, and by that I mean two different acronyms.

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