Bangkok: Frank is promoting bullshit about Keith’s suffering at MDC

By One Night in Bangkok

In his post “Judge to make decision – what to do with Raniere now that he suffers so’  Frank is now promoting exaggerations and bullshit.

Here’s my own response to every single claim repeated by Frank, numbered 1 thru 12:

1) MDC has no electricity and is operating on a generator.

My response: That’s a contradiction. If a generator is running, at least some electricity exists since the whole point of a generator is to take fuel and convert it to electrical output. They have electricity, just not as much as usual. Boo-hoo.

2) There’s only heat in the afternoons.

My response: Thank you for confirming that the sun rises in the day and sets in the night.

3) Reportedly, according to a prison guard, the temperatures have dipped as low as 33 degrees.

My response: Unless he goes on the record by giving his full name, he’s an EXAGGERATING SACK OF SHIT.

It’s also interesting that he chose “33 degrees” as the number, which is very fishy.

It’s fishy because it’s just one degree above the temperature at which water turns to ice (which means he’s probably LYING since one degree colder and they’d be living with icicles and drinking ice cubes).

It’s rather CONVENIENT that he chose the coldest temperature possible right before water turns to ice, since just one degree colder and he’d be exposed as a lying sack of shit because internal water would freeze below that temperature. This guard is probably a bleeding heart.

But even if he’s telling the truth, 33 degrees is still warm enough to melt ice cream.

4) Prison guards are wearing scarves, winter hats, and coats inside while they work.

My response: Guards are wearing ‘coats’ in winter time? Say it ain’t so. Let’s call the fucken president. Guess what? Lots of people wear coats on the job when the heater goes out in their office. Stop being so dramatic, Frank.

5) The darkness makes it dangerous for guards to move inmates.

My response: I don’t think ‘darkness’ is gonna compete with the DAILY DANGER of prisoners raping and beating each other or attacking a guard at any moment. Stop being overly dramatic, Frank. It’s fucken prison. It’s always dangerous.

6) Prisoners have suffered in the cold for more than a week, nearly freezing in the dark.

My response: Then WHY hasn’t anybody ACTUALLY FROZEN in the dark yet?

Why is it that they’ve only “nearly froze” in the dark? LOL.  Sounds like overly dramatic BULLSHIT to me.

Statistically speaking, a certain percentage of prisoners should have ALREADY FROZEN in the dark if conditions were that bad. Try consulting a statistician, Frank. You’ll never have a situation where everybody in a group nearly does something if conditions are on the verge of chaos. If it’s TRULY that bad, some of them should have frozen by now. If not, it means somebody is EXAGGERATING.

7) Many can’t sleep. Their throats are hurting.

My response: That’s what Dayquil is for. If non-alcoholic Dayquil isn’t available to inmates, they have Heroin which can offer some of the same benefits. Heroin is smuggled inside their buttholes and is readily available on the prison black market.

8) On the day following the fire, inmates got no lunch and only cold food for dinner. Some of the prisoners on restricted diets got only bread or went without food.

My Response: Only cold food for dinner? Oh no, call the WHAAAAMBULANCE! Guess what, Frank? We have THOUSANDS of kids in 3rd world countries STARVING TO DEATH every single day and yet Frank is worried that these prisoners only get cold food for a few days?

Guess what? Ice cream is a “cold food” and it tastes pretty fucking delicious if you ask me. Cold pizza is great too. Go cry somebody else a river, Frank. You’re too soft.

9) Since then, food is served cold.

My response: Cold cut sandwiches are meant to be served cold and they taste just fine. Go cry us a river, Frank.

10) Prisoners have tried to block vents in their cells with clothing and blankets to keep frigid air out.

My response: Aha! So they ADMIT to having SO MANY EXTRA BLANKETS that they can use the extra ones to block vents with?

I just proved my own point, Frank! They have blankets GALORE to keep warm with. Stop this overly dramatic crying, Frank.

11) One prisoner claimed he had only been given the single, thin blanket received upon intake. He claimed he has not been provided additional blankets or clothing.

My Response: Then WHY THE FUCK did Frank just admit that prisoners have SO MANY EXTRA BLANKETS that they’re using them to STUFF THE VENTS of their cells?

Frank is now contradicting himself.

Also… Gimme the NAME of this supposed “prisoner” who was denied a blanket, Frank. Without a name, he’s just an anonymous LYING SACK OF SHIT.

12) Thermal shirts or pants and blankets are available from the commissary, but the commissary is not open.

My Response: Another LIE since Frank already ADMITTED that prisoners have SO MANY EXTRA BLANKETS that they’re using the extra blankets to STUFF VENTS with.

Frank is now stooping to a new low by giving credibility to these BULLSHIT exaggerations made by anonymous sources from some news article that he read.

Stop it, Frank!

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  • Lost in the static…

    Did Hell Just Freeze Over?

    That would be a good NYPost headline for the MDC cold spell!

  • If the prison does not have heat and inmates lack the proper clothing; Why are there no cases of inmates with hypothermia?

    Side note:
    Frank Parlato was just reporting the news.

    Bangkok there is so much to write about regarding the Nxivm trial. Why Bangcock do you continue with the foolish trolling and personal attack articles?

  • I had a friend who suffered from narcissistic personality disorder who would write exactly the sort of things “One Night” does.

    A normal person would know that Frank was merely laying out the claims of the attorney, not endorsing them. All sense of irony, sardonicism, and even humor are lost on the NPD person, replaced instead by a blind literalism. Then there’s the almost pathological selfrighteousness…

    • John, Ted Bundy (the most malignant narcissistic monster ever) had a pretty good sense of humor, and often joked with lawyers during his trials. Actually, most people liked him and thought he was a nice guy. He was also involved in politics, and volunteered at a suicide prevention hotline.
      This is why malignant narcissist are so scary- they are evil, but they work hard to hide their true nature, which allows them to hurt people without getting caught.

  • It’s called “making everyone else WRONG.” This compulsion, desperation to “call bullshit.” There’s a more scientific term in psychology. Leon may know. Something addicts, alcoholics, narcissists engage in a lot. Maybe more so “malignant narcissists”…Flowers mentioned? Why, they’ll even put words in your mouth you never said or wrote to make you wrong or a “lying sack of shit,” claim you contradicted yourself, etc.

    That, or someone is even more anxious than me and niceguy to keep KAR behind bars for as long as humanely, or inhumanely as the case may be, possible.

    Let’s ask Clicky and Deez, they’re always right. Trolls have souls, too.

    • Malignant narcissist just means a narcissist who maliciously hurts people and engages in criminal activities.

      Maybe you were thinking about the term gaslighting, but that means lying about what someone else said for the purpose of trying to cause that person to doubt their own reality and question their memory.

      That type of gaslighting is easy to accomplish in spoken words, but impossible for the gaslighter to accomplish when the words they contradict were in writing, and therefore there is proof of what was said.

      I’m not sure what word to use for the things Bangkok does though. The term “drama queen” comes to mind, as does “professional troll”.

  • I believe Frank was summarizing and conveying the info in the NYPost and AgniSTEALO’s letter to the Judge.

    I don’t think anyone here has sympathy for the VanGuard. Most would say it is karmic justice.

    Being a repeat child molester and pedo, Keith will not last long in Federal Prison. He’ll pry get Bulgered. Unless he winds up in SuperMax. Which is Underground solitary confinement 23 hours a day.

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