One Night: Lesko came in to bail Penza out

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By One Night In Bangkok

I agree with Frank that Lesko’s arrival onto the prosecution team is a signal to the defense. However, it’s not the ‘positive’ signal that Frank and Co. are hoping for.

Methinks it’s a signal from everybody’s boss, US Attorney Richard Donoghue, that Moira Penza is getting in over her head.

I’m guessing that Richard Donoghue is tired of having ZERO defendants cut plea deals.

I’m guessing that Richard Donoghue is getting sick & tired of having Moira Penza FUCKING UP this case by FAILING to secure even a SINGLE cooperating witness after nearly a year.

I’m guessing that Richard Donoghue is frustrated by listening to Moira Penza constantly announce to the court that she’s ‘negotiating’ with defendants (i.e. Allison Mack and Nancy Salzman) only to have those negotiations BEAR NO FRUIT after many months.

Guess what?

This is a case that’s RIFE with defendants who can ‘cooperate’ and help drive that final nail into Keith’s and Clare’s coffin.

I mean, there’s so many defendants in this case that they’re practically creating a traffic jam as they enter the courtroom.

Yet with SO MANY defendants in this case, Moira Penza has not been skilled enough to convince even ONE OF THEM to cooperate for the government. That says a lot about her skills as an attorney — or rather her lack of such skills — since half of an attorney’s job is to negotiate with the other side.

It’s clear that Penza is not offering Nancy or Lauren the proper ‘incentives’ to turn against Keith, which is why they’re standing by their Vanguard.

It’s also clear the Allison Mack played Penza FOR A NAIVE FOOL and never had any intention of cooperating. Allison and her attorney are dancing rings around Moira Penza pre-trial.

Penza is embarrassing the prosecution team with her lack of progress. She clearly isn’t able to come down off her HIGH HORSE to offer Nancy & Lauren the proper ‘incentives’ to testify against their Vanguard.

I’m guessing that Lesko’s arrival onto the prosecution team is meant to stem the tide of failures by Moira Penza.

I’m guessing that Richard Donoghue doesn’t wish to embarrass his team by officially removing Penza from this case, so he’s ‘quietly’ just adding more capable attorneys to assist in her failed negotiations.

But that’s just my opinion of course, which taken together with a token, might get somebody on a NY subway but not much else. LOL.

And no, I am not Dennis Burke. Let’s not go into the Twilight Zone again and rehash that nonsense.

Bangkok yes, Burke no.


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