One Night in Bangkok: Kathy Russell will gladly serve three years in prison for NXIVM

By One Night in Bangkok

I think most people here, including Frank and Heidi, are missing the point about Kathy Russell.  Kathy won’t turn against Keith Raniere or Clare Bronfman for the same reason that a parent won’t turn against their own child, regardless of the consequences.

Kathy has NOTHING in life without Clare, Keith and NXIVM.

NXIVM provides Kathy with employment, friends and ‘hope’ for her future.

Without NXIVM, Kathy will never be employed again, except maybe as a toilet cleaner (but even that’s unlikely at her age).

Without NXIVM, Kathy will lose her best friends and her ONLY friends, forever.

Without NXIVM, Kathy will lose all ‘hope’ in her life. Without hope, a person has no reason to live anymore.

Kathy has ZERO in life, if you take away NXIVM.

Kathy is like a physical manifestation of NXIVM philosophy inside a human body. She doesn’t have a personality outside of what NXIVM dictates.

Will Kathy Russell gladly go to prison for Keith Raniere?

Guess what?

If a parent had to serve three years in prison to protect the life of their child, you better believe they’d do it without even thinking twice.

Heidi would do it. So would Frank. So would any parent. Not only that, but they’d do it with a smile on their face and not even view it as a real sacrifice. That’s love. Kathy truly loves NXIVM, Keith and Clare.

So why do people not understand that Kathy doesn’t view her situation as a sacrifice? She views it as a sacred duty to protect the only family she has.

India Oxenberg was able to break free because she has a loving family and a great life outside of NXIVM, with a great future to look forward to. Kathy doesn’t have any of that waiting for her.

Without NXIVM, Kathy would be sitting penniless in a homeless shelter, probably doing the books for the local crack dealer in return for tuition money for ballerina school.

I think Kathy will gladly serve three years in prison for NXIVM and not even think twice about it. Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza is wasting her time if she thinks Kathy will ever cut a plea deal. Never gonna happen.


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  • I agree. NXIVM is Kathy’s entire world. It is usual cult practice to cut a member off from family and friends outside the cult.The thought of leaving and starting a new life must be terrifying to Kathy, especially at her age.

  • See, thst’s just it. She burned all her bridges and now Kathy is stuck.

    I would ask why elevate any man, or woman, above one’s self, ever?

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