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By J. Gary DiLaura

FBI Retired

Roger Stone’s arrest was disgraceful – for the FBI.

I do understand, of course, that FBI Director Christopher Wray has no prior law enforcement experience, no FBI experience, no arrest, no SWAT  and so forth experience and must rely on those around him for advice.  But whoever they are …change it, now!!

The FBI does not do, “Hollywood arrests” because if you do a lot of arrests, as the old FBI used to do, sooner or later it will turn to shit. You NEVER allow any news media to film any arrests… period!

Un-freaking believable…idiots , I swear! I hope he’s not still listening to McCabe and Strzok!

A couple of points, Mr. Director, with all due respect… if CNN appeared at the scene of “where an arrest is about to take place” before the freaking arrest team when J Edgar Hoover, L. Patrick Gray, Judge Sessions, Judge Webster, et al, were FBI directors , they would have ordered a full blown investigation to find the “leaker” and we would find him!

The use of an FBI SWAT Team, on an obvious non violent subject/crime, when there is NO REASON to expect the type of trouble the FBI SWAT team is trained to handle is an over exaggerated, heavy handed farce and an abuse of power and nothing short of shameful…you need to sit down with that idiot Robert Mueller and put a stop to it…  He was NEVER a lawman, either. Get some retired, former criminal FBI agents (like Jim Kalstrom) on your team of advisors… You desperately need them! This should not have been an arrest… neither should the Manafort situation been an arrest!

However, when it’s Hillary’s turn … do use the Team, cuffs( she’ll enjoy them)  and hit it at 3 am. The public would be interested in who’s sleeping with whom at that house!

Did they really need a SWAT Team to arrest Roger Stone at his home? And why did CNN come along for the arrest?

About the author

J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at therightsidejgarydilaura.com .


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  • It’s pretty clear that Gary has completely lost touch with FBI procedures. High potential for evidence tampering and destruction, so surprise is necessary and, assuming Gary actually carries the credentials he claims, he would know that fbi always goes in with numbers sufficient to dissuade a fight, no matter the target. 28 years and made it only to SSA? And of an environment investigation squad? Aren’t you embarrassed to post that? Artvoice may want to consider updating and improving their sources…

    • Tony, Thank you for reading my column. You don’t tell us where your vast FBI knowledge comes from…why? I set forth my credentials but apparently you misunderstand some things.
      First ,you shouldn’t criticize something you apparently know very little about. I spent almost all my career as a brick Agent, by choice, working the Violent Crimes Program with a few years taken off to establish the Environmental Crimes Program for the Western District of NY (WDNY). Not work on an environment squad. That’s learning the laws, training other Agents and AUSA’s .establishing protocols. Writing prosecutive agreements between Agencies, determining responsibility for various lab tests. Agreements between Agencies is who will prosecute which cases and all the other things I’m sure you are aware of to start an entire,new Crime Program, in 17 different jurisdictions. I didn’t mention that I also had to determine with the USA of WDNY, Dennis Vacco, and the DOJ AG what we had to do to search a DOD radiation clean up site, which we did. Once the program was up and running and after obtaining the first convictions and after closing two factories that were dumping really bad stuff in the ground on their site, I went back to Violent Crimes, something you probably never heard of. Violent Crimes are crimes where people get hurt, most of the time…that’s the bad guy, the good guy, the victim(s) and innocent bystanders
      When I was an Agent in the NYO, I worked Armed Truck Hijackings, John Gotti;s crew, about 260 armed hijackings and kidnappings a year then moved to the Bank Robbery Squad, 500 cases a year. The BR squad solved 300 cases a years, that’s 50 more cases than the next highest office had…LA with 250!
      During the majority of my career I was also an FBI Instructor for Firearms & Defensive Tactics (PFI) ,Arrests and Prisoner Control, Special Weapons and Tactics(SWAT) , and in my spare time I was the #1 Sniper and Taught Sniper Schools. My last year in the Apple, I lead the BR squad in arrests,57 on my cases, that’s more than an Agent in todays FBI makes in a 25 year career. Agent Instructors are trained by the FBI to be able to teach FBI, Police , Police Cadets all the facets of being a Lawman. Some like the Firearms Instructors were called Experts by the FBI and once in a while we had to testify in court as an Expert, which I did a few times. As far as FBI Rules and Regs are concerned…I haven’t seen an FBI Agent Handbook in over 20 years but I bet FBI Agents can’t interview subjects in front of a Defendants Lawyer, can’t allow another subject in an interview room, can’t leave the subject’s name out of the Title of her case, can’t leak info on pending cases, can’t claim FBI work product as private, can’t leave exculpatory evidence out of any Title 3 Affidavit, can’t wait 4 months to transcribe an FD 302…

      The lack of arrest experience is not their fault, that all falls on Mueller. Mueller ,in his almighty wisdom, turned the FBI into an Intelligence gathering Agency and turned it away from what made it famous…Crime Fighting! He stopped the Agents from working cases that lead to arrests, like Escape Federal Prisoners, Bank Robbery, UFAP(look it up), TFIS, numerous interstate cases for various crimes. The end result is Agents like McCabe, Strzok and a leader like Comey. I sure hope there are not any more Strzok/McCabe types. The problem is with arrests there is only one way to learn how to do them and that is do them…lots of them. You can’t read a book and do it. That’s why street cops who make a lot of arrests are the least likely to get hurt or make a bad mistake during an arrest of a bad ass.

      When it comes to making arrests… I do know a little bit. If we need a SWAT team vested up , there should an armed and dangerous subject to be arrested. Stone, Manafort, Paradopolis are not A&D nor are they Violent Criminals …not even convicted felons. There was no reason for arresting ANY of them at 5am with the SWAT team…period. If there was a reason for the FBI to “vest up” then there was a reason for the press to “vest up”. But they don’t have vests…why? Because they have no fucking business being at the scene of where a SWAT Team arrest is going to be made. The FBI doesn’t allow the press to film any arrests, especially with the SWAT team for a whole bunch of reasons.
      One of those a—holes might catch a stray bullet.. or even a directed bullet. No lawman wants to have to argue that the camera angle was wrong and the camera man missed the gun jn his hand. The Press cannot be trusted…in ANY way.
      If I;m wrong then Hillary had 10-15,000 people at her Pep Rallies and Trump had a few Hundred!

      Making an arrest can be vary dangerous…with people who have a history of violence. The FBI should never make Hollywood arrests sooner or later everything will turn to shit and everybody ends up being sorry.

      Mueller was investigating Stone and the others for 2 years and had wiretap info, emails, phone logs, very thing a two year investigation could yield. Why execute a search warrant now? There had to be current PC to get that warrant. I hope the Agent who signed the Search Warrant Affidavit and the AUSA who Signed as well didn’t pull a Strzok!

      Being indicted for lying and other Process Crimes is not PC for a Search Warrant!

  • And for all your claims that Robert Mueller was “never a lawman” he’s already caught and charged a lot of Trumps team. How many of Trumps close associates have already been charged or pleaded guilty? I’ve lost count.

  • Stone’s arrest was on the cards. Even Roger Stone himself said he expected to be arrested. So CNN had a crew outside his home just in case. That’s just good journalism. No need for a tip off. It’s not rocket science. As for the dawn raid, it was probably to stop him destroying hard drives, cellphones etc which would provide evidence. Whatsapp is encrypted and no wiretap or warrant to the phone company can reveal the messages. Only having the actual phone can do that.
    And once again you don’t even try to claim he is innocent. You are arguing about his arrest being over the top, just as you argued his indictment should be thrown out on a technicality. You know he’s guilty. You’re just trying to cast doubt on the process so when he is found guilty you can carry on claiming the conviction is flawed etc.
    And Trump will be in handcuffs long before Hillary. She must be laughing her head off at all this news. During the campaign how many of Trumps team, including Trump, were chanting Lock Her Up? How many of those people have already seen the inside of a jail cell?
    It’s also funny that Trump and his team have still not found any dirt on her…..

    • Carl – you might want to do more research on E2EE (and Hillary while you’re at it). Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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