Heidi Hutchinson

Heidi: on Frank Report & KAR

By Heidi Hutchinson

WONDERFUL to see Frank toot his own horn once in awhile because no matter what his common human flaws, if Frank weren’t FRANK and KAR hadn’t tried to make him public enemy #1 of Buffalo, NY, and beyond, there’d be at least a couple hundred more monogrammed, sociopathically-trained slaves and “SOP Complete’s” around and maybe even an inexplicably well-funded terrorist uprising in Mexico or Libya or Fiji, next!

And, I’m certain, a few more dead bodies beyond that!

To give you some greater appreciation of what FR goes through to accomplish the feats herein he justly claims, while in Southern California I rarely ever glimpsed Frank when he wasn’t working, eating or sleeping while our house guest. And most of the eating or sleeping happened in front of his computer, in brief spurts.

To all of our benefit, Frank can be best, most universally, be described as a true Taurus. The stubbornest and most grounded of the kind. He had a painful broken tooth — I first noticed him wincing in pain in a TV interview weeks prior and the tooth was far deteriorated and more obviously painful by this time — Frank refused to even acknowledge lest seeing a dentist cut into his investigative pursuits and reports. Even when the blessed news of Clare’s indictment came down, Frank wouldn’t spare himself a second away from the keyboard to celebrate apart from a couple of luncheons with NX players like Catherine Oxenberg that were still more work than play.

But what I find most poignant and compelling about Frank Parlato’s real sacrifices in bringing down NX is how many times I’ve seen him set aside his own interests to counsel other victims without recompense. I know Frank’s taken some of those into his own home, at risk to his own life and livelihood, protecting theirs.

If by some merciless fate KAR et al., God forbid, escape justice and seek to reestablish their utterly destructive and criminal ways anywhere on the globe, it comforts me for one to know FR and Frank Parlato aren’t gonna let that happen!

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