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The President should hold his own “State of the Union” address. He owes it to the American people and to himself to inform America how deceitful and corrupt Pelosi and her chicken coup really are… where the Nation is heading ( to Socialism)…all because of the failure of the voters to recognize Socialism and to show up and vote at the midterms. They allowed the crap to be elected and come into power. In my opinion, those who voted in these radical new Congressman, are not going to like or want what they are going to get because they didn’t listen close enough to what these Socialist were really saying. These Radicals are very good at keeping the truth, hidden, in their speech!

Pelosi is a spoiled little girl who must have her way because her Daddy always said she’s special! What she and her freshmen troupe are not telling you is that they want a Socialist Nation and to do away with your Constitution. She picked  some of the most left wing and dumbest members of Congress to head up some of the most important Committees we have…Finance and Intel…and she did it on purpose to do the best she can to disrupt the Presidency. We all know that these idiots are going to do… try to destroy our Rule of Law…rather than obeying their oath to enforce our Rule of Law.

That should be an eye opener to all Americans that Nancy Pelosi wants the Radical left, the Obama, Sanders, Muslim, Communist, and Socialists to “Run” your country!!! Pelosi doesn’t care what happens to the Country because she would love to see Obama’s dream come true and the Nation and our Rule of Law, all fail, so she can again say, and I quote, “We won, so we get to make the Rules”! She picked two people who don’t know the Law, don’t care what the Law says and will do what they want, no matter what it is, to overthrow your Government.  Maxine Waters in charge of all the money and Cortez  on the “intelligence” committee, and putting rookie Congressman on important committees is nothing short of an insult to all of us who believe in our Rule of Law. My saying what I am saying is not Radical…what Pelosi is doing, IS! America must wake up!

The President cannot do it alone!

Islamic Socialists do not believe in the separation of Church and State…  read your first Amendment and then  read the Koran, and see that the Ayatollah is the Church and State, there is no separation!!

Hold the address someplace where the President has complete control. ONLY allow in members of the Senate , Supreme Court and the traditional guests but DO NOT allow in ANY House Radical Democrats or chicken coupe followers  who are siding with Pelosi. This is the President’s party and he’s doing the inviting not the RADICAL left. Let’s identify all those who need to come out of the closet so the American people see who these Socialist Congressman are…new and old!

Order US Marshalls and Secret Service to keep them out …to prevent the left from disrupting your address, which these people would try to do! Keep Pelosi and friends OUT along with all of the press that has been reporting nothing but fake news and BS like CNN, The NY Post, Times, Washington papers MSM. Make FOX News the pool reporting organization and force the phony press to watch TV or ask FOX!

At the State of the Union, declare a National Emergency regarding the Southern Border and open the Government by a CR…for now. By Proclamation only, enact the 1952 Immigration and Naturalization Act and CLOSE the Southern Border to all except those with legal access to US soil. Order up the National Guard units from all Border States. Prosecute any Governor who defies your order. Send the Marshalls to bring any Governor in, in cuffs!  Direct the construction of the Steel Barriers that the Border Patrol wants, using Emergency Funds and any other funds available to the President.

Nancy Pelosi is thumbing her nose, not just at the President, or you and me but at our entire way of life…our Constitution, our Rule of Law, our equal Rights Amendments, our freedom of Religion, our freedom of speech.

If I am wrong …explain to the American people why in the world would Nancy Pelosi place the most inexperienced, most inept, most socialist, most radical and most ignorant members of Congress to run the Congress from important Committees!

There is no excuse for that folks…none!!!

The President is responsible to protect America from ”all foes both foreign and DOMESTIC”. Nancy Pelosi is nothing more than a Domestic Foe who wants to disrupt, destroy our Presidency, our Country and make America Socialist…let there be no doubt in anybody’s mind!

The President must use all the powers available to him to fight off this assault on our Constitution!

Mr. President, tell the American people “ you” are in charge, we elected you as president and not Pelosi! Continue to fight for the health, wealth, safety and pursuit of happiness no matter how radical the left has become and that includes Pelosi and Schumer

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  • Here’s a question. If you claim to support the Constitution and democracy then what if the American public chose to vote for socialism? Surely if you believe in democracy then you should accept their decision? How can you claim to support the Constitution but then want democratically elected representatives of the people excluded?
    Maybe Americans are waking up to the fact that many countries, like Canada and the UK, have universal “socialist” healthcare that treats everyone without forcing them to pay a huge bill, huge copays and huge deductibles, and which actually costs LESS per citizen than the US now makes every American pay. Maybe they see these systems and have decided they want that instead of the system America has now which sends tens of thousands of Americans into bankruptcy and makes tens of thousands more avoid seeking medical attention because of the cost?
    Why is “socialism” okay when it is the police, fire service, army, air traffic control, coastguard, roads etc but suddenly terrible when it comes to healthcare?
    And as I mentioned before, the founding fathers deliberately created a system where the President was NOT in sole charge. They considered it essential that there were three branches of government able to exert control over the others. How can you claim to support the Constitution yet be so ignorant of the role of the Speaker and the House?
    It sounds like you are the one who wants to tear up the Constitution and make the President an all-powerful ruler.
    Just remember that any precedent Trump sets can be used by the next Democrat President…..

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