Keith Raniere was not the studly he wanted women to believe him to be.

Was DOS just about forcing young women to have sex with Raniere – or did he have another nefarious plan?

What did Raniere have in mind with DOS?

Was this sadist just after “fuck toys” – attractive young women whom he wanted to be available 24/7 to get his flaccid spirits up, at any time he chose?

Consider, Keith was aging. He implemented DOS when he was 55.  His harem of once beautiful women were aging also. How could he keep getting nice, new, nubile, young, slender, long haired, attractive women to be willing to hop into bed with him?

His seductive persuasions were getting limp, by all accounts.  He used what some have called a detumescent approach by calling his bed endeavors “tuneups”. But young women found him floppy, a little lank, if not altogether dull, boring, and kind of squishy, according to several firsthand female sources.

As his attorney Marc Agnifilo described him to Meghan Kelly, Raniere is a very “soft” man.

Curiously, the women often took him literally – that he was really doing something to them with his tongue [in lieu of an indurated member] that he thought [and wanted them to think] was somehow spiritual.

They were to lie back and submit, even if they did not understand the deeper spiritual lessons he was imparting.  Many DOS slaves submitted to his tuneups without arousal. Some of them felt they were forced to do so, I was told by some of them directly.

From a man who used to have two dozen, 20-30 something year old women, literally waiting at home every night for his call to his bed, – attractive women who gave up other men – he slipped to having an aging, 40-50ish harem, he no longer found attractive, as his desire for young women continued unabated.

Is that why he created DOS?

Allison Mack used her fame and once good reputation to recruit women into DOS.

It is a fact that some of the DOS slaves laughed at him behind his back. They told me.

Behind his back, mind you. For he was a dangerous man, a scary man, deceptive, and able to instill fear in many women when he wanted.

The DOS women all had collateral [blackmail worthy material] that was in his possession directly or indirectly. The lower ranking DOS women all knew he was in ultimate control of his First Line Slaves [their masters] and, therefore, he had control of their collateral.

Maybe this enforced style of sex with DOS slaves was just as pleasurable for the Raniere creature.  He seems to have been interested only in his own gratification and justified his one-sided pleasures as one of his many needs to compensate for the heavy load of working so hard for his world ethical mission.

He claimed he was working 20 hours a day to create and foster a more noble civilization.

So was DOS an elaborate scheme for sex for an aging Raniere with young ladies who in general did not find him attractive?  Using young women, manipulating them to become slaves – and branding them, getting the aging, but still attractive Allison Mack to go out and lead the recruitment effort through deception and blackmail, capitalizing on her fame and reputation to get young women into DOS – simply so he did not have to work too hard to find young women who would find him appealing?

With DOS, he could force them to have sex with him.

Was that what DOS was all about?

Or did he have a more nefarious intention? To use DOS slaves to blackmail others just as he blackmailed the DOS slaves? Was the plan to send the DOS slaves out to seduce other men, important men, and blackmail them?  We may never know.

One of his old harem members told me that Raniere had long cherished an idea of a Multilevel marketing scheme based on sex and blackmail.

He began to accomplish it with DOS, but it fell apart and imploded – with him taking the fall and not as he expected – everyone else taking the fall but him.

A younger Keith Raneire had his choice of women to be with any night he chose. 

As he grew older, his harem aged too.

Mariana Fernandez and Keith Raniere




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  • Raniere using the DOS slaves to compromise influential figures wouldn’t be difficult to imagine.
    But could he eventually have asked his slaves to commit murder for him? And would the slaves have carried out those orders?

  • The oddest thing to me about Keith Raniere is how he seems to be totally innocuous on the surface. The guy has a bounce when he walks.

  • Perhaps Keith Raniere, Allison Mack,and Lauren Salzman are not just sex traffickers but also chiselers who blackmail people for money and personal property.

    Picture of the co-conspirators Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman
    Posted June 2, 2017
    #Beloved #Friendship #Jness #Love #SisterFriends #AllisonMack
    You two look like you’re hiding a secret.

    According to the superseding indictment one of the purposes of DOS was to extort personal property from the slaves:

    (State Law Extortion)
    28. In or about and between September 2015 and June 2017, both dates
    being approximate and inclusive, within the Eastem District of New York and elsewhere, the
    defendants KEITH RANIERE, ALLISON MACK and LAUREN SALZMAN, together with
    others, did knowingly and intentionally steal property by extortion, in that RANIERE,
    MACK, LAUREN SALZMAN and others obtained property, to wit: personal property and
    other things of value, by compelling and inducing one or more persons, to wit: lower-ranking
    DOS members, to deliver such property by instilling in them a fear that, if the property were
    not so delivered, RAMERE, MACK, LAUREN SALZMAN and others would (l) expose a secret and publicize an asserted fact, whether true or false, tending to subject one or more
    persons to hatred, contempt and ridicule;

    C State Law Extortion ofJane Doe 5
    31. In or about and between February 2016 and June 2017, both dates
    being approximate and inclusive, within the Eastern District of New York and elsewhere, the
    defendant AILISON MACK, together with others, did knowingly and intentionally steal
    property by extortion, in that MACK and others obtained property, to wit: credit card
    authorizations, jewelry and sexually explicit photographs and videos, by compelling and
    inducing Jane Doe 5 to deliver such property by instilliag in her a fear that, ifthe property
    were not so delivered, MACK and others would (1) expose a secret and publicize an asserted
    fact, whether true or false, tending to subject one or more persons to hatred, contempt and
    ridicute; and (2) perform an act which would not in itself materially benefit MACK, but
    which was calculated to harm one or more persons materially with respect to their health,
    safety, business, calling, cmeer, financial condition, reputation and personal relationships, in
    violation ofNew York Penal Law Sections 155.30(6), 155.05(2)(e)(v), 155.05(2)(e)(ix) and

    Allison Mack is a credit card thief as well as a sex trafficker and slave master and she worked with Keith Raniere and Lauren Salzman.

  • Ad hominem attacks are SO tempting! However, I will simply say that Raniere is where he belongs – behind a WALL! They really do work, you know.

  • Raniere, an at least 4-time MLM loser. There was Amway, Pre-Paid Legal Services (they changed the name to LegalShield, after Jodi Arias murdered her “boyfriend,” a top salesman of sorts), Consumers’ Buyline, and then DOS. Not very smart, Raniere.

  • KARaniere went too far.

    IMO, DOS was never about sex, his haram was never about sex. It was about control and power over others.

    Women who slept with Raniere were his front line of heavy duty mind binders. KAR controlled his organization through these women giving him ultimate power with his organization.

    These women followed his orders using the carrot or the stick to control others within NXIVM.

    DOS was a plan to gather mass amounts of collateral over a large group of women quickly to use some for his sexual appetite. Beyond that, it gave Raniere mass control over both the men and women who followed him.

    Tow the line of being controlled, carrots were given. Question the controllers, they worked together, as a pack, to either get control or to ruin your reputation within the organization and punishment was swift.

    He used this control to get help with his criminal plans. IMO, it was more about how far he could go before getting caught by the authorities. DOS was the final straw.

    There was never a humanitarian plan. That was always a lie.

  • You forget the snuff films they were shown as part of a “bogus” experiment conducted by Brandon Porter, a so called medical practitionet whose prime directive is “first do no harm”. (So much for the Hippocratic oath, huh Brandon??).

    DOS slaves were being weaponized, made insensitive to horror, for a diabolical purpose we may never know.

    It has been said Keith had plans of world domination by placing NXIVM devout followers into key government positions in Mexico and Libya, to name a few.

    Wjy else did he tell Sara to wed and bed, Bastet?

    Keep in mind folks it took the assasination of only 13 key government officials in Japan just prior to WW2 to then take over the government? I’m sure the world’s smartest man (ha!) was aware of that fact. Keith’s mind always seems to be in the gutter.

    All these self styled gurus are alike. Delusions of grandeur. ?

    • You make a good post, however Keith was and may still be a puppet of various US and Mexican higher ups. Until these corrupt criminals are identified and brought to justice there will be no proper justice

    • Yup, g. Especially delusions of grandeur is spot on. The day I spoke publically about the phoney IQ test, that’s when I made the top 10 KAR hit list, I’m sure. The suicides, murder rap — just THOSE — KAR gloats about himself. But you say he ain’t no genius, THEN, you got a problem so long as KAR has the means and ways!

  • Whatever he was planning, there is plenty of things he and his enablers did do and needs calling out on. Things that are illegal and deserving of punishment.

    Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth, Allison Mack, Olivia Chang etc all knew about bad things and criminal activity within the cult.

    They didn’t just discover bad shit in 2017. You dont get named in a criminal lawsuit by accident and not know about it.

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