Nancy Salzman took the first plea deal and got the best deal. Lauren came a few weeks later. Her deal was not as good.

Shadow: Nancy and Lauren, tied with Raniere and Allison Mack, are under immense pressure to cut a plea deal

By Shadow State 1958

Keith Raniere’s lead counsel, Marc Agnifilo, filed a vigorous objection to any delay in the “Start Date” for the trial.

What happened to Agnifilo’s “As God is my witness, this is a complex case”?

“There are no more defendants to add, there are no more superseding indictments”
Marc Agnifilo

Anyone who has followed this case can name several potential new defendants.

What Crimes – And Who – Will Be Included In Future Superseding Indictments?

At this point, the most likely additional defendants include the following:

Karen Abney
Alex Betancourt
Sara Bronfman-Igtet
Jim DelNegro
Basit Igtet
Rosa Laura Junco
Ben Meyers
Steve Ose
Emiliano Salinas
Michelle Salzman

How would Agnifilo know about there being no superseding indictments?

Has he used some of Clare’s money to plant bugs in the government offices or grand jury rooms?

Does Agnifilo have a spy in the government ranks?

In its filing, the prosecution also indicated that it intends to oppose all motions for severance – thereby indicating that there may not, in fact, be any plea deals in the works for Nancy Salzman and/or Lauren Salzman.

So apparently the Salzmans, just like Allison Mack, used talk of a plea deal to play the government.

Let ALL the NXIVM defendants hang together.

As long as Nancy and Lauren are tied in with the Raniere-Mack sex cult, they will be under immense pressure to cut a plea deal.

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