“”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear “true faith” and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion…”

In my opinion, when the News Media reports unsubstantiated news and you jump on it because it’s furthers a personal agenda, you are not honoring that oath. When you took Law 101, didn’t you learn that you have a responsibility to yourself, your client and the Court (the Law) to verify information before you make a judgment and act? When BuzzFeed, reports what somebody (Cohen) is supposed to have said, under oath, shouldn’t you first, verify that he testified to that and second , try to verify it’s true, before you rely on it to decide it’s a good basis to Impeach  the President?

What the hell did you idiots learn in Law School before becoming members of Congress, my God…impeachment…really? How about this, a paper reports you, a member of Congress, say Schiffty, went on line and solicited “child-porn”, and I report on that, ASSUMING it’s correct and then…two days later…it’s found to be inaccurate. How would you feel, how could that affect your political career?

You should have learned in Common Sense 101, that to “ASSUME” makes an ASS out of U and ME! Lawyers…huh…I wouldn’t hire one of you to represent my dog and I don’t have a dog.

Today the Times is reporting that Cohen didn’t testify to what Buzzfeed reported, after all, according to a Mueller investigator who is familiar with Cohen’s testimony. That should give even the dumbest of the dumb, a reason to pause and try to reboot the brain to mouth software they should have.

I will say this, Donald Trump never told Cohen to break any laws, period. If Michael Cohen broke the law, he did it on his own, for his own benefit and should have known better… he must have attended the same Law School that some members of Congress attended!

I have arrested several Lawyers, including one who had bank robbery, red dye stained money in his desk drawer, paid to him as his legal fee! How’s that for stupid? Don’t assume all Lawyers are smart, you could assume they’re greedy and be more right than wrong!

How the honest members of Congress can stand by and not be outraged, as I am, the way their fellow members outright lie about things is beyond belief. Why are you so afraid to speak out against the outright dishonesty and lies you hear from Pelosi, Schiffty, Schumer, Waters, and now…of course, we have a new group of liars starting with Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, a Muslim from Michigan, who calls our President a MF and says she’s going to impeach him…where’s the outrage…where’s the censure?!  Rashda, you better read the Constitution and Code of Conduct  before you go to Washington!

In my opinion, some of you lie, cheat and steal as if it’s part of your duty. I saw that first hand during almost 3 decades as a FBI Agent and while working on the FBI Special ABSCAM in the NYO, where we arrested, tried and convicted members of Congress. The American people will eventually learn who the President is referring to when he talks about the swamp. My readers should be able to determine for themselves who some of  the swamp rats are when they hear the same Congressmen and women and Senators outright lying about things where we know the truth, or when they say foolish things about impeaching the President because of some foolish and obviously FAKE news report!

In my opinion, Congressman Schiffty is a very good example of who NOT to believe!

For example, when a member of the Congress tells us, “Walls and Fences” don’t work. We know who the swamp is…don’t we? When the President yanks the rug out from under a plane trip planned by members of the House and the leader says, “Oh, no, WE canceled the trip”. We know who the swamp is. When a member of the House jumps on a BuzzFeed report with no named sources and says that the BuzzFeed report is basis to Impeach our President as a high crime or misdemeanor and she is on an impeachment track”, we know who the swamp is …don’t we?

The sooner these Members of Congress, especially these newcomers, learn you may fool the voters once but you won’t fool us a second time…you are up for re-election in 2 years…genius! Keep shooting off those mouths…so all can see how truly ignorant of our Constitution, our laws and your job some of you are!

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