Either she has a bad memory or she really knows how to ethically lie as good as Keith Raniere.
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Kirsten Gillibrand Announces Presidential Candidacy – Fails To Mention Her NXIVM Connections

By K. R. Claviger 

Earlier this week, Kirsten Gillibrand, the junior U.S. Senator from New York State, announced on The Stephen Colbert Show that she was running for President.

The next day she made the same announcement in Troy, NY – which is where she plans to base her campaign.

Accompanying her at the Troy, NY announcement were her husband, Jonathan – and her two sons, Theodore and Henry. Also standing next to her was her mother, Polly Noonan.

Notable by their absence at the second announcement were Gillibrand’s father, Doug Rutnik – and her step-mother, Gwenn Bellcourt.

As reported first in Frank Report – and followed up later in several other publications like the New York Post and The Daily Mail – Rutnik and Bellcourt both have ties to the NXIVM cult and two of its leaders, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

Back in 2004, Rutnik was hired as a consultant/lobbyist by the cult at a rate of $25,000 per month.

One of Rutnik’s first NXIVM-related assignments was to smooth over the problems that resulted because Raniere had reneged on his promise to pay $40,000 to the Office of the New York State Attorney General in conjunction with the shutting-down of his Consumers Buyline operation.

Rutnik was reportedly also tasked with getting Toni Natalie and Rick Ross indicted – which he was apparently unable or unwilling to do. In fairness to Rutnik, this all happened before David Soares became Albany County District Attorney – and started indicting anyone who was on Raniere’s “Enemies List”.

Bellcourt, who happens to be Rutnik’s significantly younger second cousin, got involved with NXIVM when she was hired by Rutnik to take a 5-day intensive in order to determine if NXIVM needed to be licensed as an educational institution.

But instead of just completing her assignment, Bellcourt became enamored with the cult – and kept taking more and more sessions on her own.

Raniere and Salzman kept pressing for Bellcourt to drop everything else she was doing – and work for NXIVM full-time. They also pressed her into breaking off her engagement with her then-fiancé – which she did.

When Rutnik tried to convince Bellcourt to leave the cult, NXIVM responded by firing him for his alleged sexual harassment of Salzman – and suing him for all the money he had been paid. He quickly settled the lawsuit by paying back $100,000 – and signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

But Rutnik exacted his own revenge by eventually convincing Bellcourt to leave NXIVM. He then poured salt in the wounds that he had inflicted on Raniere and Salzman by marrying Bellcourt.

While all this was going on, Kirsten Gillibrand had become a partner in David Boies’ law firm – and was working in its Albany, NY office just a couple of blocks away from Rutnik’s office.

In 2006, Gillibrand quit the law firm – and defeated the incumbent Congressman, John Sweeney, in the 20th Congressional District.

In 2009, she was appointed by then-New York State Governor David Patterson to fill the U.S. Senate seat that had been occupied by Hillary Clinton (Clinton resigned when she was confirmed as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State). Since then, Gillibrand has won a special election in 2010 – and two 6-year terms in 2012 and 2018.

But although her political acumen has been steadily improving over the past decade, the same can not be said for her memory.

First, she claimed back in March 2018 that she “…had never heard of this group [NXIVM] until she recently read about them in the newspaper.”

Next, she promised in an October 25, 2018 televised debate with her opponent, Chele Farley, that she was not interested in running for President – and promised: “I will serve my six-year term”.

And now, she forgot to bring her father and her step-mom to her announcement that she’s running for President.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that Kirsten was overly-sensitive when it came to the subject of her family’s ties with the NXIVM sex-slaver cult.

Either that – or she has a really bad memory…

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  • like I say put them all away don’t understand how Kristen Gillbrand can run for Presidential when she is connected with NXIVM. I guess they let anyone in. They are all have something to hide.

  • As a woman, I am embarrassed by the low quality of women who manage to be put forward as candidates for President.

    Ivanka 2024 is sounding pretty good. She’ll have 8 years of experience in her father’s administration, and, hopefully, won’t be a corrupt piece of trash.

      • Those are the two Kristin’s that come into your mind when virtue signalling is brought up? A woman who killed herself and a woman who turned? Obviously, it’s Kristin Crook, the virtue signalling coward.

  • She’s following protocol perfectly. All she needs to do now is to start wearing the Mao Tse Tung pants suits and ask Pocahontas to be her running mate. Me too, ME too!

  • Kristen Gillibrand has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2020.
    There are nearly 30 candidates for that nomination.
    (The Democrats smell blood in the water.)

    1) Kamala Harris
    2) Elizabeth Warren
    3) Sherrod Brown
    4) Beto O’Rourke
    5) Joe Biden
    6) Bernie Sanders

    7) Kirsten Gillibrand
    No mention of her NXIVM connections in Rolling Stone

    Gillibrand announced her presidential bid on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in mid-January, vowing to “fight for other people’s kids as hard as I would fight for my own.” The New York senator is a champion of progressive causes and perhaps the most vocal leader of the #MeToo movement in elected office, calling out former president Bill Clinton and pushing for Al Franken to resign from the Senate. In many ways, Gillibrand, 52, is the East Coast’s answer to Kamala Harris, with some of the same challenges. She can tap New York money but lacks a coast-to-coast profile. (Gillibrand has already caught flak for outreach to Wall Street donors.) Hailing from upstate, Gillibrand could play well in New Hampshire. But her evolution from an anti-amnesty Blue Dog moderate to a true-blue progressive calling to abolish ICE will require explanation.

    8) Amy Klobuchar
    9) Julián Castro
    10) Cory Booker
    11) John Hickenlooper
    12) Pete Buttigieg
    13) Jay Inslee
    14) Steve Bullock
    15) Eric Garcetti
    16) Michael Bloomberg
    17) John Kerry
    18) Eric Holder
    19) Jeff Merkley
    20) Terry McAuliffe
    21) Tim Ryan
    22) Howard Schultz
    23) Eric Swalwell
    24) John Delaney
    25) Richard Ojeda
    26) Andrew Yang
    27) Tulsi Gabbard

    Hillary Clinton The 2016 nominee has given little indication she’s plotting a rematch with Trump in 2020, but her entry to the race would reshuffle this deck and throw the political world off its axis.
    The RS Politics 2020 Democratic Primary Leaderboard

    Peronally I believe the favorites are Kamala Harris, California Senator, Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Senator and Terry McAuliffe, former Virginia Governor.

    • (The Democrats smell blood in the water.)

      LOL The Blood is their own. The demoncraps are in deep shit especially after what Pelosi and Shiff tried to pull this weekend..

  • Apparently, poor Kirsten was “neglected” as a child and was never taught Pinocchio’s lesson: That a lie just grows and grows until it’s as plain as the nose on your face. …Or the brands on the pubic regions of her constituents.

  • Embrace it Kirsten and it will go away. Keep lying and it will not go away.

    Just say this:
    “When I was asked about NXIVM, I vaguely knew it as ESP and didn’t even know how to pronounce NXIVM. My father didn’t tell me much about his time with them. I do know that his time with NXIVM didn’t end well and he signed a non-disclosure. I’ve been reading up on it and there is a lot that upsets me about NXIVM. I’m sure the FBI has it under control. I hope that all guilty parties – including government employees who aided the organization – are brought to justice.”

    • Sorry nutty, she will never embrace it. And if she did it is not going away. NXIVM is more than you realize. The call is Sedition.

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