The nerve of Pelosi is only exceeded by her arrogance. We have a a government on furlough, a Border under siege, criminals and drugs entering almost at will, and she was on her way from a Hawaii vacation to a “touch and go” at her job…Speaker of the House, staying just long enough to thumb her nose at the President and tried to jump on a Government plane to fly overseas, on the Government dime, while 800,000 employees go without paychecks, to bad mouth the President to our troops. Let there be no doubt …that is what this conniving  witch( with a w or with a b?…) was up to …until the President said ,”Pass a Border Security bill, open the Government, do your damn job and you can go…until then ,go to your room and think about it”!

Way to go Mr. President. Stick to your guns!

I have more ideas for you; Introduce a bill that when the Government is shut down, full or partial, paychecks for the people responsible ,the House, Senate and President will also stop.  Starting with shifty Shiff park all government vehicles driven by ALL house Democrats,  stop all travel until they get their job done, stop all the per diem expense accounts you can stop, close the  cafeteria, close the gym. Go after every benefit the House enjoys and that the President can control. If you can reduce Pelosi’s and, Democrat members only, Secret Service escort, do it…she can get by with one machine gun! I would cut her Secret Service detail to nothing. Tell her to call the local police for protection!

 If the American people can get by with no walls, no fences, no armed guards and no machine guns ,so can the Democrats….cut them! The American people will just love those moves…trust me!


Pelosi wants the President to postpone his State of the Union Address because SHE doesn’t feel safe! She won’t fund Border Security with Fences, Walls, Guns and Drones because President Trump’s Border Patrol needs FENCES, WALLS, GUNS and DRONES! When President Obama wanted the same, she voted for it but Obama didn’t do it…just talk from an empty suit!

So …let me understand this…I’m confused…the President and the Lawmen who work the Borders, believe the only way to keep Americans safe and keep illegal, criminal aliens out is to build Fences and Walls and then Patrol with Drones and put boots on the ground with guns. CNN’s Jim Acosta walked along the Border where there are WALLS, this week and proved that the WALLS work when he announced that HE felt safe walking in the WALLED Section of the Border. So, by God, if CNN’s Jim Acosta thinks that… it must be right! Nancy Pelosi has WALLS and FENCES  and … armed guards around her Zinfandel  Estates and must feel safe there or she wouldn’t stay there.

But, she won’t allow the Democrats in “her” House of Representatives, (not the House of The People) to vote for Border Security so the President can sign a bill with funding for Border Security, 5.7 billion dollars. The result is the shutdown of the government ,“Secret Service” and other necessary Agencies that Nancy needs, to feel safe, but won’t vote for? Am I getting this right?

To top this off, Pelosi won’t attend any negotiations, won’t attend meetings, won’t allow her “sheep” to attend meetings or sign any bills, goes to Hawaii while the Republican President works through Christmas and now she wants the President to postpone the State of the Union Speech until she feels safe?!

Here’s what I suggest…Mr. President, tell Pelosi either run for President, because as she herself once said, “We won and we get to decide “,or show up and vote, or go to her Zinfandel Estates  or the section of the Border with the WALLS that Acosta went to and felt safe and wait out the State of The Union. We won’t miss her one bit.

Mr. President we want you to stand your ground. I went through the 21 day shut down in January 1996, and waited 3 months to straighten out my retirement as my group of retirees was the first to retire during a shut down. It sucked but we survived…things were extremely tough with 3 months of almost no funds!

When you feel necessary, use Public Law 414 to close the Border, declare a National Emergency…disregard any court orders telling you to NOT secure our Borders and to NOT keep us safe. And do the job you swore to do! The American people are behind you 100%!

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  • Pelosi is not doing anything in our government or for the American people. Thine for the witch to go right along with her boyfriend Schumer. They are a sad example for Americans. She and most of the dems are sickening.

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