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Guest View: Bronfman, Salzmans, Russell should stand by their Vanguard and stand trial together

By Stand By Your Man

These women have stood by their Master for decades.

The Nancy and Lauren Salzman dynamic emotional abusers – mother/daughter #1 duo.

Kathy Russell, the criminal mind behind cooking the books of all that “CASH”.

Clare Bronfman, with her open check book and cruel mind, who financed all the destruction.

Allison Mack who became his pimp when Pam became too ill to hunt for her Master’s sexual pleasures.

These women have sang his praises, spread his lies, beat down those who questioned him, filed lawsuits against his enemies, spread lies about defectors, and helped destroy those who questioned or shared his discoveries.

These same women want to be separated from their Master, Keith Raniere, in their final swan-song, the final exposure of their evil doings at trial.

Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard

This poster shouts out WTF?  Stand by the man you supported with your lies!

You’re a team – and together, you created, aided, plotted and participated in the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

It’s a must that you finish your journey together. Keith Raniere was the master and you all carried out his orders. You did nothing to stop him and none of you ever walked away. Even after his arrest, you all stood by his side scrambling to save your precious master, your so-called company and your own asses.

Now, like rats running from a burning ship, you want the impact of full disclosure of what “The Team” did to keep this evil mess afoot broken into pieces saying “It wasn’t me”.

This poster prays the judge will not allow a separation – and that all the current defendants (and if there’s others) stand together and be judged by a jury for your crimes as the team you have been.

What, together, you all have done to those who saw the truth and exposed what your real intent was behind your Master’s plan, you need to stand together and face us all. We will also have our day in court watching you be held accountable for your actions.

Photo by Tom Gargiulo

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