Heidi: Get yourself a new backpack and a new lawyer, Allison Mack

In response to this comment, Heidi replied and added further thoughts to the topic of Allison Mack – and whether she is part victim or all criminal.

By Heidi Hutchinson

Can you please site your reference for…”drive her a few hours from her home”?

Are you confusing Sarah Edmonson’s account involving Lauren Salzman with an account involving Allison Mack? Or is there an account where Allison was involved in a victim’s blind-folded drive for hours?

Also, we don’t know that the victims were or were not driven any actual hours-long DISTANCE FROM their “homes.” This point is critical as to jurisdiction.

NX has had jurisdiction problems in the past — especially when Saratoga County refused to prosecute the bogus computer trespassing case so NX moved their servers to Albany County where they already had corrupt officials on the take to take the case up for them.

It’s possible that that “hours-long drive” was a cover-up meant to argue the possibility the trafficking crimes occurred in different district, just in case one district decided to prosecute where another didn’t but arguably holds the sole jurisdiction to do so.

BTW, Why was Allison interviewed in NYC by the New York Times when she made her “admission,” that she devised the idea of branding women – while all the others were interviewed in Albany or Mexico? Did Clare set Allison up with that stylish apartment in NYC?

Not that Allison is not complicit in her own taking of “one for the team” — in fact, that “poor girl” tattered backpack, worn but badass boots, “cankle” flaunting, highlight-free, naturally mussy hair look she sported at the last hearing, along with her latest public admission, screams: “Clare Bronfman hasn’t given me a dime ever and isn’t paying for my attorneys ever and I’m just a poor little Pinnochiette everybody’s making fun of because Geppetto didn’t whittle my ankles right, not because I have an eating disorder…” yada yada.

Still, I feel sorry for Allison because she thinks she’s taking a hit not a bullet, and that the hit will somehow eradicate the fall-out from the nuclear bomb they’ve set off on themselves.

Get yourself a new backpack and a new lawyer, Allison, if this one isn’t advising you to plea while there’s still $$$ in the pot to pay him to help negotiate.

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  • My understanding is that Jane Doe 1 was driven from Brooklyn to the Halfmoon area for her blindfold adventures. Even with little traffic it’s a few hours.
    Eastern District has jurisdiction because she was taken from Brooklyn, which is why they could get involved when Northern would never touch NXIVM. Then, because it is a RICO case, they can have jurisdiction from all the other crimes found in the process of investigating this crime regardless of their geographic location.

  • If you believe she’s crazy I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya!
    Jesus, folks, Alison is in love with Keith and, like any good gangster moll, does his bidding. She also takes one for the team, over and over.
    Wacky Macky has secured for herself quite a legacy. One she will never live down.
    Ask yourself this.
    Would you befriend her? Have her babysit your children? Be around your significant others? Keep in mind this chick has no boundaries anymore, no right or wrong. She’s a good little cult follower. Manson would have loved her.

  • Has anyone who writes here actually tried to contact her? Or someone in her family?

    I’m curious what kind of obligation her lawyers have to tell her she should cooperate, especially when Bronfman paid them. A client has to trust their lawyers’ assessment of the situation, and if her lawyers tell her, for example, that she’s likely to be acquitted when they know she’s not, would that be some kind of legal violation? Could it make an appeal possible?

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