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Shadow State: Why Didn’t NYC cops bust Allison Mack’s sex ring?– they were busy running brothels

By Shadow State 1958
“Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud. There is always something.” – Robert King Warren; All the King’s Men.
Some readers have asked why New York cops did not bust the NXIVM prostitution racket.  Why did the FBI have to step in and do the job? Well, it turns out that New York cops are busy. Very busy.
It turns out that NYC cops were running their own street prostitutes in Brooklyn and Queens while Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack was running her own high class sex slaves from Brooklyn’s swank St. George Tower.

NYPD cops busted in major gambling and prostitution probe

A retired NYPD vice detective put his know-how to use — allegedly masterminding a prostitution and gambling ring that got him and seven active cops arrested.
 The Post reported that “three sergeants, two detectives and two police officers spent Wednesday night in custody ahead of arraignments Thursday on charges including enterprise corruption, promoting prostitution and official misconduct, sources said.
“The busts are part of a three-year, Internal Affairs probe into cop-protected brothels run on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens and in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.”
But this is just the beginning.
“Investigators are targeting an additional 30 cops for questioning and possible arrest, sources said Wednesday night.  More than 40 civilians have also been arrested, sources said.”
“A retired Vice detective and his wife allegedly were the masterminds behind an elaborate prostitution and gambling ring that had brothels in three counties and led to the indictments of more than four dozen people, including seven active-duty NYPD officers, the Queens district attorney’s office said Thursday.
“Ex-NYPD detective Ludwig Paz, of Queens, allegedly helmed the sweeping enterprise along with his wife, Arelis Peralta, who prosecutors say helped operate brothels in Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau counties and gambling rooms in beauty salons and other businesses throughout the city.”
Perhaps when Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack gets out of prison, she can help the NYC police reorganize their prostitution rackets.
I am shocked, shocked that New York City’s finest are running prostitutes.

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