Heidi: Did Kristin Kreuk lie to the FBI?

A comment by someone using the moniker “On Jane” wrote about “Jane”, the self-professed sex slave of Allison Mack who said she was also once part of Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design:

“Jane was verified as a real person by Frank. This is true. However, no one knows if she really was in GBD or if anything she said is really true.  From her over dramatic writing, she comes off about as credible as Pea, with a story as credible as Ben Szemkus and his Stormy Daniels tale.”

Heidi Hutchinson responds:

So, now you concede Jane is real but we don’t know if what she says is really true. Wouldn’t that apply to just about every person on the planet?

Oh, but Jane is not credible because of her “over dramatic” writing, you say. Because her fingers were shaking? Not sure what you find over dramatic under the circumstances.

Personally, I find Jane to be very credible precisely because the first thing she typed out was a description of her state of nervousness — very appropriate to her circumstances in that moment — among many other factors.

Jane casually names people rarely spoken of publicly and describes the dynamics between them from her perspective and, perhaps, a perspective that she and perhaps others may feel is important for some of the defendants in this case, especially Allison Mack.

Jane offers many little known details that are true and readily verifiable.

Jane’s claim that she was in GBD can easily be verified; she provided not only her name but a photo. I believe FR already has researched and verified that Jane was in GBD.

The FBI and DOJ could have, better have, or likely will interview Jane and other GBD recruits who advanced to become DOS slaves.

Ultimately, Kristin Kruek, Kendra Voth, Mark Hildreth and any others who may have participated in GBD recruitment and leadership are going to have to answer to that and to what degree they knew what was really in store for the GBD recruits.

Jane describes the justification made to her to recruit the younger girls, the 12 yr. olds, that Kristin Kruek in particular targeted, was “get them while they’re on their knees (younger) and teach them to stand (own and embrace the S&M or BDSM master-slave branding thing) later on.”

What FR readers want to know, what Kristin’s fans want to know and what her employers should want to know, especially if those employers are the Canadian govt., is what Kristin herself has to say, how SHE justifies her own actions and why she publicly lies about GBD not being connected to DOS or NXIVM when it is.

Did she lie to the FBI, as well?

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  • I seriously doubt thar she lied to the Feds. And she was ashamed of her early involvement of NXIVM. Also, she did publicly condemned the actions of DOS, and said she was glad the victims had reported what had happened to them to the authorities and hopes justice will be served. I do believe she left long before there was any chance of further being brainwashed by Raniere. But time will reveal all. Like Kristin, I hope that justice will be served to the offenders who led the sex cult.

  • Kristin is not even included in the case….no FBI or any law enforcement has no need to interview her.
    The 2 main targets of the cult are headed for court with high profile witnesses to testify against them. Kristin and many others
    have been seen as victims of this scam any way….

  • IDK if KK was interviewed by the FBI or not — I thought it a safe assumption she was.

    You’ve got me wondering though, Leon, and maybe some Cannucks can answer — would the Canadian authorities be the ones to investigate Canadian citizens on this kind of thing? Or can the US authorities act in Canada or Mexico for that matter w/o permission of those Governments?

    • The US authorities would be the ones to investigate…but possibly Canadian law enforcement is helping them with the investigation. If they were, I doubt if they would make that information public.

      And I already told Scott, it’s spelled CANUCK.

  • Here is a link to one of the pages of the Times Union expose on Keith Raniere that names Kreuk as a NXIVM member:

    Dated February 2012. The expose goes into detail on scumbag Raniere’s pedophilia and rape, including that of Heidi’s sister Gina. Kreuk did not leave.

    Allison Mack posted this picture of herself, Crook and Hildreth four months later to her Instagram account of them all together in New York:

    Also, a reddit user claims Kreuk showed up on her NXIVM cult course in Los Angeles in 2012, the same year:

  • Has Mrs. Kreuk even been questioned by the FBI? Do we have any source that connects her and the FBI in the first place? All we had over the last year were wild accusations and nothing of substance. Now with her season 2 on the horizon, the trolls are appearing again.
    So please tell us.

    • Sounds much like the American democrat part, projecting their own corruption on everyone but themselves..

  • Excellent point, as usual, Heidi.
    I suspect she lied to the FBI exactly as much as she has lied to everybody else, even if she rationalises it as her publicist doing it for her.

    • Suzanne Gomez, Kreuk’s publicist was a member of NXIVM, recruited into the cult by…. Kristin Kreuk.

  • I agree that Jane needs a closer look and it’s my hope she has contacted investigators and told her story. There can’t just be one ‘Jane’ recruited from GBD.

    I may be caught up in this story but what if the authorities are using Ms Kruek as an informant? There are so many storylines at work in trying to bring down KAR and the gang. So many in positions of power have seemingly allowed the organization to keep growing it is almost outside the realm of comprehension.

    • Go away sultanofsixstalksaday. We know it’s you. I hope it is aspergers you have because if it’s not, you are SERIOUSLY fucked up.

  • Has Kristin Crook been interviewed by the authorities? If she has, do they know she and Allison Mack were named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit? Do they know about the allegations regarding the Necker Island trip: money laundering? The press certainly don’t know. If she has been interviewed, she has probably lied through her teeth.

    Crook has probably been asked by CBC and Eone, the companies who made her liberal propaganda tax payer funded show filmed during the NXIVM shitstorm of 2017 as well as the CW Network who air it, to explain herself. She probably lied through her teeth. The Daily Beast confirmed the CW Network is shielding her from NXIVM questions.

    • Guys Anonnymous is complaining again about lying liberals, while lying through their teith is the accepted modus operandi for the Dotard and Huckabee Sanders and not a single souls is complaining. If her lie is of any importance and something worth mentioning, the world is in a pretty fine shape.

      • What a laugh. Obviously you slept through the Criminal Clintonista and Barry O-hole regime.Something is over the target as the two biggest alt left liberal hypocrites are posting like the defecatory habits of a Canadian goose

    • Anonymous
      You post assumptions about what Kruek has said and done, without a shred of evidence.
      According to you, Kruek has PROBABLY been asked by CBC to explain herself and she has PROBABLY lied through her teeth….huh?
      By that same reasoning we can literally assume anything we want to believe is PROBABLY true….. I don’t believe that law enforcement uses PROBABLY to convict people, anonymous, I believe they use FACTS instead.

    • How do you know she did? Are you a former member of NXIVM? Do you know her directly or indirectly?

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