Heidi Hutchinson

Heidi: ‘I can’t say enough good about Joe O’Hara’

By Heidi Hutchinson

I can’t say enough good about Joe O’Hara, what he’s done and suffered enormously for to help NX victims — of whom there would be far more and in far worse shape had not Joe O’Hara manned up for justice.

He’s taken NX hits time and again and often for others but got right back in the saddle and led the charge against NX and all the evil it stands for in battle after battle; even when the less courageous deserted in fear or were taken out for longer stretches in prison.

The same absolutely goes for Toni Natalie but it’s up to them to reveal what they wish to, when and where. I slip some, sometimes but try to avoid speaking for others.

But I know, as Joe writes, sharing on FR has become suspect among NX survivors if only at minimum due to the hassle and waste of time required to respond to the often outlandish accusations, assumptions, misconstruations, that occur far too often on FR than would normally — and we’re not dealing in normal with NX. More like paranormal, lol.

Plus, I’ve found strangely that I feel safer on here with a group of some very well-meaning people and other victims who get what I’m afraid of to advise and keep an eye out. Rather be harassed on FR than wake up in a Mexican prison and I don’t care who thinks I’m exaggerating, that’s how I feel sometimes. And Joe, and Toni, Catherine, Mark, Susan, Kim, Rick, Peter, Bonnie, India, Natalie and many of you have been there. But no one so much or so fearlessly willing to carry on to the end of this as Joe O’Hara.

How fucking dare you Scott Johnson, Dennis Burke and any of you filthy trolling fuckers try to shame and discredit a just, descent proven man like Joe in front of us. Maybe you just didn’t know, if Joe wants to give you that excuse, but now you have none of you ever did.

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  • What the actual fuck is this:


    Is this guy a fucking retard? This moron posted it on October 18, 2017. As if he didn’t know about the NXIVM story. Do these retards know the word “hypocrisy”? Why would you post such a thing when this NXIVM cult member is going out of her way to not talk about her criminal sex cult? Virtue signalling cunts.

    • She PREDICTS more #metoo tales of rape and pillage, must be her “ESP” trainings with Nancy Salzman. …Maybe she’s poised to break out and tell all about GBD and DOS and how badly we need a female President, like NY’s Senator Gillibrand, to keep young, wicked-hot, ve-e-e-ery liberal, role model Asian chicks migrating to this Country through Canada? …Some people will do ANYTHING for a US Visa.

  • Nice statement Heidi, and I agree, Joe is a good man who needs to be appreciated for saving people from the NXIVM garbage.

  • I agree with Heidi’s comments about Joe. He’s a good guy.

    As a secondary point, and I truly mean this in a constructive criticism sort of way (not an insult)…

    But that’s not a very flattering photo to use for Heidi’s articles, Frank.

    I’ve seen other photos where she looks much better. Use the other photos, Frank.

    Unless she’s at the Kentucky Derby, that hat is one of the ugliest hats I’ve ever seen and isn’t even appropriate for an upscale party in Beverly Hills. Her face looks greasy too, in that photo.

    • That hat was a precious gift handmade for me by a very dear old friend of mine, Stella, who sells them for thousands all over the world in her famous boutiques originally from Paris and, no, pussy-fiend you can’t borrow it!

    • I was also wearing black velvet with sequins in a heat wave and sweating so profusely powder would have caked into my wrinkles. Your problem with women is you don’t understand our “pain” the way Raniere did.

  • Heidi- I just wanted to point out what a well-spoken, beautiful woman you are. Keep fighting the good fight!

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