Keith Raniere speaks to Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman and others.

Guest View: Nancy and Clare compete for 2nd ‘least sympathetic’ defendant

By Hot Sauce and Pizza, Pussy sans Garlic

Nancy Salzman had better cut a deal and become part of the government’s knife which is surgically going to cut out the public cancer that has manifested itself in the form of Keith and Clare Bear.

If she decides to go to trial, Nancy will be less sympathetic to the jury than everybody but Keith.

I’m not sure how the jury will react when learning that Nancy trained her youngest daughter to worship and fuck Keith during the same time period that she was also fucking that fat psycho bastard.

It’ll demonstrate that her “maternal instinct” isn’t there. A woman’s maternal instinct goes hand in hand with their level of humanity. In fact, even most animals have maternal instinct to protect their young. Therefore the jury may see Nancy as being less ‘human’ than some animals. Or they may possibly see Nancy as being below ‘mammals’ but still above ‘insects’ and ‘rodents’.

But then again, I guess it’s a toss up for who’s the 2nd least sympathetic figure in NXIVM.

Clare Bear has a strong case for that honor too.

Clare comes from a billionaire family yet she still CHOSE to become part of this sick drama controlled by a smelly, fat puppet master.

This won’t make any logical sense to jury members and they’ll probably conclude that Clare’s a sick & twisted piece of shit, though possibly still more ‘human’ than Nancy.

But then again, Clare has no kids and therefore it’s impossible to know for sure if she’d do what Nancy did to her youngest child.

Judging by her endless lust to ruin people via lawsuits, it’s clear she’s got ice in her veins and is close to being an animal.

I think the key lesson here is that a person without true friendship or love in their life will devolve into an animal.

True love and friendship is ‘unconditional’. Therefore if your friends are chosen based upon the ‘condition’ that they adhere to a cult’s philosophy, they are not true friends.

Nancy and Clare are clearly missing both true friendship and true love in their lives.

They have no ‘true’ friends, only minions and sycophants posing as friends.

According to her motions to the court, Clare’s going crazy on home detention because without her ability to associate with NXIVM minions, she apparently has nobody else to fulfill her life in any meaningful way. How sad and pathetic.

If I were a jury member hearing this case I’d probably reach the conclusion that not only are Nancy and Clare guilty of all charges, but that even though they are technically human beings and not animals, they are very close to being a hybrid of both creatures.

I can’t wait for the new indictments to come out.

I just don’t see anybody from NXIVM invoking any sympathy from the jury.

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  • There are several factors that will mitigate any sentence Nancy might get:
    1) being a single woman over 60
    2) being in poor health
    3) having inside information on all operations:
    Nancy is strongly financially motivated and will do anything including give up Raniere to stay out of jail. She has all the inside information and will cut a deal to minimize any sentence. She wants the big house, the Range Rover and the Rolex and will do what she needs to do to get them as a $2500/session “therapist”

  • I do agree with the assessment that Nancy Salzman’s will come off horribly because she encouraged her two daughter’s to join Raniere’s harem/cult when she knew exactly what went on behind closed doors. That’s about as unsympathetic as you can get.

  • –It’ll demonstrate that her “maternal instinct” isn’t there. A woman’s maternal instinct goes hand in hand with their level of humanity.

    So true. That’s why all of these women who surrounded Raniere and/or believed in what he and his flying monkeys taught have no families of their own. They’re past their mid thirties and early forties when normal woman of their age have already settled down in their mid to late twenties and likely have at least two children by now.

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