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Shadow: Susan Dones sounded an early alarm about Raniere and his gangsters

By Shadow State 1958

My last post concerned NXIVM’s 20 Year War Against Truth.

This post will do a quick overview of NXIVM’s War Against America’s Justice system.

One commenter wrote in response to me, “This is just pure paranoia.”

So I’ve gone back through old issues of the Frank Report to reacquaint people with NXIVM’s litigation machine. 

Keep in mind that a system of justice can only work if everyone shares an objective view of reality and the courts are not used as weapons to terrorize and destroy people. 

This story was posted on the Frank Report in January of 2016 [second month of Frank Report] and has zero comments, so I presume it had limited readership at the time but is highly relevant to how NXIVM perverted the legal system to serve Raniere and Bronfmans’ evil ends. 

As early as October 2010, Susan Dones emailed 30 suspected adversaries with a warning about NXIVM’s massive, well-oiled litigation machine.

Oiled with Bronfman money.

Enemies of NXIVM are harassed into bankruptcy and are then subjected to hostile interventions to prolong the bankruptcies ad infinitum. 

Susan Dones describes NXIVM’s escalating harassment against people:

“These cases  appear to be an escalating abuse of the legal system and abusing people that are involved in lawsuits with NXIVM or their members. It appears they are using the legal system as a platform for  harassment  and stalking.” 

In other words NXIVM has hijacked the legal system and used it to carry out vendettas against the enemies of the cult on behalf of Raniere and the Bronfmans.  This corruption of the legal system was apparent to Susan Dones as early  as 2010.

As for Susan Dones, when she commented recently on the Frank Report in defense of Kristen Kreuk she was subjected to all kinds of abuse.

Susan Dones – in Defense of Kristin Kreuk

Guest View: ‘What did you know after you left?’– Some pointed questions for Susan Dones – about Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack

Guest View: ‘What did you know after you left?’– Some pointed questions for Susan Dones – about Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack

   Guest View: ‘What did you know after you left?’– Some pointed questions …By A Reader Susan Dones is a liar. She went to the press and lied by saying Kristin Kreuk left shortly after s…

 Susan Dones was one of the first people to sound the alarm about Raniere and his gangsters and is a “Prophet Without Honor.” 

If I am paranoid, Susan Dones was paranoid eight years ago and she was right. 

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  • Wtf!? Susan Dones was not subject to abuse on Frank Report for wrongly defending Kristin Kreuk. She lied about Kreuk leaving in 2009 and was called out on it. She still has not answered why she lied to the press about that. Kreuk used to coach at Dones’s Tacoma branch. She knew all along what happened to Dones and she did not care. Yet Dones defended Kreuk. Kreuk did nothing to help Dones yet Dones went out of her way to defend Kreuk. Why did she lie for Kreuk?

    • Please could anyone who references Susan’s alleged “lie” that Kristin Kruek left NX in 2009 provide proof and context thereto? When, where and to whom did Susan supposedly say this, in response to what questions?

      Maybe in the same eagerness to protect the girls that motivated Susan to leave and speak out about NX (at peril to her life I might add), she wishfully believed some heeded her warning and had done so as far as Susan knew. And maybe she saw fit to announce that which she believed so that Kristin’s career and reputation would not suffer the same damage NX inflicted on hers and Kim Woolhouse’s lives.

      But I can’t even locate a reference to where Susan actually said this. Otherwise, it appears someone’s out to just discredit Susan among the frenzied fanboys on here, especially. Can you help find the alleged quote, please? Thank you.

    • Another slow day for the Frank Report as we wait for the next round of indictments.

      I think this poster is the liar. Where is the proof Dones said Kreuk left in 2009? I’ve done a search on the Frank Report and didn’t find anything about Kreuk leaving in 2009.

      This poster is a troll just attempting to discredit someone who has done a great deal of good to inform people about what was going on behind the training long before the Frank Report was around.

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