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James Comey just doesn’t get it! He, apparently, believes that when he was appointed Director of the FBI he took on a form of Jesus Christ and became immune from prosecution for violating Federal Law, disregarding the Constitution, not following DOJ and FBI Rules and Regulations…in short…he thought he became some form of a Christ or even God himself.

I want the American people to understand how egregious Comey and his “black ops” group of McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page and others really were. Without having any idea who was running the Hillary email debacle and who was doing the work…I knew from bits and pieces, something was drastically wrong on the part of the FBI. FBI Agents don’t conduct interviews in the presence of subject’s lawyers (5 in this case…unheard of) or other witnesses or subjects ( Cheryl Mills). FBI Agents put the names of “subjects” in the title of all criminal cases involving subjects ( Hillary Clinton) and never down play a subject’s involvement by leaving “her” name out of the title. FBI Agents don’t refer to criminal cases as “matters” at the request of anybody .We don’t do “matters”. DOJ doesn’t grant immunity without a proffer followed by the testimony and immunity spelled out under oath and on the record before a Federal Grand Jury. FBI interviews that may result in court, as evidence, MUST be transcribed within 5 DAYS of the interview…no exception…as an FD302 and not weeks or months later. I know Agents who were severely punished for violating that FBI Rule. The notes of those interviews must be placed in evidence envelopes ( “1-A” envelopes) and saved under the “best evidence rules”. No FBI employee may make public comments on whether or not somebody should be prosecuted on a pending case and no AG can waive or suspend the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure! These are just some of the Laws/Rules these fools violated, intentionally, to Obstruct criminal investigations, all felonies under Title 18!

Comey may believe he can disregard our Rule of Law but I am here to tell you that he cannot and go unscathed! The crimes he has committed range from extreme to outrageous to extremely outrageous. He “masterminded and led “ a plot to direct the outcome of a national, Presidential election” and when he realized he really screwed up, he tried to change the direction and when that failed, realized he made another, major blunder and he tried to blame his underlings claiming “no knowledge” and when he realized that was even a dumber and a bigger blunder, he then admitted lying, leaking, and cheating on National TV, as if it was “for the good of God and Country”!

When he realized he is probably going to be criminally charged he went on a last chance “mad dog” attack on the President of the US to show how his “God and Country” excuse is really sincere.

“Jimbo”,I got news for you…you have probably earned yourself a stint in prison. No one I know is stupid enough to believe ANY of your “bull shit” reasons for breaking the law… and up until your “mad dog” attack I believed you would only get a suspended sentence and not jail time. I now fully believe you not only deserve jail but will get jail time.

In my opinion, Comey did his very best to Obstruct Justice in the Hillary Clinton, multiple investigations, from the email investigation to the Clinton Foundation investigations, by tampering with evidence, by lying, leaking, and taking overt actions to discredit evidence to violation of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, to Hobbs Act- Political Corruption .

Comey’s corrupt actions should leave no question in any Attorney’s General mind that this man must be charged or we should simply rip up the US Title 18 Code book. There is no room for error; his crimes are so egregious, blatant and arrogant! His “prospective opinion, on National TV regarding the Clinton ”matter”, his even naming her investigation as a “matter” instead of a criminal investigation, is another overt act in his criminal conspiracy to violate the Federal Rules and 1001 and 371 Conspiracy.

Our duly elected President has endured the most vicious and unfounded attacks by the corrupt news, and politicians who are floundering to find a winnable track to take for political correctness. To these opportunists, like Schumer, Pelosi, Waters and the “minni Waters” Ortez…I would like Pelosi or Schumer to just tell me the Title and Section of US Code the President has violated. I would ask Ortez to do the same but I would probably have to first explain to her what US Code is and then read it to her! “We are still looking”, is NOT a viable reason to try to ruin a Presidency.

These Democrap leaders are trying to disrupt a Presidency and NOT protect, defend and preserve our Constitution.

Even if Donald Trump paid Stormy Daniels, himself, to keep their consensual sex relationship quiet; if that happened, he committed no impeachable offense. Nor is lying to the press a crime either. By the way, the Press lies to us ALL THE TIME! Lying under oath could be a crime but the President, unless he is truly stupid, will never allow anybody to force him to testify to anything under oath!!!

If I were President Trump, I would have fired Mueller long ago…let them take it to the Supreme Court…and resolve it in 3 or 4 years.

If Mueller gets a subpoena issued, I would fire him immediately. If any US Attorney issued a subpoena, the President should fire him. The reason is not to “avoid” impeachment…he has a job to do and the Constitution prevents these actions from taking place. If some USA issues a subpoena for testimony on BS like Stormy Daniels or some other nonsense, like a business deal 5 years ago, they are taking actions to subvert the Presidency and to interfere with the ability of the President to protect us. He cannot allow some Special Counsel or self righteous, left wing USA do that!

The President of the United States cannot be arrested for contempt of court or any other crime because our brilliant forefathers established a Government that would allow our President to protect us 100% of the time unless he is mentally or physically unable to perform those duties. You see they realized there will always be people like the Schumer’s and Pelosi’s and Waters, and on and on who want to take over our Government; so the geniuses who created our Government made it virtually impossible for morons to unseat a sitting president for political reasons. He must be “immune” from “politically motivated” arrest and from answering to allegations by morons! He would spend all of his time dealing with these idiots instead of just some of his time!

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  • Strange that Republicans weren’t so adamant that the President cannot be impeached and must be left alone to carry on their job when Bill Clinton was President…. If you shouldn’t be allowed to impeach and remove a sitting president then why is that power specifically in the US Constitution?
    It is again very revealing that you are not arguing that Trump is innocent but that he should get off on a technicality, and that he’d be “stupid” to agree to testify under oath. You are literally admitting he is guilty. Hillary Clinton has the guts to testify under oath, and she was never charged with anything. Are you also admitting that Hillary is smarter than Trump? She can testify under oath without implicating herself but Trump can’t? Or is it just because she was innocent and he’s guilty?
    So many investigations into Trump are moving faster and faster. Mueller’s investigation, his charities being investigated by NY, election fraud, the NRA and Russian money, his Moscow deal he denied, his advance knowledge of Wikileaks releases, obstruction of justice by firing Comey, where the missing inauguration money went and his hotel overcharging the inauguration and so on. All with the Democrats about to take over the House….
    When he’s forced to sell Trump tower the new owner should rename it the Clinton Tower in recognition of her work representing New York.

    • Karl, I believe you should write about your country and tell us how much better it is than ours and how that’s why you live there. As I told you before,I don’t care what you think about my country!

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