Two more paintings by MK10ART – Clare's Ghost of Christmas Past & The Wizard of Problem Solving

mk10arthas produced two more excellent paintings in her NXIVM series: 


MK10ART’s comment: NXIVM mystery. Who is paying for the defendants’top lawyers? And why did they hire lawyers from AZ? Carlos Salinas? 
Tin Man (Clare Bronfman) needs a heart; Lion (Alison Mack) needs courage + Scarecrow needs a brain.

Is the Scarecrow, Kristin Kreuk?

mk10art comment:NXIVM trial. 
Clare Bronfman’s Scrooge-like past haunts her this Christmas holiday.

Is it true that Clare Bronfman will feel any remorse for the people she hurt?

Don’t bet on it.

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