Keith Raniere, Vanguard tells his NXIVM followers that he is a demon.

OCD: He was born defective, without empathy or a conscience

By Orange County Dreams [OCD]

There was an article posted here in which some grammar school classmates of Keith Raniere spoke up about his manipulative and superior behavior, even at a young age. I’m sure you will find this fascinating:

Bits and pieces gleaned from articles: Supposedly Keith’s father told one of his girlfriends that Keith began acting like he was God after an intelligence test found he was gifted.

We do know he was an only child and the product of a broken (divorced) home. It is often said his mother was an alcoholic. Maybe she took things out on him behind closed doors (or maybe not). I am skeptical of his claim that he “took care” of her when ill, as I am not aware he has ever shown such a propensity towards anyone. (He takes care of himself, though.)

What we know:

He appears to have grown up in a lovely house and a lovely suburban neighborhood. He attended prestigious schools. (Not a horrendous upbringing, in other words.)

He apparently borrowed a large sum ($50K?) from a college friend and did not repay.

He supposedly stiffed a friend’s grandmother on the rent at an apartment in Troy she was renting him.

His father sued him (or vice versa), for reasons unknown, but probably money.

He cheated on his IQ test.

He lied about his successes and accomplishments.

He fashioned a life for himself as a parasite, so he could sleep, eat, and have sex, while others did the work and paid the bills.

He terrorized ex-girlfriends, ex-colleagues and various upstanding professionals through brutal litigation.

None of this even touches on the sexual abuse of teen girls and adult females.

Yes, the seeds were all planted long ago, in the 1960s, so most documents cannot be found online.

I would not be too quick to blame the parents. I’m sure they, like most other parents, were not perfect. I think it more likely that he was born defective, without empathy or a conscience. There’s no cure for that.

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