Shadow State: Wanna make a bet on how Allison Mack’s trial turns out?

By Shadow State 1958

Allison Mack’s lawyers say in her defense “It is startling how little Miss Allison Mack knew about the running of DOS.”

Allison Mack knows more about DOS than she is letting on.  She is trying to play the innocent lamb who lost her way.

In Chicago, dirty politicians who are caught by the Feds in years of dirty deals develop cases of Fedsheimers disease.

“I don’t know nothing.”

Fedsheimers was coined by writer John Kass of the Chicago Tribune.

Federal Alzheimer’s.

Well now Allison Mack has Fedsheimer’s Disease.

I know nothing about sex trafficking.

I know nothing about enforced servitude.

Alison Mack is the same as grubby big-bellied Chicago politicians.

Meantime, for those who criticize my posts about Ms. Mack — Anything in a Federal indictment is fair game.  First Ms. Mack has to be acquitted in a trial in US Court.

The US DOJ has a 96% success rate in prosecutions.

Do you think that the FBI makes these kinds of allegations against not just Ms. Mack but her stable of co-defendants, on a whim?

Here is reality.

In the EDNY here is how criminal cases were disposed of in 2017.

New York, Eastern 395 Guilty
4 Not Guilty
7 Dismissed

Page 8 of 79

Wanna make a bet on how Ms. Mack’s trial turns out?


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  • Gotta’ agree with what’s becoming a common theme in the Mack story. Articles by this author have taken the place of the old spam attack comments: to be avoided and generally a detriment to a great website. Facts are great but the vindictive repetition has gotten to be old news. Help Frank.

    • The DOJ is concentrating its fire on three defendants:

      Keith Raniere
      Clare Bronfman
      Allison Mack

      The Salzmans are on the verge of flipping.

      NXIVM’s only hope for survival is using the skills of Allison Mack to bamboozle a gullible jury.
      My goal is to exose Ms. Mack for the pervert she is and destroy any chance she has to save Raniere and Cruella Bronfman.
      I’m sorry if it offends you to learn that Allison Mack is as evil as Raniere and Cruella Bronfman
      The Devil does not always sport horns and a forked tail..,

  • I’d rather read how to bake a delicious chocolate cake, than something like this.

    I’ll begin:

    • This case is not about baking a cake.

      This case is about destroying a dangerous cult and its leaders.
      Utterly destroying them.

      The most dangerous cult leader is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
      The charismatic actress who seduces young women to join the cult under false pretenses.

  • If I was a new reader to this forum, I don’t think shadow state 1958’s endless “articles” speculating about Allison Mack ‘s involvement in the cult would be helpful in the least. The stories are full of his personal opinions and random theories–how can a curious reader know what is pure gossip and what is actual fact? A new reader would be better off doing their own google search instead of relying on shadow state’s brand of “journalism.”

  • Don’t you ever hear anyone? The criticism is the number of repeat posts saying the same Damn thing.,is it possible that you have Alzheimer’s?

    • Don’t you ever hear anyone?

      To quote the mystery writer Raymond Chandler (Phillip Marlowe), “I get complaints about my attitude all the time but it never does any good.”

      If you don’t like my writing I challenge you to do better.

      Write a story how Allison Mack is a candidate for Sainthood.

  • Sounds like Thomas Sekera went to EDY to offer his prosecutionary expertise. Hopefully shadow is not stalking his fellow female prosecutors.

  • Extremely poorly written post – and somewhat dumb with regard to ideas, organization, sentence structure, and grammar. Drags down the quality of the site.

  • I hope that justice serves but we all know that people gotten away with crimes before hope not in this case

      • I’d be curious about this too, and I did ask Scott this some time ago. No answer. Come on Shadow, that’s so rude! That’s like asking Scott how many gallons of laundry detergent and motor oil he sold before he realized Amway was akin to buying Trump steaks.

  • We only criticize your posts because you come off as a major stalker. It’s not going to go the way you think… so don’t think you know how her trail is going to be Shadow. And another thing why we criticize you based on the fact you have a personal vendetta against Allison ever since your ass got turned down.

    It’s easy to call out your haters online but in person i bet you would run and hide. So stop pretending to be so tough Shadow start reporting facts instead of slander without any proof of Allison being a pedophile or some war criminal.

    You act like Allison burned down your house or something.

    Start acting like a person who cares about the victims instead of pretending to be some internet superhero around here wanting to take down Allison doing whatever you have to do which makes no different than any NXIVM member playing dirty collecting false evidence from your so-called sources who maybe lying to you.

    And another yhing, Shadow, we do ask if these are true or not in a nice way but maybe if you lose your attitude, get your head out of your ass and get over it and yourself too.

    You better hope Allison loses because she might sue you now that it’s confirmed 100% she knows what’s been said at Frank Report.

    By the way what the hell gives you the right to encourage people to stalk Allison and her family. I understand you have issues with Allison but targeting her family? that’s a new low Shadow and you’re crossing alot of lines here buddy maybe Frank won’t fire you but i hope deep down Allison sue’s your ass because you deserve it.

    It doesn’t take an Allison Mack fan to not like you even non-Allison Mack fans believe you’re very disturbed obsessing over Allison.

    Frank get your boy incheck or we’ll do it for you buddy.

    • you have a personal vendetta against Allison ever since your ass got turned down.

      So Jesus would approve branding women like cattle and turning them into sex slaves?
      Christianity sure has changed.
      By the way what the hell gives you the right to encourage people to stalk Allison and her family.

      You are nuts.

      Two weeks ago when a NXIVM troll posted Ms. Mack’s California address in the comments section, I e-
      mailed Fruank Parlato and asked him to remove the address.
      Frank Parlato did emove the address promptly.

      Subsequently this comment was posted on the Frank Report.

      -Nicky Clyne
      November 25, 2018 at 5:00 pm
      Ok…I admit it, bitches. I posted Allison’s address. It was all part of a scheme to frame Shadow/Frank/Thomas and have his stalking ass thrown in jail.

      I’m the real Nicky, or Nicki, or Clicky , or whoever. I can verify that with a picture, which I will send to Frank, and then I will post on my private Instagram to verify that.

      The twisted spouse of Allison Mack, or someone claiming to be her, confessed to posting Ms. Mack’s address to frame
      Frank Parlato and myself.

      How much trouble do you and NXIVM want Jesus because I have the spikes to nail you to the cross.

  • I have been coming to the the Frank Report for six months straight now several times a day because I love the Nxium story… I used to love this blog… it’s different now… if I see one more Shadow State post I promise you Frank I will stop coming here… I’ve never commented or posted… I am an avid reader but I can’t take it anymore… it looks like a teenagers website now

      • Shadow, the complainers only want to complain, they don’t offer any alternative.

        From what I can see, if Frank has no other material to post, he will keep posting articles on Mack. So if the complainers dont want to read those they have the choice to just skip them. Pretty simple.

        Or the complainers could write to Frank and suggest new topics they would rather read about.

          • Exactly what you write…stories of your vivid imagination of the girl of your deep dark fantasies.

        • I have a better idea. How about you refrain from reading the comments. You should know by now that 90% of the comments are going to be people venting about this shadow dude wasting bandwith with his same ole crap. And you add to the stool shooting by your comment. We are not interested in you or shadow.

          • And I vote that Skip should skip both reading and commenting, since he already knows what 90% of the comments are going to be about. But then Skip couldn’t post more anon complaints, which he seems to enjoy so much.

            Why don’t you send an email to Frank ,Skippy, instead of a public complaint?

      • I don’t think we need anymore salacious “articles” from people speculating about what might have happened or posting their own personal theories. One shadow state 1958 destroying the Frank Report is enough.

    • Frank
      Shadow’s reports are not those an informed mind; rather a sick individual who has deep grievances against women and perhaps more. Allowing these posts has nothing to do with freedom of speech rather it is giving license to a disturbed individual to torment Mack and also to torment the other posters here who forced to see the headlines of his posts.

      Many have requested you cease these posts by him. I join them.

      • to torment Mack

        Heaven forbid I torment Allison Mack, a woman who brands people like cattle and turns them into sex slaves.

        What’s the world coming to when it is not safe for Allison Mack to practice slavery and torture women?

        • Come off it, Shadow. Stop playing the black-and-white “if you object to my exclusive targeting of Allison Mack, you’re in favour of slavery and torture” card. You’re not fooling anyone.

          Believe it or not, Shadow, people don’t actually object to you criticising Allison Mack. People object to you going after Mack EXCLUSIVELY, as if she’s the only player in this scenario. It makes readers understandably suspicious about the nature of your interest in this case.

          Lauren Salzman was also high-up in DOS. “Dr” Danielle Roberts was the one who actually performed the brandings – she could have refused, but she didn’t. “Dr” Brandon Porter allegedly subjected women to horrific fright experiments using snuff movies. And that’s even before we get to the shenanigans of the Bronfmans, Nancy Salzman and the big boogeyman himself, Keith Raniere.

          What makes Allison Mack worse, to you, than any of these people?

    • My thoughts exactly. It’s getting really boring. Hopefully, we get some interesting news from the court today.

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