Guest View: Clare Bear, KAR and Nancy Salzman ran a litigation machine … to destroy the lives of many people

By Smoke and Mirrors

Of course, the defendants Keith Alan Raniere and Clare Bear Bronfman would want to bring as much confusion to who was whose attorney for what case. It’s right out of the Raniere playbook for legal cases. As pointed out in the Government’s letter to the Judge, they have already caught Clare saying one thing while the attorney in the case says the complete opposite. Saying anything to protect her Master seems to be Clare in a nutshell.

Before her departure from NXIVM, Kristen Keeffe was most likely Cc’d: on many of the legal documents dealing with any case NXVIM was involved with. Keeffee would have shared information with NXIVM legal team (NXIVM members making $15.00/hour) pouring through what information they could gather on whoever they had in the hopper of the stacking via litigation.

After Keeffe left NXIVM, someone had to run NXIVM legal department and most likely it was Clare Bear. It is below Clare to do any of the hourly duties worth only $15 regarding NXIVM litigation. Let’s face it; it would be like her serving soup at the soup kitchen when she had more important things to do such as saving humanity.

Clare would have passed this work and privileged information on to her sub-servants. Sharing any confidential matters outside of client/attorney privilege nullifies privilege.

It appears that Clare and KAR are not scrambling to protect their lies by saying everyone involved had privilege. Any attorney in their right mind would not lie for them as Jonathan Ware, Esq appears to be clear about who he was representing in what capacity.

Discrediting KAR and Clare Bear to the jury should be easy. Clare lied in the civil/criminal trespassing cases. Clare said one thing in the civil case and the complete opposite in the criminal case. Clare mixed stories were caught and pointed out in court documents, ending both cases.

KAR took on AT&T & Microsoft saying he owned patents that he could not, after several attempts in court, prove he owned. The Judge in the KAR vs. AT&T/Microsoft points out in her dismissal of the case that KAR had lied to the court several times.

Clare Bear, KAR and Nancy Salzman ran a litigation machine. Together they attempted to destroy the lives of many people. The three of them have lied to the courts and legal authorities time and time again and in the end not winning these lawsuits as their lies were debunked. The one case they did win was overturned on appeal.

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  • Will the prosecution team be allowed to bring up the perjury commited in previous cases? I don’t know much about the US justice system(only what I pick up from TV and movies) so this is all very interesting to me. Thank you Frank for educating non Americans, not only about NXIVM, but also your legal process.

  • The attorneys and the Special prosecutor (who made a lot of money) were the winners of Nx’s litigation machine.

    Those who had to fight NX and the tax payers paid the price of NXs trumped up charges civilly and criminally.

    Judges had time taken away from cases that were real. There is also the fact that Clare Bronfman had a lot of Judges financials illegal hacked as an attempt to have information on them that could compromise cases.

  • This:

    ‘Let’s face it; it would be like her serving soup at the soup kitchen when she had more important things to do such as saving humanity.’

    Sums up the nxivm paradox beautifully.

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