Shadow State: How many slave women were forced by Allison Mack to wear cow’s udders as punishment?

By Shadow State 1958

Allison Mack is 36.  She has the symptoms of menopause 15 years early.

In a starvation diet, the body goes into a default survival mode and shuts down non-essential functions.

The reproductive function is non-essential when a person is undergoing the stress of induced starvation.

I believe that Frank Parlato has discussed that Allison Mack’s starvation diet, done to please her Master Vanguard, has led to the beginnings of premature menopause with symptoms like night sweats.

A normal woman enters menopause around the age of 50 to 55.

So much for Executive Success.

If I mention Allison Mack a lot, it is because she is indicted and there are very clear charges against her.

I hesitate to talk about other NXIVM members because there have been no concrete allegations against them. It is somewhat unfair to speculate what the other NXIVM people have done.

As the US government drops new charges on NXIVM, it will be more clear what their members have done and I will shift more focus on them.

As for Raniere, he is toast. A Dead Man Walking.  The US government wants his hide and he will not be able to plea bargain his way out.

Here is one photo of AM in a white dress, around the time of her marriage to Nicki Clyne.

Here is the uncropped photo of AM with red hair in a white dress.  You can see the bones in her shoulder and neck.

Below is a photo which has 11 women and 5 men with the ubiquitous smiling Allison Mack in the middle.

Front row: Vanessa Sahagun, Marc Elliot, Michelle Hatchette, Allison Mack, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Siobahn Hotaling, Michelle Salzman, Nicki Clyne, Cami Fernandez, India Oxenberg, and Lauren Salzman:

Back row: Jim Del Negro, Chris Pearson-Smith, Brian Elliot, Sehajo Haetel, and Justin Elliot

Of the 11 women, 8 are known or suspected sex slaves of Master Vanguard.

How many of these Happy Folk will soon be joining Master Vanguard in the Graybar Hotel?

And how many of these happy slave women were forced by Allison Mack to wear cow’s udders as punishment?

“Some women have said that Mack had them doing menial chores while wearing cow udders over their breasts such as dusting, hand washing clothes and massaging Raniere’s feet to train them in the many jobs that a woman has to do to be considered valuable to a man and to remind them of their one purpose.”

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  • You mention that Allison Mack is going through early menopause. How do you know? Did you talk to someone who is close to her? Also, as a 36 year old woman, it probably isn’t menopause at all. When a woman loses as much body fat as she has, her periods stop.However, if she regainsthe weight, she should start having her periods again.

  • I’d like to know how Frankie made slam dunk charges on him vanish, it is also interesting seeing the pot call kettle black

  • There is so much wrong with this “article” let me count the ways:

    “If I mention Allison Mack a lot, it is because she is indicted and there are very clear charges against her.” Do you know who else is indicted? Nancy and Lauren Salzman and yet you refuse to write any salacious “stories” about them and the only reason you write them about Allison Mack is for the shock value for her former Smallville fans.

    “Here is one photo of AM in a white dress, around the time of her marriage to Nicki Clyne.” The picture is from the play Red Velvet where Allison played a 19th century actress and not from her wedding which is what you implied. This type of deliberate and blatant disingenuousness makes it difficult to trust anything you’ve written because again, you are going for shock value instead of actual truthfullness.

    “And how many of these happy slave women were forced by Allison Mack to wear cow’s udders as punishment?” Are these claims from a credible witness because it feels like trolling to me.

    Stop writing these over the top, vulgar alleged news stories and actually try posting the truth about the Salzmans.

    • Lol you just getting this but your the most honest of words I’ve read in the past hour or so of reading these articles about Mac since it first started cause I’m not gonna lie first time I saw her I was like if was super boy there I would have been hitting that for sure I knew she was a freak lol but back to these articles it’s worse then any highschool paper of none searched facts or proof before you pubish anything so go ahead an call me childish hurtful names with cursing which is not professional at all which comes off like a hurt 15- 16 year old kid really do your homework only print what is fact or phrase it as nonfiction hearsay from my sister’s friends cousin uncle’s kid that heard it one time at band camp it obvious you do have a huge crush on kk cause of you actions when someone brings her name up in it well if your such a fan an so adamant about her not knowing or having nothing to do with the difference the two girls is one left a the other was there when they arrested whatever his name is ok then with this said cause i assume you read kk first statement when they questioned here was she was a member in the beginning an brought Mac in introduced her an other actors from the show to parties with everyone then said that she started feeling a little strange like stuff going on but wasn’t really sure what it was so left the club,cult, business group whatever it was or is ok sooooo think about this if you can alight just saying not calling anyone guilty not my job but if I was an investigateing the whole story as an officer ok im one who lives in the real not the your not as innocent as you think I don’t who you are you was with this group for a while an was inviting other people to come to the parties an they did I don’t know wasn’t there then you just leave an don’t know anything when you either was a founding member I think right of this group club an not know what kind of club ok in real life bullshit a company or club whatever it was is not just gonna turn into a overnight sex cult really reminds me of that one President we had that he wife actually ruled come to think but didn’t really do anything but I he didn’t inhale an in noway shape or form have sexual relations with that girl an we all know how turned out right first president to get impeached for getting a blowjob I just to throw that in lol but again smell bullshit that there waiting for other people to talk or trying to figure out how long it had been going on till they completely rule her out ok alright an if you would cause I’m not into all this but I figured you would know cause I read another article of yours where you had witness proof from some sex monkey which that was a funny story cause I was thinking to myself when reading it why was an sex monkey giving you the exclusive but feared for her life really again born at night but not last night you don’t know how boring my life must be now to interact to this but I’m so tired of seeing hearing stupid shit day in an day out an nothing seems to surprises me anymore except scared of what this country has become an where it’s headed in todays society wow damit I’m sorry again for leaving the story but my question was little weird to that kk went an started a new club CBD or something like that what’s with all clubs just wondering minds would like too know an before you say it I’m not a troll or know what a troll is unless where talking about Billy goat gruff

  • Every time you mention the faggotry word vanguard you come across as a bigger homo. And no one is sure that’s even possible .
    What wrong with you?

  • cow udders …… Now I’d like to see a picture of that ! NO …..on second thought … never mind !

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