MK10ART's stunning portrait of Allison Mack, leader of DOS, the women's empowerment group led by sex-slaver Keith Raniere.
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Blind Item suggests Allison Mack forced women to have sex with her

Crazy Days and Nights, one of America’s most popular Blind Item Gossip Sites, came out with a new Blind Item that clearly is about Allison Mack and NXIVM
Here it is in full:
Blind Item #8
Over the last couple months, what seems like the last remaining insider in the NXIVM scandal has basically shut down communication with everyone, including me. What were fairly frequent emails has turned into infrequent screeds and links to positive thinking news articles and message boards. Then, two nights ago, that changed when the insider was ticked off. Lies, lies lies was the subject line and for two paragraphs, the insider described multiple times that the former almost network actress forced women to have sex with her and then would hold them while the leader had sex with the woman. Other times, the leader would force our actress to have sex with another woman in front of him and would give instructions. If the instructions were not carried out, the actress would make the other woman do as she was told. On multiple occasions, the other woman was the celebrity offspring of this actress. In addition, our insider said that if the actress thought someone was not doing a good enough job of pleasing her or the leader, she would subject the woman to hours of instruction which was confinement and isolation and denial of food until they became more compliant. If there was a woman that the leader really wanted to have sex with but was not being compliant, the actress would force feed her drugs, often addictive drugs to get them hooked. If the addiction would get out of control, the subject would be put in isolation and forced to go cold turkey for days. This cycle would often play out multiple times.
Although Crazy Days and Nights has not revealed the subject of the Blind Item, I think almost everyone who has followed the NXIVM story knows that the actress referred to is Allison Mack.
In short, the source for Crazy Days and Nights is claiming Allison Mack forced women to have sex with her and would hold them down while Keith Raniere had sex with the women.
Raniere would force Allison to have sex with other women in front of him and give instructions.
If the instructions were not carried out, Allison would make the other woman do as she was told.
If Allison thought someone was not doing a good enough job of pleasing her or Raniere, Allison would subject the woman to hours of instruction which included confinement, isolation, and denial of food – until they became compliant.
If there was a woman that Raniere really wanted to have sex with who was not being compliant, Allison would force feed her drugs, often addictive drugs, to get her hooked.  If the addiction got out of control, the woman would be put an isolation and forced to go cold turkey for days.
It is not known if this is true or false or exaggeration. Still, I would not be too quick to dismiss it.

Reliable sources told me about Allison punishing DOS women via bare-ass paddling.  I was told by reliable sources in 2015, Allison was having threesomes and foursomes with Raniere and that herpes had erupted in the harem. I was told that Allison had herself checked for herpes.

The DOJ in their indictment alleged an incident where a DOS Slave [Jane Doe #1] was ordered by Allison to do anything Raniere wanted.  Jane went to him late at night and he blindfolded her and led her to a shack and ordered her to strip naked,

As Raniere watched and spoke about her body, someone else performed oral sex on her. She did not know who this was because she was blindfolded.  Some have suggested the person doing the anonymous cunnilingus was Allison Mack.

Is the frequent sticking out of the tongue Allison Mack’s message that she wants to give or get oral sex?

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.

Allison Mack married Nicki Clyne, both were members of DOS. 

Is this just a silly picture or is Allison hinting to her DOS slaves what she wants?

We know Allison claims to have originated the idea of branding naked women on their public region. Sources say she enjoyed being called “Madam” and that several called her “Pimp Mack.”

If this Blind Item is true, then we might suspect that the recruiting and manipulation of women was not merely for Keith Raniere’s sexual pleasure but for Allison’s sexual pleasure also.

This might put a new construction on the sex trafficking charges.

Who knows?  It may crop up in a superseding indictment which some expect to come out within the next 60 days.




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  • Allison Mack evidently has no boundaries.
    If this is true the whole bunch are disgusting. No wonder none of them walked when Keith was talking about schtupping little girls.

  • Unidentified white pills were found in the search of Nancy Salzman home, that I’m aware of they have not been mentioned again. May or may not be related. Just seemed odd at the time as most meds are kept in the containers they were purchased in.

  • How do you know how the FBI views the Oxenbergs? Mack is also a victim, as well as a victimizer. Is being both impossible for the Oxenbergs? Couldn’t future indictments address the Oxenbergs? Perhaps Catherine cut a deal with the FBI, but we don’t know that, either. You are so over-confident about your opinions, yet you have been proven wrong on many occasions. Carry on.

  • So far, unfortunately, only KAR is in custody. If the superseding indictment comes for previous and further defendants, the allegations are so serious that bail is no longer granted or revoked.

  • It says almost network actress? Wasn’t Smallville on a major network? Could this be about someone else?

    Also, I’m confused with the following: “If the instructions were not carried out, the actress would make the other woman do as she was told. On multiple occasions, the other woman was the celebrity offspring of this actress.”

    This makes it sound like it was she was making her OWN celebrity daughter do as she was told?

  • In sex trafficking cases the “sex workers” are frequently controlled by means of mind altering drugs.
    This blind item claims the sex workers of NXIVM were forcibly fed drugs to make them compliant to the wishes of Raniere and Mack.
    If this blind item is correct, then we are now dealing with a drug trafficking case.
    The Feds deal much more harshly with drug trafficking cases than sex trafficking.

    What do we know about the past behavior of Raniere and Mack?
    1.) Raniere and his followers kept a young Mexican woman incarcerated for 18 months because she refused sex with Raniere.
    2.) NXIVM ‘s top leadership has close ties with Mexico frequently traveling to that country and even importing Mexican girls to work cheaply as domestic workers. Unfortunately Mexico is a major transit route for the importation of drugs.
    3.) It was claimed in an interview with one of Ms. Mack’s slaves that Pimp Mack had had sex with many of them.
    How were these women kept docile and receptive to sex with Ms. Mack and her Master Raniere except through use of drugs?

    We are now presented with the possibility that these slaves were also for the use of other top members of NXIVM.
    Why were so many wealthy women associated with the cult and willing to financially support it?

    Here are some titles of scholarly articles tying sex trafficking with drug trafficking,

    Human Traffickers Kept Women in Prostitution With Drugs, Violence
    Breaking the link between forced drug use and human trafficking
    Drug Abuse and Human Trafficking: Exploring the Connection
    Sex trafficking: Inside the business of modern slavery
    When Drug Trafficking Becomes Human Trafficking
    The Link Between Opioid Abuse and Sex Trafficking – The Crime Report
    Addiction crisis fuels human trafficking – Washington Times
    Md. man drugs, rapes woman on first date, turns her into sex trafficking …
    The Relationship of Drug and Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective
    Sex, drugs and … slavery? Human trafficking hidden in UK hotels …

  • Reading this makes me sick. Every time I read a scandalous report regarding Nx it is disheartening. I can’t stand to hear that this happened. Holding someone down, isolating them, forcing them to take drugs (hard for me to believe) are horrible, scarring acts that leave the victim paralyzed and fearful for a very long time, sometimes forever.

    I’ve got no answers for this, i wish I did. I’m not sure I can keep reading posts like this on this site. It doesn’t really help me see that there is help for me.

    • As long as you are alive there is hope.
      “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Winston Churchill

      The first step in solving any problem is to identify it.
      If Raniere and Mack and their Flying Monkeys are exposed and brought to justice you will know that there is hope.

    • DA, the good news is NXIVM is essentially kaput. The people who masterminded it have been arrested and are awaiting trial. The much larger problem is all of the MLM scams that are still operating. Get off of yourself and pitch in to bring attention to the millions of new people being scammed every year by other MLMs, it would help you to help others.

    • Maybe you should consider staying offline for awhile, DA, and see if it helps. I “abstained” for nearly a year and it was great to kind of relive the days of my youth without Internet. Though you’re probably much younger than I. If so, you could experience what life was like for us old folks back in the day. ?

      You seem to be a decent writer, too. Writing longhand always helps me pour out emotions more easily than on a keyboard. IDK if it’s brain hemisphere — using just one side of my head with longhand — or what but works for me.

      You’d be missed on here though as you do seem to have a softening affect on the larger assholes among us.

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