Clare Bronfman unleashes her flying monkeys (Painting by MK10ART)

Four More NXIVM-Themed Paintings by the Brilliant Artist, MK10ART

The exquisite and sublime artist MK10ART has produced four more NXIVM-themed masterpieces, artwork that captures the sinister and darkest elements of the sex-slaver cult and its leaders, whose vile and destructive nature is hidden beneath a surface of smiles and lofty talk about self-improvement and female empowerment.

Dr. Brandon Porter with one of his female subjects for his human fright experiments. Compare the expressions of the two faces. This captures the essence of the grotesque fright experiments – the joy [for Porter] and its opposite – the terror [for the subjects] – it created.


While working for NXIVM founder Clare Bronfman and her Ethical Science Foundation, Dr. Brandon Porter conducted illegal human experiments including fright studies.

True crime story
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This sums up Keith Raniere’s entire efforts to solve humanity’s problems. The faces of the dogs tell the whole story.


According to a New York Times article, NXIVM leader Keith Raniere walked 14 to 20 miles a day. During those walks, he thought about how to solve humanities problems.

What could NXIVM have ever been? Who could it have hurt but for Clare Bronfman? With her fierce loyalty to Raniere combined with his and her sadistic nature, it was the perfect recipe to hurt people – in the name of a more noble civilization. Raniere himself, a supreme coward, had to have front people to do his filthy work. Clare not only had money, is extremely stupid, is vicious and sadistic but she was also willing to be his front person, the person the craven Raniere could hide behind.


Clare Bear unleashes her flying monkeys
NXIVM leader Clare Bronfman used her wealth to attack ex-members, critics, and journalists with vexatious litigation to try to prevent them from exposing NXIVMs secrets + misdeeds.
True crime story
#Nxivm #cult #keithraniere
#allisonmack #kristinkreuk #nickiclyne#clarebronfman #nancysalzman


Check out the look in their eyes.



Actual text from email Keith Raniere aka Vanguard sent to Allison Mack

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  • It seems Clare has spent her adult life getting even with with the beautiful people. The one thing she couldn’t have. Keith used his persuasive powers to convince her she was special, to give him up is not an option because she would be admitting she is her money and nothing more.
    She went after Toni and Barbara because of jealousy as Keith went after them because they had the nerve to leave him. It was very personal. As they discovered what fun it was, the power over others lives it became an obsession to try and ruin others.
    The ego involved will be wiped out as the trial progresses I hope. The bullying behavior is like spoiled rotten teenagers who are stuck at age 13. Unchecked they have gotten away with so much, despite the fact that judges told them they were behaving badly it wasn’t about winning, they won either way simply by financially ruining people who only wanted to move on and those that had the nerve to ask for their own money back.
    Clare and Sara B, I wonder if you have considered asking for your money back? Or have you always known there’s no such thing as a loan with Keith Rainere. Why does he feel entitled to your families money? The man has no pride.
    How many people have you hired and refused to pay or demanded any payment back with threats.
    Nxivm is the worst business model I’ve ever seen. Foolish people to fall for such a group in this day and age

    • NXIVM is actually the only MLM I’ve come across that appears to be legitimate, but only from the perspective it had lots of retail sales. Amway and othe MLM scams have far worse business models, except for the corporations and high-level distributors.

  • Always love MK10’s artwork.

    I’d love to see a tribute to Frank Parlato by MK10ART.

    Something to show Frank Parlato getting the better of Clare and Keith.

    I’d also love to see some artwork of Keith getting his glasses broken in prison and being treated like a prison BITCH.

    Or maybe Keith crying in his cell after getting his glasses broken by the other inmates.

    Or whatever. Just something to properly show Keith as the BITCH that he is. 🙂

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