Clicky Eight: Keith has NOTHING LEFT in his life — other than to file Hail Mary motions and hope for a miracle.

People are wondering why Keith’s attorneys keep filing these ridiculous sounding motions regarding his bail, which often recite the most untrue statements imaginable — stuff that would make Pinocchio blush.

Just generating additional billable hours?

That’s likely part of it.

But in reality, that’s not the ‘main’ reason.

Firstly, Keith controls what motions are filed and what they say —- since he’s too narcissistic not to require his approval of everything his attorneys file on his behalf.

The attorneys may care about billable hours but Keith doesn’t.

The REAL reason Keith keeps filing these ridiculous sounding motions — filled with nonsensical bullshit — is because THAT’S ALL HE HAS LEFT.

In football, it’s called a Hail Mary pass.

If you have no way to win except throwing a Hail Mary and hoping for a miracle, then goddamn it, that’s exactly what you’ll do.?

Keith has NOTHING LEFT in his life — other than to file Hail Mary motions and hope for a miracle.

– He’s hit rock bottom.

-He’s locked up in fucken prison.

-His freedom is gone.

-His access to millions is gone.

-His daily pussy is gone.

-His pizza and hot sauce is gone.

-His status as Vanguard is gone.

-Even V-week is gone.

-Nightly volleyball is gone.

-His worldwide reputation is now one of a pervert and sexual deviant.

-Even guys like Salinas and Betancourt are distancing themselves from Vanguard.

-He’s looking at 15 years minimum in prison.

-The other inmates are treating him like a prison bitch and breaking his glasses.

-Even his custom glasses are gone, having been replaced with standard issue prison glasses which give him headaches.

-Oh, and his rodent feet keep getting cut on sharp objects on the prison floor.

*Life is miserable for Vanguard.

His ONLY option is to throw a Hail Mary and hope for a miracle.

That’s what these motions are.

The motions themselves aren’t even serious motions, they’re just a manifestation of Keith’s inner soul screaming out for a miracle to happen.

It’s not billable hours fueling these motions — it’s simply Keith’s most primal fears fooling his brain into thinking that he actually sees an oasis in the desert.

Keith will not only approach that mirage, but he’ll fucken drink the sand and pretend it’s water.


…since that’s all he has left. ?

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