Dr. Brandon Porter with one of his subjects for his human fright experiments. Painting by the brilliant artist, MK10ART. [Compare the expressions of the two faces. In my opinion this captures the very essence of the Fright experiments and the joy and its opposite - terror - it created.

Letter to Frank from mother whose daughter left NXIVM

The letter below is from an email from a woman whose daughter left NXIVM in 2017 before the NY Times came out with its story.

From Dec. 2015 until mid-Oct. 2017, a period of 23 months, only the Frank Report [and my publications Artvoice and the Niagara Falls Reporter] reported on the vile deeds of the man known as The Vanguard.

This mother saw peculiar changes in her daughter, who is a slender, attractive young woman, but did not know what was wrong or why it was wrong after her daughter joined this self-help group and associated only with their members. She spoke of her concerns to others but no one she spoke to seemed too alarmed.

It was, for a time, only her mother’s intuition that kept her uneasy and determined to do something to change the course of her daughter’s apparent life.

Then, while Googling, she came across the Frank Report.  Armed with the information published therein, she made the firm determination to get her daughter out of thenXIVM cult – and was successful. It wasn’t easy.

One of her efforts was to go to the authorities and ask for their help. They treated her with scant respect.  Her daughter was in NXIVM for three years and got no help from anyone in law enforcement.  Finally, the mother got her daughter to leave. She is safe and, once again, the mother is in touch with the authorities.

Now they seem more receptive.  Here is her letter to me. I have redacted names to protect the mother and daughter.



Another day, another dollar, as they say; another day, another step towards unraveling the participation of [Name of NXIVM member who recruited her daughter].

In March 2017, we were treated like a bad smell. This time, it was tentative greetings.  It was utterly clear, as I was talking to them, dropping your blog name…  they looked like sheep. For sure and certain, they have been doing their homework and they looked very uncomfortable indeed and rightly so after the way they treated us before.

What a difference and how the tables have turned and we have you to thank for that.

I did say to them that it was indeed a very unusual situation in suburban [her hometown]  but nonetheless, if they had of contacted me when I begged them to do so not only would my daughter not have been in [name of NXIVM member’s] house and we would not have had to go through almost three years of unraveling the truth….

I was always a fighter for the underdog, a little terrier, but I took a heck of a knock because who was going to believe me regarding the shenanigans in Albany, New York. I must be far from being alone in not being believed in those days.

You have restored an enormous amount of confidence within myself and I thank you most gratefully. This week I will drop those documents on others who have not believed or ignored me and I am keeping the 1200 photographs for the pièce de ré·sis·tance.

Thank you once again

[name redacted].




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  • Whatever happened to the Irish mom that was going to tell her story? She wrote a couple fairly lengthy post saying when she had time she’d share but never really did. Unless I missed it or there wasn’t much to tell?

  • “This week I will drop those documents on others who have not believed or ignored me and I am keeping the 1200 photographs for the pièce de ré·sis·tance.”

    Frank, what is Mom referring to here?

  • That is awesome Frank! I’m so glad this mother found your blog and knew her intuitions were correct, then fought to get her daughter out!

  • Bravo, Frank! There are undoubtedly countless others who are equally grateful yet are still too, justifiably, frightened to say so.

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