Bail Package: Agnifilo’s assertions on Keith Raniere and my rebuttals

Keith Raniere has made a new request for bail – asking Judge Nicholas Garaufis to permit him to live somewhere in Clifton Park, subject to home confinement and an ankle monitor – and for him to leave the gruesome and inhuman hellhole modern America offers incarcerates in Brooklyn called the MDC.

In an earlier post we dissected Raniere’s application, I think it worth a post or two to rebut some of the assertions made by Raniere’s attorney Marc Agnifilo.

Here they are followed by [my rebuttals in brackets and bold.]

The work Keith Raniere and others, many of whom are his co-defendants, have done is a source of great pride.

Obviously, he even put his initials on it.


The programs Nxivm offers include…  ethics, logical analysis and problem-solving skills

NXIVM’s founder’s chief problem to solve is: “How do I get out of jail for the present and, having experienced how horrific it is – how do I avoid it in the future? If he were to get out on bail, he would have to determine the long term solution: Does he stay and fight and hope to be acquitted or make a run for it? 

Nxivm challenges participants to question, rather than blindly accept, the fundamental content of their lives.

Nxivm challenges people to ask these questions and challenge one’s own limiting beliefs that prevent attaining one’s goals.

His goal is to stay out of prison, likely at all costs. It is a limiting belief to think that he cannot find a country that will give him sanctuary. 

The fundamental premise is that people are not made happy or fulfilled by material items.  We are not happier because of a car or a house.

I think it only fair to say that Keith was not made happy in a car. In fact he told followers that he doesn’t drive because his intellectual energy sets off radar detectors.

Nxivm provides its students with effective tools to achieve success and greater happiness.

Raniere employed one of those tools to achieve success in the commodities market. First, he lost Barbara Bouchey’s life savings – $1.6 million. He then lost several million of Michael Sutton’s money, and employing those tools with eclat he then lost $65.6 million of the Bronfman sisters’ trust funds in commodities. At one time, he was the largest commodities trader [and loser] of corn futures in the world. 

He used an effective tool to achieve happiness [called lying] by telling the two Bronfman sisters that his tool to achieve success failed because the heiresses’ father thwarted him by using his massive wealth with the aid of the Illuminati to disrupt the commodities market causing the loss of their $65.6 million.

An overriding theme of Nxivm is that we strive to be part of something larger than we are. That something is humanity.

Keith Raniere has caused two ex girlfriends to be indicted. He has sued ex girlfriends and other former friends and lovers dozens of times – over money. He has denied paternity of his first son, then sued for custody later, He has made friends and employees and NXIVM members bankrupt, then intervened in their bankruptcies. He has caused criminal complaints to be filed against lovers and NXIVM members. He has been accused by two ex girlfriends of rape, and three women say he raped them when they were underage. One ex girlfriend committed suicide, one woman he allegedly got pregnant disappeared. One ex lover says he ordered her dog poisoned.

Yes, he has been involved in humanity. How many people do you know who have spent $50 million of other people’s money in legal fees to destroy the humans he knows? 

Another important premise of Nxivm is that each of us harbor emotional associations with different events or triggers. Some of these experiences are positive; others are decidedly negative.

He must have many triggers.

If we can free ourselves of the negative ones—the ones that restrain our decision-making—we can be more free and happier.

He tried to sue himself out of the negative triggers it seems. Look at all these triggers:

His earlier business, Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., was shut down by New York State AG lawsuit alleging it was an illegal pyramid scheme.  There was a class action [Helen Rhodes Et Al b Consumers’ Buyline] against him for cheating his members. Arkansas sued him over Consumers’ Buyline, Inc.  As did Virginia.  

His father, James Raniere sued him. How many people do you know who have been sued by their father  The sister-in-law of one of his girlfriends sued him for sexual harassment. He settled out of court for $10,000.

He intervened in Toni Natalie’s bankruptcy and Judge Robert Littlefield sized up Raniere’s litigation tactics as follows: “The individual challenging the Debtor’s discharge is her former boyfriend; this matter smacks of a jilted fellow’s attempt at revenge or retaliation against his former girlfriend, with many attempts at tripping her up along the way.”

He ordered his girlfriend Barbara Jeske – she was caught on video tape – to tamper with Natalie’s mail. He placed one of his girlfriends at the Albany County DA as an unpaid Legal Intern and got a former consultant indicted. The indictment was dismissed.

He went after Susan Dones who ran one of the NXIVM centers just because she wanted to quit. All the tools of success he taught had left Dones bankrupt. He intervened in her bankruptcy case.  Judge Brian D. Lynch said, “NXIVM’s claims and litigation tactics were disproportionate and largely lacking in merit,” and dismissed nearly all claims against Dones.

He went after Dones’s spouse Kim Woolhouse, intervening in her bankruptcy. Judge Lynch chastised NXIVM, writing “Her ‘sin’ was to attempt to walk away after discovering that NXIVM was not what she thought or hoped. In return, she was labeled as ‘suppressive,’ a term that NXIVM applies to former associates who leave the company or whom NXIVM perceives to be its enemies, and subjected to protracted litigation from two large law firms and a phalanx of attorneys.”

After losing her life savings in commodities, after she left him, Raniere also intervened against Barbara Bouchey’s bankruptcy. Then he sued her in NYS Supreme court.  it was dismissed. Then he sued in California. It was dismissed. Now remember this is his ex girlfriend who he had said he loved – and to whom he taught all the Nxivm tools to achieve success and happiness.

He then caused a complaint to be filed against Bouchey with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) to take away her livelihood. That was dismissed.  He then caused a complaint to be filed against Bouchey with Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.. That was dismissed.  Then he had Bronfmans press for a criminal investigation by the District Attorney of Saratoga County to charge Bouchey with extortion. That was declined.

He finally got her indicted for computer trespassing in Albany County, That was dismissed.

He then attempted to get Toni Natalie indicted on bank fraud with the US Attorney Western District. That was declined. He then filed a complaint against Toni Natalie with the New York State Liquor Authority/Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control to take away her liquor license to close up her business, That was dismissed. He finally got her indicted for computer trespassing, That was dismissed. He also had poison given to her dog. He was successful. The dog died.

It goes on and on and on – his dealings with humanity.


Here is the timeline Keith Raniere sent to Toni Natalie in order to persuade her to return to him.he predicts she will either die or go to prison. 

Mr. Raniere has lived nearly six decades without any criminal record.

Here is the police report Rhiannon signed. Note that she said she had “sexual intercourse with a man named Keith Raniere. This occurred when I was approximately 12-13 years old and occurred either at Keith’s townhouse at 3 Flintlock Lanes, Clifton Ny or his business located at Rome Plaza Clifton Park, NY”

There are, for instance, no allegations of guns, knives or weapons of any type. There was no physical harm or danger visited upon anyone.

Rhiannon was part of his harem when she 12 years old. She ran away from the harem and was put in juvenile home. Keith Raniere escaped charges. 

Mr. Raniere is a peaceful man.

Toni Natalie detailed her rape allegation in a signed 2011 statement she filed in federal court, when NXIVM sought to depose her in a defector’s bankruptcy case.

Mr. Raniere does not have any financial resources of his own.

While he lost more than $70 million in commodities, happily, it was all other people’s money. And there is more where that came from.  He is flown on jets with other people’s money. He lives with servants on other people’s money. He was arrested in a $10,000 per week villa with members of his harem.  His late girlfriend made him the sole beneficiary of her will – leaving him some $8 million. 

He has absolutely no means to flee, as he lacks any of his own money.

He can’t run because he has no financial resources of his own?  We will get into that more in my next post.


Stay tuned for part 2.

And stay tuned for Raniere’s motion to dismiss which is due today also.

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