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Shadow State: Poor, Poor Pitiful Allison Mack

By Shadow State 1958

Pea Onyu, Allison Mack’s better half, has explained who the real victim of the NXIVM saga is.
The real victim is the Christ-like Allison Mack.
Allison worked hard to build  a stable of up to 150 slaves.
Allison recruited the slaves.
Allison supervised the branding of the slaves.
Allison trained the slaves.
Allison disciplined the slaves
Allison even had to paddle the slaves.
This is all hard work.
And then the deplorable Donald Trump, assisted by Mike Pence, stole those slaves from Allison.
Whatever will those slaves do without Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack to guide them?
According to Pea Onyu, Allison is blue over losing her slaves.
And of course the slaves are black and blue from the punishments administered by Allison.
Those slaves were meant to fulfill the needs of Vanguard, Legatus and Pimp Mack.
And the evil Donald Trump stole those slaves without compensation. Is there no justice in this world?
On top of all that, wicked people like the evil Shadow State, a modern day Pontius Pilate, insist on driving nails through Allison’s wrists and ankles as she is attached to the cross.
No doubt AUSA Moira Penza will add insult to injury by hoisting the cross, with Allison attached, up in the air for the whole world to see.
It s bad enough for Allison to be Joan of Arc but now Allison must be a female Christ to balance Vanguard’s male Christ.
To paraphrase the Warren Zevon/ Linda Ronstadt song title:
Poor, poor pitiful Allison.
A picture from the brilliant MK10ART of the martyred Allison Pimp Mack tells a thousand words.


“Allison Mack’s mind has really been worked on… She has lost everything to Keith Raniere and his cult, a successful career, marriage, having a family ..I don’t think she will ever recover.. I think she will be loyal to the very end to Raniere + NXIVM’ — Podcast interview with former cult member @ RobertaGlass on YouTube

Based on a true story
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