"He is our Vanguard and we do what he says."

NXIVM releases new pro-Raniere video on YouTube – many new photos here

NXIVM has released on Youtube a 24 plus minute documentary on Keith Raniere.  It makes no mention of Raniere’s arrest on sex trafficking charges.

The late Pam Cafritz speaks of how great he is….

Some of the footage is a few years old – since we find a healthy Pam Cafritz appearing in the video and Barbara Jeske at V-Week. Both women died of cancer.

Jeske in 2014 and Cafritz in 2016.


We get a close up look at that physique of Keith Raniere – sprinter, judo champion, guide to women on 800 calories diets.

We also get a little word salad from the mouth of Raniere.

Profundis Bullshitis

Here’s an sample:

“It’s not how far to push it’s how you push. If you push in such a way that is not forceful but through inspiration people will find their own boundaries. I think I’m more like a tour guide. I point to the journey a lot and as people become more aware of the beauty and the nature of the journey and the changes that happen, they become more self reliant and they realize that they are the self-educator, that they are in life and seeing life as a teacher and in a sense they both teach and are taught.”

The first 11 minutes of the video is about Tourette’s syndrome and the claim that Raniere’s technology has cured it in several cases.

The second part is “Who is Keith Raniere?”

Raniere with Richard Mays

Richard Mays former Arkansas Supreme Court Justice appears and praises Raniere.

Does Mays stand by his Vanguard to the end? Will he be a character witness for the defense?
Mmm.. Will be beg Clare Bronfman to remove him for the video?
11:39. Nicki Clyne and Vanguard.
Look at that athlete’s body. 11:36. the voice is Daniela Padilla


11:46. Daniela Padilla is walking with him.
11:48 Raniere with the late Barbara Jeske
24: 29 Lucas Roberts and Diana Lim
24:31 The image of Maurice Ashley is used. (African American gentlemen) Chess grandmaster who was just on the Trevor Noah Show. Is Ashley OK with his image being used to support a sex slaver cult?
24:35. Angel, [Name Redacted], Jim Del Negro, Mike Baker, Adrian Fernandez
24:37. Sean Craney, Leah Lim, Samantha Le Baron
George and Delores Wilson – who are suspected to be standing ready to put their house up as bail for Raniere – are filmed in several places adoring their Vanguard.
Many, many Mexicans are featured because likely they are still loyal to his holiness.
Certain people featured will likely be very unhappy about being used as though they are still supporters. Like Mark Hildreth for instance.  NXIVM included people who have defected, seemingly fraudulently suggesting these people are still supporters. Bonnie Piesse appears from years ago. Hildreth appears in several shots.
Very dishonest.
Nancy speaks of his greatness
There are no credits at the end of the video. I thought they believed in appropriate tribute for effort.
I suspect Juan Lopez Fons and possibly Sahajo Haertel were part of the editing team.
With Clare Bronfman on house arrest, who was behind financing this video?
Pat Maloney lauds his Vanguard.
Nancy, Keith, Karen, Lauren
The intensity of a Vanguard
Dishonestly using clips with Bonnie Piesse, who has publicly broken from Raniere, without disclosing she left him amid accusations of his being dishonest. Mark Hildreth is also here and he reportedly left in 2017 – allegedly unhappy with Raniere – although he has made no public statement one way or the other.

Those were the days my friend. Vanguard teaching a group or primarily women. They hung on his every word.
Teaching the beta males how to be cuckolds athletes.
Busy solving the world’s problems



At V Week before the numbers dwindled




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