Reader: Kendra Voth’s [lying] statement about NXIVM may be related to GBD

By Meh

People were talking about Kristin Crook being in NXIVM years ago. The following comment is from the coach list article by John Tigh on Saratoga in Decline posted in 2011. Here is Kreuk and Voth’s obvious lie about GBD.

Also, if you read the comments of that blog, there is a very familiar stalker we are all familiar with…

“Anonymous said…

@4:41 quote:
“Have any of the Kristin Kreuk fans ASKED HER DIRECTLY to either confirm or deny her current NXIVM status? If so, has she given a clear and definitive answer either way?”

The only time Kristin has ever made any mentions of NXIVM to her fans, was when there was a bit of a backlash towards Girls By Design by her fans. Who at the time felt it was a recruitment tool for NXIVM. Kristin and her co-founder of Girls by Design, Kendra Voth, then released the following statement:

“Hi, All,

We have been reading up on the latest news and concerns from many of you in regards to what GBD is all about and what our intent with the company is. We really appreciate that you share our concerns in regards to the safely of teens. Please know that GBD is not affiliated with NXIVM or the Executive Success Programs. GBD is also not a part of 10C (the college project), A cappella Innovations or Juicy Peach.

GBD has been an independent project in the works since it was a budding idea many years ago when Kristin came to face many challenges as a young woman in her career. This project is something that we are both very proud of and invested in. Our mission is clearly stated on our coming soon page; we want to create a place where all teen girls can come together to explore, express and create (projects) and realize their potential together.

We have found very few supportive safe places online for girls to interact and participate. It’s our goal to have a cool, fun environment where teen girls go to spend time with friends, make new friends, get involved in projects, and proudly share their accomplishments with their family and friends.

The financial model will be a traditional internet model with no membership fees and accessible to all :).

We both sincerely hope this clears up any concerns you may have.

Kristin and Kendra””


Note the bit about sharing concerns about the SAFETY of teens. Also, they bring up NXIVM and Executive Success Programs without revealing 1) they were in it, 2) Kreuk recruited Voth and 3) other NXIVM people were involved. Liars.

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