Kristin Kruek’s ‘Girls By Design’ posted article about female sex slaves

The article that appears below was on the Girls By Design group website in 2010.  It is about a form of sex slavery and the question is asked at the end is in essence if it could lead to love and fulfillment and was it better than legal slavery?

This is one of a number of GBD articles that are both interesting and alluring and, in my opinion, highly inappropriate topics for young teen girls.

It could just be a coincidence that Kristin Kreuk’s website broaches a topic about a form of kept-women or courtesans who were, in effect, like sex slaves/prostitutes for rich and powerful men – and that Keith Raniere set up a curious form of sex slavery/sex trafficking organization himself.

Remember, the audience here is teen girls.

Here is the link:

it was Posted by “G” on August 18, 2010

Here is the entire post:

Hop aboard the riverboat and take a journey through the bayous and gators, to a place where the Creole blood runs free and the gumbo isn’t the only thing that will burn your tushy the next morning. I am talking about, of course, New Orleans. Not just any New Orleans, but the New Orleans of the 1800’s, well, the mid to late 1800’s.

I’m sure that you’re aware of the illicit relations that went on between slave masters and their slaves, whether it had been by will, or force and I’m sure that you know about children being the result of such relations. Now, some of these women were freed, to prevent said children from being considered slaves and their kids had kids and so on and so forth. So, eventually, there were people of mixed descent running around Louisiana and they were eventually known as Quadroons.

Quadroon women were said to have been the most beautiful creatures most of those Creole men had ever laid their eyes on. So, New Orleans being New Orleans, they instituted a wee little system with these Quadroon women. They would hold balls, hosted by the mothers of these women and all of the fine, young, FILTHY RICH gentlemen were very, very welcome. Of course, they were! Anyways, if a young man met a Quadroon gal who struck his fancy, she was “promised” to him and became his courtesan. Ah, man…That’s like picking a pet out, isn’t it? I bet they felt AWESOME about themselves…

So, ya know, the rich guys set up housing for these women and they had, you guessed it….RELATIONS! Cover your eyes! To be fair, it was illegal for people of different skin colours to be married, so, maybe it could have been love, I don’t know! What I do know is that little Quadroon families were created from these arrangements and many Creole men found themselves with two separate families. Naughty, naughty! Although, some of the arrangements ended when the men were married and then the Quadroon mistresses and their children were allowed to go off and spread their wings… Well, as much as possible… If not, their children were sent off to school in Paris. Actually, make that the boys. The girls had to stay to be brainwashed…Errr…I mean raised to carry on the high-class courtesan traditions!

Quadroons were said to have wanted for nothing and they were fashionistas. However, they became feared and despised by some and was their life ever really their own? I ask you this: was this empowering to these girls who would have otherwise been physical slaves, or was it just another form of slavery covered up by fancy clothes, fancy houses, and promises of financial stability? You tell me!


Here are the four comments;


August 18, 2010I guess it comes down to “quality of life” in a society of laws and regulations.
If such were your choices, which would you choose?
Either choice still left the woman subservient to man, the courtesan however had a modicum of freedom and a higher standard of living for herself and her offspring, whereas the slave *might* be protected from unwanted physical attention but still left without rights.

There is very little difference even today. Regardless of race or gender we all sell ourselves to someone or something, be it school, work, marriage, children etc.. The reality is more a matter of perspective. We all do the best we can to live the best we can and offer ourselves the best opportunities for our futures.


August 19, 2010:D !!!! INTERESTING


August 19, 2010true dat ghost

August 20, 2010 Very interesting to read. I feel little bad about that Im white (and i don´t xadurate when i say that my skin is white as a vampire)(and that i would do like everything to be dark), cuz the most of the white didn´t respect the vally of human life. I can´t get why the “black” should have been less inportent than white at that time, and even now it´s still like that in some areas. I mean, i think that darkskinned people is so beautiful. Maby it whas becouse of that;) Well, it´s nothing we can do to change the past, just to make it better.


Whether Kreuk and Kendra Voth and other NXIVM affiliated women were trying to recruit girls into NXIVM or not, one has to admit this is a curious topic to post for teen girls by women associated with NXIVM.

Undoubtedly, Sultan of Six will say this is a reach – and maybe he is right – but how many curious reaches will it take before it becomes rather suspicious?

Stay tuned for my next post.

Oh, by the way, here is the picture Kruek’s website used to illustrate the article:


Nice image for little girls, I would say. Gets them thinking in the right direction? Or maybe that’s a reach.

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