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In memory of Ferruccio Lamborghini

Great success at event “In Memory of Ferruccio Lamborghini” has been performed on Saturday 20th october at the Tenuta Lamborghini, Panicarola (Perugia). Special guest of prestigious Gala Dinner Show, organized by the Manager Debora Cattoni, Hollywood star, Robert Davi who performed with some legendary songs from the repertoire by Frank Sinatra. The event has enchanted, leaving all the sponsors and artists astounded who were present and who have invested in a great bet became reality. First time that a Hollywood caliber star of Rober Davi arrives by a Supercar Lamborghini, visiting the historian tenuta in Panicarola where Ferruccio Lamborghini had given origin to his first creative ferments and where he landed in 1970, already in adulthood.

Great satisfation for the all young staff formed by the manager Debora Cattoni, by also the Business Partner Mauro Col, with the Financial Consultant support by Ercole Ciavarroni, and the press office that worked following evening disclosure of a event that will talk about it event in the future. At prestigious Gala Dinner Show, infatti indeed the most wealthiest global Millionaire were present and they literally were amazed by the impeccable organization, and from the delicacy of the typical gourmet dishes characteristically from Umbria, which attests the value of Trasimeno high level cooking, a zone that shows to live up of an extremely valueable event. Umbria has really gone out victorious and full of proud since that high personality who work in transversal sectors (even in the High Finance World) from different European countries and the world, they asked to replicate the same.

Robert Davi, photo by Rodolfo Laura. Neg Video The event has been a unique chance for visibility onto many important national and international companies (Noblelashes, Mary Rose, Prosecco Toni De Casa Le Magnolie etc.) and for internationally renowned artists like Anna Privaloff, cipriot painter who exposes in the best cosmopolitan hotels and private galleries of the most powerful men in the world, and Francesco Verdi, artist more than emergent now, who got prestigious awards by art critics like Vittorio Sgarbi, Valentina Monastra and Giovanni Faccenda, as well as member of Artistic Scientific Committee of Mazzoleni Foundation. Robert Davi. Photo by Rodolfo Laura. Neg Video Il Gala Dinner Show, indeed, it was for them an important display to let the people discover more about thier business with effort and devotion in remembering the entrepreneurial values and belifies of Ferruccio Lamborghini who honored onto “Made in Italy” worldwide. The evening started with the arrival of Debora Cattoni by “Countach”, her favorite supercars “Lamborghini”, showing off a wonderful and very elegant red dress, signed by the stylist Lady Rocca. Following, Rober Davi, accompained by Fabio Lamborghini. There were all photographers ready to welcome him with gusts of shoots like in the best Hollywood events. “I’m very satisfied for conjugating more worlds, from art to cinema, and to the supercars. Some people found also some forgotten common projects and they met exactly at my event. Thank to the estimate of Antonio Morabito, and since it was my birthday, i was moved when Davi wished me the wishes in front of everybody” has commented the manager Debora Cattoni. “Now we talk sometimes about new projects. For me he is a Hollywood star with an incredible voice and this was really magic” has ended the organizer of the important Gala Dinner Show. Marianna Gianna Ferrenti

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